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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon October 13, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
In the current product description of the Uncle Milton Earth in My Room, the manufacturer features a picture of a boy pointing his remote at the product, which is hung on the wall. It appears so bright that it illuminates the entire wall. It appears to have backlighting reflecting against the wall, and it's so bright that the boy's face is illuminated. This is EXTREMELY misleading.

In reality, the "city lights" are so dim that they are barely visible unless the room is darkened. They are not white, as they appear in the picture, but are instead a dim yellow. If you are in a completely dark room and let your eyes adjust for a minute, the lights do look cool, but you would have to be somewhat close to see them. And in a dark room, ONLY the city lights are visible. You cannot make out any features on the Earth at all. This is realistic for how the Earth would look from space at night, but it's not how the product is represented in the photo.

I thought there was a feature that would show the earth in sunlight (the whole thing appearing to be illuminated, as in the picture), but the only two functions are to have the dim city lights either come on gradually across the otherwise dark globe, or to manually cycle through the zones.

Since this product is one-sided and would thus logically be mounted on a wall (rather than being suspended and whole-globe), I wish it could be plugged in. The only possible use I can imagine for this product is to relax as you watch the lights go on and off, but how can you relax knowing you're eating up batteries? I would love to leave this "light" on all the time, but obviously that's not possible.

This could have been a cool product, but it just falls short in so many aspects, and the false advertising is outrageous. Very disappointing.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 24, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was so happy to receive Uncle Milton's Earth in my Room. A few years ago, May of 2009, I bought Uncle Milton Moon In My Room for myself. I like low lighting in my bedroom when I play my white noise or new age to go to sleep.

Be prepared to have a lot of batteries. It takes 4 AA and 2 AAA for the remote. You will need a Philips head screwdriver to remove the backing on the earth and remote. Be sure to leave the switch on the back `On' so it can read the remote.

Compared to the Moon in my room, Earth in my room is not as bright. It is very colorful which nice but only puts out a little light is where Moon in my room puts out a lot more. I do not think it is made as well as the other light. It has a glossy smooth surface that does not meet well at the edges. I thought it had a plastic protective layer over it and almost pulled it off until I released it was the earth screen.

These are best used in a pitch black room. I keep my room dark during the day though since I work most nights. My daughter who is 2 co-habitats with me and she loves these lights! They are very mesmerizing and can help you fall asleep. I like the earth one better because it is not as bright. The moon one can be too bright.

Whether you use the manual phase or automatic, the light will shut off after 30 minutes. Manual, you can cycle through the phases or leave it one a phase and it will shut off.

Comparing it to the Moon in my room, I like that it is not as bright but will deduct a star for it feeling cheaply made. The moon one has a texture surface which feels better. The earth one is a film cover that does not seal well.

This `toy' is recommended for ages 6+ but think it can apply to babies and adults. I bought one before I even had my daughter for myself.

As nice as it would be to look at them on the ceiling, you have to hang them on the wall. These would be perfect gifts for any holiday or for you. I took a few pictures of them in a dark room and added them to the photo gallery.
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on December 13, 2012
The only reason I own this is because it came in a 2 pack set (with Uncle Milton Moon In My Room) from Costco. The moon is fantastic, the earth however is not so much. While it seems to be an accurate representation of the Earth at night, it's rather boring to look at. I would not have bought this product separately. BTW, Costco has the 2 pack set, with the Earth and the Moon for $9.99 right now.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm a fan of Uncle Milton products. The Rainbow in My Room and Moon in My Room have made putting my young daughters to bed a more pleasurable experience. I found them to simply be THE best night-lights. The latest from Uncle Milton, EARTH IN MY ROOM, is another winner in my opinion.

Taking the same concept as Moon in My Room, EARTH IN MY ROOM is a three-dimensional representation of a satellite view of the Earth. A battery-powered light inside the "Earth" can be accessed with a remote-control. In the light, the traditional green and blue image of land and water are shown. In the dark, EARTH IN MY ROOM lights up to represent the night-time satellite image of Earth where the cluster of city lights display the more densely populated regions. Like Moon in My Room, a variety of light settings allow either the entire "Earth" to be revealed or just segments. An automatic shut-off prevents EARTH IN MY ROOM from draining the 4 AA batteries it needs (2 AAA batteries are needed for the remote).

While EARTH IN MY ROOM should be a comparable companion to Uncle Milton's Moon, it falls a little short in some areas:

- Unlike Uncle Milton's Moon, the Earth's surface is not topographically textured ... no bumps to represent mountains or depressed areas to delineate land and water.

- The surface image is a glossy plastic image sheet (which was almost torn off as I thought it was a protective covering) that hangs over the edge ... maybe it's me, but it feels a little cheap.

- With roughly a third of the Earth's surface visible, North America is the only prominent land mass displayed. Unlike the Moon, the Earth has readily discernible features and hiding two-thirds of the planet eliminates any significant educational potential for this product.

- The night image of city lights is perfect for what it represents (the Earth at night), but some may want the colorful daylight view of the earth to be lit instead.

Uncle Milton could seemingly address all these issues by offering textured interchangeable coverings that each represent a third of the Earth's surface ... doing so would do wonders for this product, in my opinion (as well as give it more educational value).

While I highlight some shortcomings, I love the overall concept of having the Earth represented in this manner. Uncle Milton has a unique line of products that I enjoy just as much as my kids do and EARTH IN MY ROOM is no exception.
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on December 27, 2012
One of my sons has the Moon in My Room, and it's been great. Just a light glow that he falls asleep with and then it times out after 30 minutes. We thought the Earth in My Room would be great for our other son. What a huge disappointment. Just some tiny orange dots is all you can see. Looks nice during the day, but once it's dark and you turn it on, it's horrible. Definitely going back. I wish I would have listened to the other reviews!
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on November 15, 2012
The photo you see at the top of the page is not the actual product but probably an image they use to produce it. The image extends more on the edges which is indicative of the part of the plastic that is folded behind to make a smooth edge. But the worst part is that it is a smooth shiny plastic dome that reflects every light, bright spot, and window in your room. This is very distracting (it would probably look much better with a matte finish).

The city light feature isn't exactly a sweep across the planet as you go through the cycle. It is divided into 4 sections which come on in sequence. They take time to fade in and out so it isn't exactly jarring, however it isn't exactly a smooth sweep. It is also a little distracting that the lights start out in the southeast and go across to the northwest, so it sort of gives the illusion that the planet is rotating on a diagonal axis in space.

As someone else reported, the lights aren't as white as the product shot, they are more yellowish, and not very bright (the less bright ones in the photo are nearly invisible on the product). (Don't buy this expecting it to serve as a night-light.)

I would recommend that if you want to see the effect this product is supposed to produce, you look into the websites online that show city lights sweeping across the globe much more realistically, including the sunlight also sweeping away as the lights come on.
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on October 11, 2015
Out of all three of these "Planets in my Room" that I have this one is the lamest one. The light up function is virtually nonexistent. The lights are only for worldwide city lights, which could be ok, but they are very dim. The other two plants (moon and Mars) have a nice texture detail on them which Earth is lacking. The remote allows for the lights to light up different portions at a time resulting in the whole thing lighting up. Don't loose the remote or you'll no longer be able to use the light feature and the other remotes for the other planets are not interchangeable. The batteries on this one actually seem to last longer than the others, but I suspect that is due to it being so dim.
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on January 18, 2014
I thought this one would light up like the other 2 my son owns, Moon and Mars, but it doesn't. Thought that was disappointing at first, but then had to realize...Earth doesn't light up like the Moon and Mars. It is actually really neat how they made this product. There is a rotating feature on this product like the Moon does. But instead of the whole planet lighting up, there are a lot of tiny little dots on the continents that light up. Almost as if the item was alive! It is such a neat item to add to your collection if you have started collecting them. Now I just need to add the glow in the dark stars on my sons wall and ta-da!
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on September 24, 2015
This is the second illuminated earth we've purchased from Uncle Milton. Our 8-year old son loves the original one we bought (as well as the illuminated moon), but didn't want to part with it when we decided to redo our two younger sons' room with a space theme.

The earth is simple to hang, only requiring one nail to do the job. The remote control is also very simple to operate and our younger boys caught on quickly.

If you're thinking this will act as a night light and illuminate a dark room, unfortunately you're mistaken. The yellow lights, which look like a night time view from space of all the major cities in the Americas, can either be turned on all at once, or in a progression from the east coast to the west. It can also be set as a timer and turn itself off after about 30 minutes. The lights are a neat effect, but do not illuminate a room as one might think. If you're looking for a brighter "night light" that functions as such, I would suggest the Moon in my Room, by Uncle Milton. It's much brighter and allows you and the kids to navigate a dark room safely. The Earth in my Room does not.

All in all, the effect of the lights is cool, but again, it's not very bright. We knew this when we purchased it and wanted it more for decor than for illumination purposes.
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on February 21, 2013
If you or your kids are fans of space or Earth itself, this is for you! don't let the bad reviews change your mind, most of those people probably didn't use the Auto shut off motion. Speaking of that, if your kids (or maybe even you) are frightened of the dark and cannot go to sleep, all you have to do is press the second biggest button on the remote out of three, and it will stay on for about Thirty minutes just as long as the remote is left alone. For my experience, I ordered this product after a purchase on the Apple app Jurassic Park Builder went wrong, I ordered this along with the "Moon Stress Ball" This product arrived in a timely manner and worked flawlessly. The only issue was the delivery man just left it out on my front porch, in my neighbourhood, it could have gotten stolen by some drunk idiot. Personally, I would recommend this product just as long as you read the literature that comes with it and use it properly.
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