Customer Reviews: Linksys N600+ Wi-Fi Wireless Dual-Band+ Router with Gigabit Ports, Smart Wi-Fi App Enabled to Control Your Network from Anywhere (EA2700)
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VINE VOICEon May 23, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Linksys EA2700 is a good midrange router. If your only goals for it are connecting wirelessly with your phone, tablet, or laptop it should perform flawlessly.

I tried to set it up as someone who is not too familiar with routers. The instructions that come with basically say to insert the included CD into your computer, plug the router into your computer, and then follow the prompts. This is what I did and the entire process was painless. Everything worked perfectly when I disconnected the cable and attempted to connect wirelessly. I then proceeded to add the router to my phone's wifi and my tablet's wifi. Everything connected without a hitch. The only surprise was the the process of setting up the router took about ten minutes. Granted almost all of that time was spent staring at my laptop waiting for the software to finish (no interaction required from me). Still... It took longer than expected.

If you're familiar with good ol' 192.168.x.x then that works fine too. If that made no sense, don't worry about it, the included software takes care of everything for you.

Personally, I feel that there is not much that is worth the premium price for the router. It's not that it's bad--it's just not amazing.
Apparently, there is an Android app that is available that can also adjust settings but, for the life of me, I can't see how that's very useful. Instead, I wish it included a USB connector so I could print wirelessly. That's becoming a common feature in "better than low end" routers, these days.
On the plus side, the setup software is easy and it's attractive. I like the internal antenna design and haven't noticed any degradation of signal compared to my other two routers (both with dual external antennas).
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 26, 2012
My internet just went out, I've had a few resets since i purchased this router. But, other than that it has rocked hard. This time I do the reset & the Cisco Connect Program is only offering me a single choice. Which opens my browser & takes me to the new Cisco Cloud, or whatever its called. They want ALL my personal info & router admin info, password, etc. So.. I simply closed the browser without filling out a thing. Go to reopen my Cisco Connect software that came with my router, to check on my router settings. Lo and behold the only trace of the software ever having been on my computer, is the completely empty Cisco Connect folder in my Programs folder.

I have never had something like this done.. remove a program that I installed without even asking me, much less no warning what-so-ever. I registered, they have my email, too.

Another guy that used to work for Linksys or Cisco, posted on the Cisco Community forums that he did try to reload the CD in an attempt to use the old version of tools we had residing on our computers, it would not even reload. If someone that really knows what they are doing can't, I won't even attempt it.

It's working right now, so I'll just keep an eye on the forums there. Will update this review if we get any more info.

Update: Cisco Community Wireless Forum is in an absolute uproar over this forced firmware for the new cloud & removal of the local software. The entire day has now almost passed with no official Cisco Rep addressing any of our concerns.

Update: They have made an official post & stickied it in the Cisco Community Wireless Forum. I have not done it, yet. But the linked instructions are very well done, complete with pictures with step by step. I'm leaving my 1 star until I see if this stabilizes this router. As I said right off, I have had to reset my entire system several times too many, for no obvious reason. And, I want to see if they fix it where the cloud can be a real option, rather than now having firmware we cannot update, which is still absolutely unacceptable.

Update: An official announcement on their blog from the 5th, which I just found today. I doubt I can post a link but it is the Cisco Blog on their website. This is in bold: Customers can set-up and manage their Linksys router without signing up for a Cisco Connect Cloud account.

I personally have not unchecked the auto update feature on my rolled back version. But according to the blog post, I should be able to do so, without the cloud being force fed to me. Once I have tried it & it does work, I will be back to confirm.

Update July 12 2012: I asked on the official forums, a few days ago, if it was indeed safe to allow auto update on my rolled back classic version. I wanted to know if it would cause me to again lose my internet connect 7 require complete reset, etc. Was told by a forum admin to hold off until they can get this verified.

I just found this very well written article about this entire fiasco.

-------from the official forum post-------
Smart Wi-Fi Routers: How to downgrade your firmware back to standard web-based setup page version

06-29-2012 11:58 AM

Dear users,

Here is an article discussing how to downgrade your smart wi-fi routers' firmware back to standard web-based setup page version.

Rolling back the Cisco Connect Cloud firmware
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on October 29, 2013
I had a minor issue when I first bought this, one that I could never solve even with Linksys's help. It's not the main problem though so feel free to skip to the next paragraph. For some reason one of my desktops would get much slower bandwidth speeds than the others. My other desktop and my 2 laptops would get the max 21Mb/s speeds but my main desktop would get 8Mb/s at best. I tried different ports and cables. If I connected my desktop directly to my modem (bypassing the router entirely) I'd get the full download speed on it. But we could never figure out what caused the router to give my main desktop the slower speeds.

But the main reason why I'm having problems is that suddenly, after owning the router for 8 months, it stopped working. If I bypassed the router and connected directly to the modem then I get internet.

Since the router no longer qualifies for the 3 month Complimentary Assisted Support then my only option was their 1 year hardware warranty, which is a sham. When I contacted customer support they told me they wouldn't even look at the EA2700 to determine if it's a hardware issue unless I paid them 30 bucks more of my money. And even then it wouldn't be guaranteed that they'd replace the product, saying I'd get a 20% discount off a new router.

In short, it's a lousy product with an awful warranty policy. Please steer clear of this disaster unless you want to waste time and money, I'm never buying a Linksys product again.
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on April 27, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've used countless routers over the years, even some of the very first built by Linksys. There weren't many options and Linksys always seemed to be one of the best. They've come a long way since the old 802.11b routers. But they seem to get to a point where they are so fast and add on so many features, it leaves an open market for the low and mid-range products. This brings us to the "mid-range" where the Linksys EA2700 N600 Dual-Band 802.11n Router ends up.

While I don't have any of my really old routers any more, I will compare this two that I currently have. Which is the currently slightly more expensive ASUS RT-N56U and the Netgear N900 WNDR4500. The Netgear is of course much more expensive, but its here for comparison anyways.

The Hardware:

First, out of the box, the EA2700 looks very plain and minimalistic. The antennas are internal and the chassis looks and feels like cheap plastic. But if it's something you're never going to look at, I doubt you're going to care. Personally I have to keep mine in an open area, so it's nice if it looks nice. :) In the box, you've got the router, a network cable, and CD. No real instructions other than to put in the CD.


Since I wanted to go through the "normal" process, I decided to throw in the CD and try the wizard. Unfortunately since I wasn't going to use a "standard" configuration, the wizard just flat out didn't work and just kind of left me at a dead-end. Basically I have my modem connected directly to a dedicated physical desktop/router, not an access point. Because of this, this completely threw off the setup process.

So off into the advanced configuration I go. I was able to easily find its unusual IP of and guessed the login/password (admin/admin). I found myself in a familiar but not-so-intuitive Linksys setup menu. They honestly haven't changed a whole lot here over the years. Which is good and bad. You have lots of advanced features to play with. But if you're not all that tech savvy, it's very easy to get lost in there.

And yes, that's why they have the Cisco Connect software. However, if it fails or can't connect to the AP for some reason, you don't have many options. Most new routers have this stuff built-into the router itself. It adds an extra step by explaining how to access it via the browser, but it really is a better approach for new and experienced users. In Cisco's defense, the software wizard did claim to handle virtually all of the standard setup for you. So in a normal setup environment, there shouldn't really even be a need for instructions. Just follow the wizard and off you go.


The Linksys EA2700 is not only right in the middle of price, but features as well. You'll note that you do get a respectable 300Mbps (which is always much lower in the real world) connection, Guest access, Firewall, 802.11n, all of the normal security features, and of course Dual-Band. They even throw in Gibabit ports which are handy if you also have a few desktops nearby.
What isn't included are things found on higher end devices. Such as 450Mbps speeds, overall faster throughput, longer range, USB ports hosting data, print server, and "CD-Less" installation (ie. Netgear, ASUS, etc).


First I should point out that if you are only going to surf the web, this is all rather pointless. :) Just buy the cheapest reliable router you can find and run with it. The whole point of having fast speeds is for bandwidth intensive tasks, such as transferring large files, streaming Hi-Def media, or even Local gaming.

For my test, I copied several large MKV files to my notebook and walked around the house to see how it compared to my other routers. I also tried both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Overall, the speeds were fairly good, but not quite as fast as the others. Right next to the router, it was about 10% slower across the board. And the further away I got, the more that deficit increased. This is about what I expected considering this is a cheaper device.

I also transferred a few files over the included GB ports and was able to get the same speeds I get on my normal wired switches. Nothing too surprising there.


+ Good wireless performance
+ 4 Gigabit ports
+ Cisco Connect Software for standard setup
+ Advanced Linksys setup options


- Limited Cisco Connect software
- Average features and performance
- No built-in wizard
- Cheap design/build


So overall for the price and features, this is really not a bad product. It does everything it says it will, but not a whole lot more. You'll have to step up to a more expensive model from Linksys (or another brand) if you want extra's like USB storage or top-of-the-line performance and wireless speeds. And given that I'm not exactly a huge fan of the cisco connect software, I'd recommend doing just that.

Not to mention if you shop around, you can get "high-end" performance and features for not a lot more.
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on October 20, 2013
This router is bad. It is really, really, really BAD. If I walk 5-10 feet from the router I go down to 2 bars. It's insane. I have a router from 2008 that easily has double the range and would gladly still use...if I still had DSL, which I don't. I have tried pointing this thing in every direction to no avail. I am seriously considering wrapping this thing in tin foil and pointing it towards Mecca at this point.

As if the hardware wasn't bad enough, the software is truly a thing of nightmares. I won't go into detail, but just the fact that you are asked to register for an account to access the settings is ridiculous. Do not buy.
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on January 3, 2015
What a POS !!! Right out of the box I was unable to connect to it using the enclosed setup CD. I used my desktop computer to connect to the EA2700 via one of its LAN ports and connected it to my network via the yellow Internet port. After 5 minutes of "Looking for networks" I got a message stating unable to find EA2700. I then switched the network connection from the Internet port to another LAN port...still unable to find the EA2700.

Oh well, must be my desktop. Powered up my laptop and ran the install CD again. My laptop switched from my current wireless access point, a Dlink WAP, to the Linksys EA2700 and the wireless speed jumped up to 144 MBPS.I had48 MBPS with my old Dlink WAP. After about 5 minutes of "looking for networks", I got the same message ...... unable to find EA2700!!!! Really???? My laptop wireless connected automatically to it without any problems, but the installation software could not find it?? This POS is going back today!!

I should of known something wasn't right when none of the bookmarks shortcuts did not work in the PDF user manual.
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on July 4, 2012
I just found out when my Internet went down that Cisco pushed out a new software update sometime in the last few weeks. It enables something called Cisco Cloud Connect. It took away my ability to manage the router and secure it as I see fit. It also temporarily gave Cisco permission to see my Internet logs (you can Google that part). If the update installs, the only way to connect is through a website that requires you create an online account. It sends a verification e-mail that links to your device. Be careful, because auto updated is enabled by default. I had to reset the device to default settings and roll back the update just to get back to where I started. Now, I am stuck with the initial version of the firmware forever unless Cisco decides to undue its mess of an update. I would not buy this device with the new interface unless you are afraid of computers and want Cisco to manage your Internet. I am tempted to install a 3rd party firmware, but it voids my warranty if the device bricks. I would just purchase something else. Cisco completely ruined this product if you have any small amount of technical savvy and don't want Cisco meddling with your Internet.

FYI. Here is a link to rolling back the update:

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on March 26, 2013
The automated interface creates problems for users that want to configure the device in any environment other than a single router for a single cable-modem. The adhoc (advanced) interface creates odd network problems, even if you are changing simple things like the network name. Linksys used to have the best routers around, it's a shame what's happened to the line after it was purchased by Cisco.
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on December 30, 2014
This unit might be one of the worst routers i have purchased. It overheats so badly that is damaged the top of my speaker where its mounted. It also suffers from issues where the router would need to be restarted because it has lost connection. It seems to have an issue once every couple of weeks which i feel is not how a product like this should function. This is my second bad experience with Linksys routers.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
For years, I've been "the computer guy" who family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers seem to seek out when it's router buying time.

And for years, I've said the same thing: "Linksys WRT54G. It costs a bit more, but it's worth it." It's just been one of those things you can't go wrong with. But now that 802.11g isn't enough, and people are looking for GigE and more, it's time for a new go-to.

I want to say it's the EA2700, because it's stupid-easy to set up if you use the disc. You almost have to actively do something wrong to not have a working router after using the disc. I think that's a big pro, myself.

Unfortunately, that's really the only thing about this router that's worth commanding a premium for.

At this price range, it's ridiculous that there isn't at least one USB port for sharing a printer and / or external drive. Decent routers that cost half as much money offer this functionality. Linksys has chosen form over function with their new routers, and inexplicably put the WDS button on the back, next to the power cable, instead of anywhere on the blank plastic front. If you're looking to make some routers "for dummies", that button should be front and center.

Performance? It's okay. Using a 2008 MacBook Pro and 2012 Lenovo Thinkpad W520 with a Centrino Ultimate/6300 card, wireless range wasn't appreciably better than an older Buffalo router I had lying around, and provided substantially less coverage than my Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station (Simultaneous Dual-Band) (MC340LL/A).

The Cisco app for iOS was nothing more than a front end to the web interface, and unless you're turning your guest network on and off on-the-fly, or have a desperate need to know who is on your router from your iPad or iPhone instead of a computer, it's just about useless.

Now, if this was going for about $75, I'd think it was an okay value. Nothing mind-blowing, but a solid router with a very, very simple interface. At nearly $100, it's just overpriced for what you get. If you have even the slightest bit of experience with home networking, you'd be much better served with the NETGEAR N600 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router WNDR3700,ASUS (RT-N16) Wireless-N 300 Maximum Performance single band Gaming Router: Fast Gigabit Ethernet, support USB-Hard Drive and Printer and Open source DDWRT, or Buffalo Technology AirStation High Power N300 Gigabit Wireless Router & AP WZR-HP-G300NHv2 (Black)
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