Customer Reviews: Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android 4.0 4 GB 16:9 Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen Widescreen Internet Tablet with Built-In Camera, Black MID7042-4
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on April 24, 2012
I love this device, now that I have everything working the way I need it. Looks great, love the size, and it is quick.

I had 2 cons which I have reversed with work-arounds.

1) No Google Play - Use amazon app store instead
2) Skype did not work with the latest verson - use version skype_v2.5.4.162.apk Works fine

Currently the working version of Flash is com.adobe.flashplayer_111115007.apk

All of these apps can be installed without Google Play. Just google the versions I have listed here and you can find them.

I was able to find everything else I wanted on Amazon App Store. Netflix runs fine. Device has not crashed once.

I also use it for Wireless Site planning and RF interference detection which the small size works great for. I was previously using my phone but the battery would run down in an hour. I can use this for hours with constant use and it still has life left.

This is a great device for the price. Don't think you are going to pay $150 and get the craftsmanship you will with an Apple product. However I have an IPAD 1 and this device is just as quick. It only lacks the scratch resistant glass and metal case.

I currently have a screen protector and a leather case with builtin keyboard. Abosultely would recommend this to someone look for a budget friendly tablet.
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on May 30, 2012
I got to say, I'm really pleased with my purchase. The table comes on in about 35 seconds (yes, I timed it), is easily navigated, and connects to the internet rather quickly. It's a decent size too; not too small, not too big. I was worried that the screen was going to be tiny and I'd be unable to see it, but it's pretty nice. The screen takes up almost the entire front of the tablet, minus about a half inch along the side and about a millimeter along the remaining edges. It's also pretty responsive too. Some small objects in games might get a bit sketchy and take a few ties to click, but over all it's great. It opens Apps quickly, plays everything I downloaded including a 3D (as in Mario 64, not Titanic 3D) game I found in Amazon's App Store. I see many reviews complaining about Google's store not being able to run on this tablet, but I don't see the problem running with Amazon's thing; an app is an app is an app, right? who cares where it was bought from?

I took this on a trip with me to Reno over the past few days and it was really worth the money. Renting movies through the hotel would've been expensive, and the place I stayed at didn't have any movie channels. So I put on some shows and movies I bought onto the SD card I got with this and they all, for the most part (more below), ran smoothly. I was able to watch two movies back to back without the need to recharge. I still have about 45% battery life even after watching about 2.5~3.5 hours of video straight. (EDIT - However, leaving it on during the writing of this review has dropped it down to 14% in the matter of 10-20 mins, so perhaps it doesn't give an accurate reading of the battery...)

The tablet supports up to a 32 GB micro SD card, by the way. Amazon suggests buying a 16 GB card, which I did, only to find to my dismay that it can support double that.

Also, I tend to speak little on the positive features because what more can be said about something that is done right? I mean, if it works, it works. Please understand that I only go into detail on the negative things to give possible buyers the full scope of the issues I had with it. Even with these issues, I'd still buy it again.

The issues I have with it are kind of small but still annoying. My biggest problems are concerning the Gallery, which is where you view your pictures and videos. The video player included doesn't fast-forward some movies. I haven't the slightest clue why; the videos I put on it are all .avi so I doubt its formatting issues. Maybe there was a bad transfer, as the audio was off. Also frustrating with the video player is the fact that the menu is REALLY hard to access. You can touch the screen at any time to bring up the navigation menu (play, pause, next item, the position bar, etc) but touching the screen again closes the menu, which seems like an odd choice, being as you need to touch the screen again to push the button, obviously. So even if you are dead center on the button you want to push, it will close the menu nine times out of ten.

Also regarding the Gallery is the way it manages pictures. You are not given the ability to reposition pictures. That may not be a big deal, but I had brought along a couple comics I bought that were all in picture form. When I uploaded them to the SD card, I did it chronologically. All the pictures were numbered and were in perfect order in the folder on my computer. When I turned it on, they were all messed up and, for the most part, backwards. So the first page was uploaded as the last, even though it was numbered one, and the pictures following it were skipping every 3rd or 4th picture and ascending. One of the comics was all backwards with no skipping, so I re-uploaded them starting with the last page, which seemed to fix that one. I spent a good hour or two trying to figure the ordering out, but even after renumbering them all three times (from 001-022 to a1-a22 to a1-9, b1-9,c1-4 to a-v) I gave up and put them in a Word document, created a PDF, and made them into an eBook.

The trouble didn't stop there, however. Files uploaded to the SD card can be hard to find, or impossible, depending on the app. I kept trying to upload the PDF files to the SD card, going to the pre-installed book reader, and searching for them only to see nothing. I even tried putting them in the folder "LOST.DIR", which just so happens to be on both the SD card and the tablet for some reason, being as that was the only folder I saw that was accessible through the book reader (and was the file on the tablet, not the card after all). It was after a rather long time that I noticed the SD card and the tablet itself are seen as two separate drives. It drove me crazy for one or two hours trying to figure this issue out, as I stated before, and it was kind of a "no duh" moment once I figured it out. Still, any app should be able to access what is on the SD card; the gallery has no problem seeing that which is uploaded to it, why does the eReader only have access to what's on the internal memory? And after doing all that, the eReader doesn't zoom in all that well or turn pages as fast as the gallery does, so it was all for naught.

You also can't plainly access the SD card. You can't plug it in and browse through the files as you could on a PC. It would have been so much easier all around to just be given the go ahead to open it and manage the files on it rather than forcing them to be opened only through the apps that run them. That would have made things so much easier. Just open the folder, select a file, and have the appropriate app run it! It's not like I have to open Word just to get to all my Word documents or open Windows Media Player to see the videos I have; I can just click on the file and the default program opens it. I mean, this should be a button on the first menu no doubt.

The internal storage is also broken up into two separate drives. There's 1.48 on one drive and 1.38 on the other, totaling in at 2.86 GB of internal storage. I assume there WAS 4 GB of storage before the OS was installed, which seems misleading to me to advertise the entire space as if it were fully accessible. I think one drive is for staging apps as only about 180 MBs have been used for apps and nothing else while the other has almost 1 GB used in apps alone. So you really should buy a micro SD card when purchasing this product.

So to summarize:


Pretty quick for a 1 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM
Expandable memory up to 32 GB via a micro SD card (not included)
It's a pretty good size tablet; not too big, not too small
The screen is very responsive, in most operations
It runs video very well
It can display pictures easily without hiccups and zooms in and out smoothly
Super easy to connect to the internet
Pretty easy to manage what is actually on the device
Battery life is great - can easily stream over 3, maybe even 4, hours of video without a recharge (I think the box states 5)
Ran every app I threw at it
eBook reader, internet browser, video/image/music player, app store, and a few other apps pre-installed
Half the price of name brand tablets with the same specs


The video player won't fast-forward some videos, even when it does on others of the same format
Dark video is kind of hard to see. You sometimes need to view it at an exact angle, but not all too drastic
The menu in the video player is really difficult and closes when you try to use it most often than not
The Gallery mixes up the order of your pictures, even when uploaded to it in the right order
You can't rearrange pictures
Some apps can't access the SD card, so some files must be uploaded to internal memory
You cannot manually access the SD card. You can't just open it up via the tablet to see what's on it and when the device can't see what's on the card, it's like you don't even have those file with you
The amount of internal storage you can actually use is less than 3 GBs and no where near 4
The camera is kind of grainy
A stylus is not included

But still, for $125 compared to other tablets twice the price with the exact same specs, I think it's a very good deal.
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on May 11, 2012
I'm a big fan of the droid OS. At work I run all of our corp mobile phones on droid, am currently testing droid deskphones on a few desks, I have the ipad, a viewsonic and gtab that I use.

Cost/benefit - I don't let the kids play on my tablets, but felt they could benefit from a tablet. I bought 4 of the 7042-4's for less than I could get 1 new iPad. So, for starters, each of my 4 kids gets their own tablet with their own email and apps on it. As far as bang for the buck, the kyros takes the cake when I can get 4 kids their own tablets for less than I could get 1 tablet for all 4 to share.

Screen - The screen is fantastic. The 7 inch screen rivals the quality, accuracy and sensitivity of the ipad2, the multi-touch is just as advertised.

Storage - It comes without an SD card and I have extra's laying around, if you intend to install a lot of apps or store a lot of music, get an extra SD card.

Battery - The battery is decent, I've seen my kids work on the tablet (games/homework/surfing) for 4-5 hours at a time without a recharge, I watched a 2 hour movie on one of them and it still had 75% battery left. We generally park devices on their charging stations at night, however I'm sure a few have missed a night, but nobody has gotten the batter shutdown yet.

OS - It's ice cream, not everything has been updated to run on ice cream. Specifically many of the kids games are not updated. My kids range from 3-10 years old, the educational games are more prone to not work on ice cream than the non-educational games. That's an unfortunate trend because we only allow educational games on weekdays. I've been about to find about 5-8 educational games for each age group to install on their tablets after testing well over 50 games! I could load 50 non-educational games and I bet 49 of them would work. This has nothing to do with the Kyros, it's the apps that won't install or won't run because the software vendor that wrote that app must modify & test their app on the latest version of droid. I would expect this to be slowly corrected as software vendors get around to updating their apps. It is missing the google play store (Droid Market), Amazon Store, but those two can be installed easily. It comes with corporate email sync protocols so it works for corporate use as well, right out of hte box.

Overall - The 7 inch screen is small, but usable even for an adult to type. It's perfectly sized for kids, and at this price point it doesn't hurt as much to loose/break 1. They are highly responsive, as fast as my galaxy tablet which is 1.5 years old and cost 4 times what the Kyros cost. For kids even through high school age I would highly recommend the Kyros. I would probably purchase one for myself if I didn't already have too many tablets. I don't think the Kyros competes well against the newest tablets head to head, but when you consider the price savings I feel it was a much better buy for this purpose.
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on April 21, 2012
- Great Speed and Usability Improvements.
- Missing Features and many new Compatibility Issues.
- Touch screen often does not respond (seems to be humidity related)

The tablet itself is speedy and the capacitive multi-touch screen worked wonderfully at first. Picture viewing has improved by orders of magnitude, and all the basic apps packaged with the tablet have significant feature upgrades. My biggest complaint is that many of the file management features seem to have been eliminated or replaced with more automated processes. (e.g. the media player automatically scans your SD memory card and finds all media files) This seems at first to be an advancement, but it takes away the users ability to navigate to specific folders. The collection of all media is lumped together, making the process of viewing specific files more tedious, especially when a significant number of files are present.

My biggest complaint about the physical product is the plastic edge feels cheap, it is wide with a sharp edge that rests on your hand while holding the tablet. It is so sharp that it will cut your skin if you stroke your hand along it. Perhaps it was a quality control issue, since the hard edge can easily be filed down.

Android 4.0 is a welcome upgrade. Loads of new features and significant usability improvements. Too bad the system crashes so often. Media that played on the prior Kyros tablets just won't play on the MID7042. Some will launch, but almost all inadvertently stall at some point. Many formats will not play at all. Plugging the same SD card in the previous versions of the Kyros didn't exhibit the same problems. All launched and played flawlessly. The same goes for Android applications purchased through the Amazon Appstore for Android. Many apps will no longer launch or if they run they run poorly. Undoubtedly most of these issues can be attributed to the the new Android operating system, but it isn't clear what problems could be attributed to the new Coby platform. Thankfully the OS on this tablet is upgradable, so hopefully the performance issues will be solved in future upgrades. Also, app developers are due to release new versions of their software that should solve compatibility issues with Android 4.0. I look forward to seeing these software improvements.

New Problems: (reduced rating to 2 stars)
Tablet crashes constantly if too many apps are open, downloading large files or after installing several apps in a row.

The size of the tablet is a bit odd and none of the 7' tablet cases work with this model. I basically had to buy one and cut it in order to get my tablet to fit. I still doesn't look quite right.

I found that in humid environments the touch screen does not work properly, it becomes less touch sensitive and just a chore to use since it is constantly interpreting a touch for a double tap and when I drag across the screen it stops the dragging motion in mid path, making some applications unusable. I wish I purchased a different brand. It just isn't worth the cost savings.
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on June 19, 2012
I was not expecting anything great for the price. Now that I have downloaded Amazon app store and mobile1 and some key apps I am finding that this is my tablet go-to of choice. it has certainly edged out my Acer which is heavier and much slower. The Kyros is fast (the extra ram makes a huge difference), the screen is adequate (not as bright as my Acer but easier on the eyes I think), and the. battery life is incredible - ran on it yesterday for 7 hrs. 48 min before it hit 10% while surfing the net, listening to music, and watching a how-to video. It took a little reading and tweaking - the reviews here were helpful - but worth the little time it took. I am glad I ignored the negative reviews and took a chance. I also own an iPad, a Kindle Fire, a Kindle reader, and have owned a Nook -which I got rid of - so I have some basis of comparison. I would definitely recommend this purchase!
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on July 7, 2012
I'm writing this review from the perspective that I did NOT purchase an iPad, and I didn't EXPECT to GET an iPad for under $200. I DID NOT, and DO NOT plan to root this device at this time.

This tablet is a great little bargain tablet to play with, surf the web, check emails, etc. This is NOT a cellular data tablet, so you're stuck on WiFi, but you should already know that when you purchase this. I got this tablet to replace a garbage Dell laptop that I have. It's much smaller, therefore much easier to carry around, and does just about everything that the laptop does for me.

This tablet runs Android 4.0, and it runs it well. I haven't had any lag issues, or problems with the OS, it does what it's supposed to, and does it well (for a $150 tablet). The screen resolution is a little pixely, but not bad, I mean We're not talking 1985 IBM/Commador. It's only really noticeable if you're concentrating on it. The camera is NOT meant for any type of useable image. It's a rear-facing camera (faces the user), so you can't take pictures of OTHER people, just yourself. Also, you won't want to use any of the pictures for anything, because they're NOT very good quality. I think the box says 0.3mp camera. The touch screen is very good. It's a capacitive touchscreen, with multitouch, and it works very well. It's not as responsive as an iPad/iPhone (see very top of review), but it's only slow by a very very small fraction of a second, really not even noticeable unless you use both devices alot, and switch back and forth. The gripe I have with the touchscreen (and this is because of the 7" tablet) is that with it being a smaller tablet, the icons, and buttons on some screens (the internet browser, and some other navigation items) get kind of small, so I have to touch several times to get them to register what I want to do. I've downloaded the Amazon app store, so I've gotten pretty much everything I've needed from there, and had no issues with finding whatever I wanted. Honestly, I removed the GetJar from my main screen altogether. Some people talk about "Rooting" the device, and whatever else to open up the Google/Android market, and I guess that's up to you, but I haven't done that. I've not had any issues with the battery life. I am not CONSTANTLY on my tablet if I'm away from a charger, so I get plenty of battery life. When I first got it, and was playing with it, I would get around 3-4 continuous hours of play time. When I want to watch a movie with Netflix I've always plugged it in, so I do not know how long it would take to fully kill this thing, and not charge it. I've never had issues logging into random WiFi (My home, In-laws, McDonalds, etc.), It has always found, and connected to everything I've wanted it to without hiccup. I read on the Kindle app ALOT, this thing is the perfect size to simulate a paperback book you would buy in the store. The tablet also accepts microSD cards. I have my music library on a 32gb microSD, and I can put it into the tablet, and it recognizes all of my music and files. I switch the card back and forth from my tablet to my Phone without issue, to keep my music wherever I need it. I personally would completely recommend this tablet to anyone looking for the tablet experience, without spending $500-800 on a top of the line tablet. You can get a very good experience from something much less expensive.

I had a few minor gripes, and issues in there, but the reason I give this thing 5 stars, is because I bought it for a fraction of the cost of an iPad, and I get exactly what I needed, and expected, out of it. If you are expecting to get iPad quality for around $150, then don't buy this tablet, and stop looking. You're not going to FIND a tablet like that. I promise.
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on May 10, 2012
My son wanted a tablet for his birthday & he was working with about $200. I came across this tablet & on May 4th, it was listed at about $145. It had decent reviews & I expect him to use it for games & Youtube so I don't anticipate him running into the problems in the reviews.

We ordered it along with an 8GB SD, a case & a 2 year drop & spill warranty from squaretrade. The smaller items came in the mail right away & the warranty is sent via email. The tablet shipped the 7th & we received it today, the 10th.

This morning on Amazon's website, I noticed the tablet's price dropped to $117 and the warranty increased to $60. I don't know how the pricing works on amazon but I figured since the tablet ordered was directly through them that they would have a grace period to price match. I called & had no problem getting a $28 refund, I got a confirmation email for it right away (The rep said the policy for price match is about 2 weeks after purchase). GREAT Customer service. The price of the warranty wasn't an issue being that I ordered it at the lower price but wondering what caused the price to double?

As far as the tablet goes, it works for what it was purchased for, games & Youtube. The web browsing worked fine. I don't like the GETJAR market (FOR THOSE THAT DON'T KNOW, NO GOOGLE PLAY), so I downloaded Amazon Appstore. The youtube videos are clear & don't drag. I think for a first tablet the function & quality are a STEAL at $117.

I didn't see anyone mention that they also include a $10 music card for the emusic app.
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on May 8, 2012
This is my first tablet, so I can't say my rating is objective. I've had an Android phone for about three years and wanted a tablet, but didn't want to do the i-thing and needed to wait until they were affordable. Since I mainly planned on using it for an ereader (I knew I could get both the Kindle & Nook apps for it to be a universal reader), I didn't want to spend too much more than I would on a Nook or Kindle. I'm still just figuring out how to make the most of it, but this has been a gem right out of the box for a first-time tablet user.
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on April 30, 2012
BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): You can't go wrong with this unit for the price.

I got this unit in order to have a second tablet to go with the Kindle Fire I received as a gift four months ago. I would have gotten a second Kindle Fire, but they do not have any capability for external storage, sucha as to a USB drive or Micro SD card like the Coby Kryos does. I guess Amazon has positioned the Kindle Fire to maximize use of "cloud" storage.

The Coby unit has only 4 GB of internal storage, of which 1.5 GB is available out of the box for the user. This is more than sufficient to install apps, because they only take a few megabytes each. However, two or three video files would use up the free storage immediately. Fortunately with the Micro SD slot, this is not a problem, because audio-visual media will can be stored there for playback on the Kryos. The media storage flexibility of the Kryos is definely its strength. The screen is very good. I would say the Kindle Fire is subtly clearer and brighter, but for a purchase price of $130, I have no complaints.

The first app I installed was the Amazon Marketplace, and I was able to download and install all of the previously purchased apps for my Kindle Fire for no additional cost. The new Android OS, "Ice Cream Sandwich" is a very well put together. I was able to quickly become familiar with how to navigate the unit, without reading the manual. BTW, the manual exceeded my expectations and had a very good introduction to the Coby's features, which I had circled back to it to look up some specific features of the unit.

The unit switched between apps as expected, and video playback on the Micro SD card went smoothly. Did not get a chance to evaluate the battery endurance, but after about two hours of use, the Kryos still indicated it was charged at 70%.

Overall, I would give this version of the Coby Kryos a four star hardware rating, and five stars for overall value.
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on August 17, 2012
This is a simple, solid product. Disclaimer- the first one arrived and the sound stopped working, but Amazon took care of me and 3 days later (over the weekend) I had a replacement in-hand that is going strong.

The big drawback for tablet/Android noobies is the fact that it doesn't have the all-mighty Google Play app, and you cannot have it because Coby doesn't appear to send any devices to Google for certification and pay licensing fees... That's ok because I got all the apps I want from Amazon and 1Mobile app stores. I haven't paid a dime and can make spreadsheets, word docs, play Angry Birds, use Flash player, etc. I'd like Google Maps, but since that program is most effective on a mobile network and this doesn't have that (but I do get this tablet onto the net through my cell phone's hotspot) it's not missed. Besides, I DO have it on my cell phone :)

Who this is for- People that can tunnel out to the net on the go through their phones or coffee shop/home WiFi, someone that doesn't want to break out a laptop or sit at a desktop at home to check email and play around on the net, or likes e-book readers (this has a handy built in reader app, I use it and I really never used to read books...). Even the free section of the e-books app has all the classics for free from The Art of War to Jack London books. I put a 16GB MicroSD card in this to be sure I can have all my music in one place, as well as storing books, email attachments, etc, on this device.

Who will be sad- People that wand an iPad.

Friends, this is a $100 tablet. It's not a laptop computer. It's better than browsing the net on a tiny 4 inch cellphone screen when you don't have your laptop in front of you. It's a netbook without the keyboard (but you can hook up a keyboard via the adapter they provide and it works like a charm). I had my choice between 7, 8, 9, 10 inch screens, and after looking at my wife's Kindle I picked 7 inch. That way when I'm writing an email and I want to use the tablet in "Portrait" mode, my thumbs can easily reach all the keys. This also fits in my pocket (barely). Perhaps that's the up-side of having a big-butt, you get bigger pants pockets and can carry something like this in it.

Battery- be sure to charge this after heavy use, or if you're going to be away from it for hours, go ahead and power-down the device. The "standby" battery life drains at about 20% per day, so it's best you just turn the device off if you're leaving it alone for hours at a time. It's all of 1 minute to boot up so really the battery savings justifies 1 minute to go pour yourself a soda while it loads. If you don't have 1 minute... I can't help you except to say you're probably in to much of a hurry in life!
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