Customer Reviews: AccuSharp 015C Knife, Garden Tool, and Scissor Sharpener Multipack
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on May 21, 2012
Note that this review pertains only to the knife sharpener, not the garden tool or scissor sharpener. I am buying the multi-pack today, based on how well the version for knives has worked for me.

In 2006, Cooks Illustrated magazine did a product review of knife sharpeners, and the AccuSharp was deemed the best of the manual sharpeners that they tested. Then I found out that a friend of mine owned one, and I borrowed it. It worked like a charm, and I immediately bought one for myself, which I have been using for the last five years.

Sharpening is fast and easy. If your knives are not ridiculously dull, one or two passes is sufficient to restore the edge to better-than-new. The Cooks Illustrated review points out the only downside: If your knives are in really bad shape, this will not remove nicks from the blade - it just doesn't remove enough metal.

Final thought: There is another review which states that repeated use over a weekend removed 1/8" of the knife blade. I don't see how this is possible, unless one is using it incorrectly (like sticking a new pencil in a pencil sharpener, and continuing to turn the crank until the pencil is sharpened down to a stub). Regular use is just a couple of passes, and removes almost no metal.
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on May 21, 2012
I have only used the knife sharpener and not any of the others, so extrapolate to those at your own risk. I used it about two years ago when there was one on site in the kitchen of the Inn where I was contracted to cater for an event. My experience was positive in the moment, but I would not get one personally. Here's why:

This will put an edge on a knife. It will do so quickly, easily, and with very little skill or effort required.

HOWEVER it puts this edge on at the expense of the knife. It removes way more material from the surface of the knife than a normal sharpening on a stone. Furthermore, the edge it places is indeed sharp, but does not last. The angle is likely to steep to be maintained even with regular honing. Continuing to sharpen a knife over the course of a single weekend left me with a constantly sharp knife, but one where I'd removed a full 1/8 of an inch of material from the blade. Since it wasn't my knife I didn't much care, but there is no way I would ever let this touch my own personal knives, or any expensive knives really.

If you buy cheap knives in the first place and just replace them when they dull, you should seriously get this. It will save you a lot of money. BUT, if you care about the longevity of your blades, move along. Most likely your knife will only need to be honed anyway, but if it really needs to be sharpened, get a wet stone and learn to use it.

Edit: People are reacting negatively to this review in part because amazans mobile app posted my review when all I had listed was the positives, before the "HOWEVER". It took a long to to figure out how to edit the review from the mobile site and in the meantime damage was done.

That said, let me also clarify another point. Under normal sharpening conditions on a wet stone as you would find in a commercial kitchen it would take years to remove as much material from the blade as this thing did in a single weekend, and the edge would last a lot longer.
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on May 21, 2012
I have been using Accusharp for about ten years on everything from Kershaw, Cold Steel, Spyderco, Gerber, and SOG folding knives to Wusthoff, Sheffield, Forschner, Sabatier, and Henckels kitchen knives. None of my knives have been significantly reduced as described by Daniel in his review. I'm not arguing with his statements, just saying that my experience has been considerably different than his.

If starting with an extremely dull blade, you might have to take quite a bit of metal off to achieve a sharp edge, but after that all you will need is a few light strokes to maintain the edge. And remember that you should use a butcher's steel or ceramic rod MUCH more often than a sharpener.

There are any number of similar sharpeners, and I've tried many of them - but none work as well as the Accusharp.
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on August 26, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been using the AccuSharp multipack of sharpeners for many weeks now. The multipack consists of sharpeners for Garden tools, Scissors, and Knives and Tools. There is some overlap among functions; for example the Scissors sharpener can be used for hedge clippers per the instructions, and so can the Garden sharpener. Basically the differences between the sharpeners is how the sharpeners are mounted. The Knife sharpener has "v" shape array which fits over typical knife blades. The Scissors sharpener is a single flat, horizontal sharpener that you rest on the beveled scissors edge and draw it across. The Garden sharpener is "v" shaped like the Knife sharpener, but the notch is wider and one of the sides of the "v" is more prominent: that is the side that goes against the beveled edge of the blade.

With these 3 sharpeners, I feel like there is nothing left in the house that I can't sharpen.

I have fine Wusthof kitchen knives, and a couple of swipes with the Knife sharpener and they are slicing tomatoes like they are new. Old scissors (and when I say "old," I mean from the 1960s) have been rejuvenated. The scissor action is a bit loose still, but the scissor blades are sharp as can be now. My lawnmower blade gets a few strokes each time I mow, and the grasscutting action is the better for it. Every time I come across something old and dull around the house, I have applied one of these sharpeners to it, and every time the performance has been improved.

These sharpeners are extremely effective, and thus it is VERY important to follow the instructions (just a paragraph or 2 on the back of the package) ... the most important of which is to use a LIGHT touch. It does not take much pressure to remove metal with tungsten carbide sharpeners, and you can do more harm than good if you press too hard. So remember, light touch improves much (I just made that up, good, eh?)

So, here are my pros and cons for this multipack of sharpeners:

Great value: Three sharpeners for a very reasonable price.

Excellent performance: As I described above, I have sharpened fine kitchen knives, VERY old scissors, newer scissors that had become dull, lawnmower blade, utility knives (not the razor type, the blade type), and every time the sharpeners have done an excellent job.

Color coded: Green for Garden, Yellow for Scissors, Blue for Knives. As well, the names/functions are printed or embossed on each of the sharpeners too.

Reversible sharpener: If you ever manage to wear down the sharpener, the tool can be disassembled and the sharpener can be reversed. This effectively doubles the life of the device. Awesome.

Protective handle: Because the usage is to rest the blade sharp side upward and draw the sharpener across, there is potential for slippage and injury WITHOUT a protective handle ... however the protection is there but care should still always be used when handling sharp objects.

USA made: Gotta love that one.

Lifetime warranty: I seriously love a company that stands behind its products.


I just sat here for 5 minutes and couldn't think of a single one I have personally observed.

Bottom line:

This is a great set of knife, scissors, and garden tool sharpeners. It's effective, easy to use, made in the USA, and has a lifetime warranty. Highly recommended for household sharpening needs.
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on May 21, 2012
I got one of these as a stocking stuffer 15 years ago from my uncle. To say I was thrilled would not exactly describe how I felt about it. But he was enthusiastic and so proud of this wonderful gift. He went right to the kitchen and got out knives and proceeded to show us. Well, ya know what? For once, it was just exactly what it said it was, a fantastic knife shapener. I have used nothing else for 15 years, I use mine on scissors, and kitchen knives. I didn't know until today that they had other kinds.
I was so happy to see this today as a multi-pack deal. I will be ordering one for myself and one for my daughter, son, and mother.
I promise, if you get this sharpener you will love it. I have used it on serrated knives, carbon steel, stainless, all of them, and it works on all of them.
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on August 16, 2012
My comment refers to the garden tool sharpener since I have not used the knife or scissor sharpener yet. The tool works reasonably well to sharpen most of my garden tools and for most people it is probably adequate and convenient. My main gripe is that the tool has a fixed bevel angle so that no matter how long or hard I try I could only get about 1/8 inch edge that is sharpened/refreshed. On some of my larger pruners I would rather have at least 1/4 inch edge that is sharpened and this is something that I still need to use my bench grinder to do.
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on January 17, 2013
It's hard to get the entire blade sharpened with these. You have to push them along the beveled edge of the blade, in a certain direction, with the tool pointing a certain way, allowing only a certain stone inside the nose of the sharpening tool to rest against the beveled blade edge. Well sometimes that means the head of tool has to start near the handle of the item you're sharpening. Even with the scissors, shears or whatever fully opened, you won't be able to fit or sharpen the length of the blade because it will hit the opposite blade. Unless you either take the tool you're sharpening apart to allow better access and drag the sharpener instead of push. But even then, the entire length can't get sharpened. Very light weight and after about 20 passes on a garden shear, it made little difference. I will stick with my file and Dremel tool for sharpening.
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VINE VOICEon November 6, 2012
I bought the accuSharp, primarily for my kitchen knives. It works great on them, made them just like new. Here's the big "but", but the one for sharpening scissors, ruined a pair of my very expensive hair cutting scissors. I should have known better than to try it on those, my bad, but I didn't see any warnings against that sort of use either.
As for my little garden pruning shears, I couldn't get the gadget onto the short blades. I be it would work well on the longer pruner blades, that I don't have, so can't try.
The product was well worth the price, just to have the one form my knives. That's what I bought it for in the first place. I would have just bought the knife sharpener, but didn't see that sold alone.
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on August 10, 2013
Of the three sharpeners in this kit, the AccuSharp knife sharpener is easiest to use. Just keep it in line with the blade and run it in one direction only (grip to point) using light pressure so as not to take off too much metal and roughen the edge. It works! (By the way, AccuSharp makes a separate sharpener for filet knives, of which I have several in the kitchen.)

The scissor sharpener is less easy. You have to see or feel that the sharpener is flat against the bevel. And you have to keep it at the same angle throughout each stroke. Unfortunately I've never been very good at this.

I got myself in trouble with the GardenSharp. All of my gardening tools with an edge have a bevel on one side only--the other side is perfectly straight, no bevel. I mistakenly assumed this is how the GardenSharp is set up. Not so. Although one bevel is shallower, it does put a bevel on both sides. So when I tried sharpening a pair of bypass loppers I noticed, too late, that the sharpener had started a second bevel on the straight side. Now instead of cutting cleanly the loppers get jammed up with stuff under the new bevel. They aren't ruined forever, but I do need to grind the blade back until the new bevel is gone. I could have saved myself the trouble if I'd looked closely at the illustration on the packaging instead of relying on an assumption. So it appears I do not have a suitable use for the GardenSharp after all.

Regardless, AccuSharp makes a good product that works well if used properly in the right application.
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on July 16, 2012
I purchased this multipack as I needed all the sharpeners. My kitchen knives were very dull and my electric sharpener is broken. I read the reviews about how it takes off too much metal, but in a pinch it was great. I would not expect perfection for that price.
I have three kids so scissors for projects and homework are a necessity. The scissor sharpeners have them all cutting like new.
I have many garden tools that could use a new edge on them. Recently we expierenced a major storm with a long term power outage. There was a lot of cleanup involved and my tool sharpener made the job possible. It sharpened my loppers and a tree trimmer on an extension pole, if I didn't sharpen them I would have never cleaned up all those branches and limbs.
I look at this as one of the most useful purchases I ever made!
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