Customer Reviews: Dell XPS13-40002sLV 13-Inch Ultrabook (1.6GHz Intel Core i5-2467M Processor, 4GB DDR3, 128GB SSD, Windows 7 Home Premium) Silver [Discontinued By Manufacturer]
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on June 27, 2012
Great product, very happy with my purchase. The laptop is constructed amazingly well and really feels premium. The soft touch keyboard deck is much more comfortable than the aluminum of the Macbook Air or Pro. I use the laptop on my lap and it never feels warm. Very quiet. SSD speeds up the computer. From boot to opening the web browser takes about 20 second with no slow down at all. Trackpad is great, just make sure you install the latest touchpad drivers on the Dell website. It was awful at first but now it is definitely acceptable and responsive. Only thing I wish was better is the screen. Wish the resolution was higher and viewing angles were better. That is my only problem with this amazing ultrabook.
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on August 12, 2012
Netbooks were never an option for me, but I wanted something small like a netbook with just a bit more oomph. Then Intel started pushing these "Ultrabooks" into the market, and I gotta say I love it. I've owned Dell Desktops my whole life, but this is my first Dell laptop. I've had a couple HP laptops that have burnt out on me after just a couple years. So far, this little guy is doing just fine. Right away, I noticed that it doesn't ever get nearly as hot as my HP laptops did.

I still wish the intake wasn't at the bottom of the computer, but the design definitely works well on flat surfaces. It's silent up until you get a couple different applications running, then it gets a bit noisy, but nothing too crazy (yet). It certainly isn't a mobile workstation or high-power machine, and I certainly wouldn't recommend it for gaming or anything like that. It can definitely handle watching movies/clips in HD though.

The screen is beautiful, and is very, very bright. So bright in fact that most of the time I keep it around the middle, otherwise it actually hurts my eyes. It's great to have the ability to make it so bright though, especially when using it outside. Just wish they could have made the screen resolution a bit bigger!

Thin, very light, with a beautiful display. Keyboard layout is nice, keys feel good. Boot/restating/resuming is INCREDIBLY quick and a wonderful feature. Loving the SSD.

To Dell, I would recommend just a few things:

1) The CAPS LOCK light is so nice! Why not do it for WiFi or anything else?
2) Power Cable slips out just a little to easily.
3) Make Dell software that's initially installed more accessible. Offer a quick explanation of what everything is, and how to use it. Nothing is more frustrating to a user than having things on their machine, and not knowing what it is or what it does!
4) Power/heat management is good, but the fan needs to be just a bit quieter.

Despite those few (minor) cons, I feel this machine is well worth the price tag.
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on January 12, 2013
I'm a software engineer and a maters student, and I bought this laptop both for work and for my studies. I have it for almost a year now, and I don't have a single word of complaint to say about it. It goes up FAST, the battery time is great, the keyboard and touch pad are top notch (you never notice they're there - which is the highest praise I can give to a keyboard and a touch pad), it looks amazing, the it's light weight and even the speakers are actually fun to listen to.

I really love it.
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on July 14, 2012
First of all, as with all ultrabooks, you need to know you are paying a sum of your money for the design and premuim quality built get, so just put that in mind before you start comparing this little big guy to other lappys with similar specs!
- The look: straight 5 stars, it is really smaller than all other 13" ultrabooks. Yet a bit bigger than 11" ones, which is great, I don't want to feel like I am just using a net book after all!
- performance: Who said only ipads take no time to boot?! people never turn off their ipads, they put them to sleep(By clicking only the screen lock button) then start talking about how quick they boot! Well this guy here boots from sleep in almost no time! A full power on takes an impressive 15-20 secs from pressing the button to opening Google chrome! It is just lag-free , till now!, no matter what am I using it for. Everyday computing is a breath, even games ( I had Steam gaming software installed) like Batman Arkham and Need for speed perform flawlessly on it as well. So another 5 stars here.
- keyboard and mouse: Though i loved the backlit keyboard with a little cushion for comfort when you press the keys, I didn't like the trackpad much. It did get better after installing the update from Dell website but still it didn't feel normal to me, I ended up installing Synaptics which cancelled the touch click, so I may only use the hard click. Eventually I would just use a bluetooth mouse. A 1/2 star off cos of that.
- Screen: Not bad, but not impressive. Though I can't complain about the resolution, I really wished it could get brighter ( I had an Adamo XPS with a really bright screen, I guess I got used to it!) Also could have got better viewing angles. So another 1/2 star off for that.
- Battery: I didn't count exactly how much time it gives, but it definitely gives around or more than 5 hours, which is pretty good for a laptop that small(i.e. has a small battery). Good enough that I don't take the charger with me when I take the laptop to Starbucks or to the library for example.
- Weight: As light as all other 13" ultrabooks, and that is really light!
All in all, I enjoy the looks, the premium feel and the amazingly quick SSD & i5 processor. Based on looks & performance it is the best ultrabook around, and I looked a lot!
One last thing, though Dell's customer service does take longer time than average, I HIGHLY recommend buying a hardware warranty, I needed it in the past and it paid out well, in fact my former Dell Adamo was a replacement for an older model that Dell simply offered to send instead of repairing the older one, how cool was that?!
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on October 28, 2012
Bought this from amazon themselves, not a "seller" per se. It arrived a day earlier than expected so all in all it took 2 working days instead of 3-5 which was great! The laptop itself was packaged in an amazon box, then the dell box, then the xps box. The computer is beautiful! Super light, though hevier than it looks, and super thin. The lines and profiles are absolutely beautiful. Everyone who has seen me with the laptop has asked me about it and expressed how much they love how it looks. I bought it specfically for school. As a barrister in training I carry around a brief case filled with a hell of a lot of papers and books etc and needed a laptop (NOT a netbook) thin and light enough to fit in with everything else. Not only does it look beautiful, professional and serve its purpose, but this thing PERFORMS. Start up time is maximum 8 seconds. From hibernation (closed lid) it directs me to thelogin screen within a second of opening the lid (no kidding!). The machine runs so smoothly. I ended up uninstalling macafee and installing microsoft security essentials for free because I find it works better. It comes with office starter which means you dont get the full suit (which would be a problem for those who use things like onenote and powerpoint- AKA me). I think that's the only real downfall in terms of the system as you would have to purchase the full microsoft office suite. The web cam is great-pictures are clear (obviously not high res).
It does heat up a little if you're taxing it (lengthy youtube visits, typing up lengthy reports for a few hours etc), but not bad. It doesnt heat up as much when it's on my lap and there's space underneath it, unlike when you have it flat on a table.
The screen is really clear, sharp and the colours are vivid. It is, however, a FINGERPRINT magnet due to it's gloss.
The keyboard is lovely. It's nottoo small and the trackpad for me works excellently. It's also very comfortable for my palms. Though they say the finish doesn't attract finger print, it soaks up any oil you may have on my your hands (natural or otherwise) and leaves it looking a bit shiny rather than matte. Not a big deal for me as it's bound to happen sooner or later.
Once the computer starts and i log in I can access the web browser within 2 seconds.
Battery life isn't bad at all. I went for about 6-7 hours full use during advocacy lectures and drafting sessions (note: this does not include excessive taxing of the machine, that is, watching video etc- rather microsoft office/adobe reader/ie). Not bad for such a small machine with such a tiny battery.
The only thing that worries me is that if/when the battery fails I cannot just replace it myself. You will have to send it into a dell service centre and have them replace the battery for you.

All in all it's a beautiful computer. Completely portable, enviable and super fast and efficient.

Would definitely reccommend to students,businessmen/women, and people on the go. A high performance laptop- ultimate portability.
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on April 25, 2013
First, I want to say that Dell has bent over backwards trying to make this right, so I am very impressed overall with the Dell Support team. But the good news ends there.

The problems: wireless drivers were old, so it wouldn't connect to the internet at first. Finally got help with Dell on this, but needed another computer that was connected to the internet to fix this. Oh, wait, you say, why didn't I use an ethernet cable? Well, because this computer has no ethernet port. Not good, and my fault for not noticing when I ordered it.

Next problem is a known issue widely complained about on the internet with changing the background picture. I think this is resolved, but it's still screwy.

Next problem was the fact that it would not completely go to Sleep and STAY asleep in "Sleep" mode, so it would run the battery completely down overnight. Dell actually sent a tech to my house to change out the motherboard and the battery. It seems fixed now, but should never have happened in the first place.

I don't like the keyboard and touchpad, but that's not a defect, just a poor choice of components. And finally, if you're torn between 128 and 256 solid state drives, go with the latter. Windows alone will eat up 25% of the 128.

But with all that, my real issue is with Amazon and the vendor. My advice: don't EVER buy a computer from Amazon, because you're not buying directly from Amazon, you're buying from a vendor, who can make whatever policy they want. And in this case, the vendor (Data Master LLC) said, You can send it back within 30 days, but if you opened it (which, of course, I did), then you automatically lose 15% of the price. And in fact, a direct quote from their email was "Pick up phone" -- and call Dell. Now, if I had bought directly from Dell, I would have simply sent this dog back and gotten all my money back. But to lose 15%? I have decided to try and like it.

My recommendation: stay away from Data Master LLC and from computers on Amazon.
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on July 21, 2012
The dell xps 13 is everything I expected. Its super fast, runs cool and is very quiet. The screen is high res, bright and gorgeous. Its very glossy but that was expected because of the glass screen. The keyboard is solid, easy to type on, good travel, etc. The whole thing is very well built, solid, nothing flimsy here. Because its heavy duty, its a little heavier than in its very small size indicates. I would recommend this ultrabook to anyone seeking this class of computer.
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on December 1, 2012
I had a MacBook that was getting old and clunky. I wanted an Air, but wasn't prepared to pay Apple prices anymore. The Dell XPS13 attracted me firstly for its size: not quite as thin as the Air, but a little smaller, and significantly cheaper.

Out of the box, the XPS13 first impressed with its solid, quality look and feel. The brushed silver casing is very stylish and precision-made, and the dark gray plastic-cum-rubber base, again, looks good - not at all plasticky - and gets the non-slip/non-stick balance just right. Then there's the keyboard: amply spaced for such a compact computer without any cramped feel at all, nicely responsive keys, and backlit. And then there's the almost eerie silence! The SSD means no whirring at all, and the fan, when it occasionally kicks in, is no louder than my own (normal!) breathing, i.e. virtually unnoticeable. Start up is amazingly fast, both from powered off and from sleep--no more than about 15 and 5 seconds respectively.

There are two minuses for me: a somewhat low-res screen, and the infamous Cypress touchpad that, however, as other people have pointed out, does keep getting better with updates. When I first got it, the touchpad was skittish in the extreme--not in the sense of jumping all over the place, but in the sense of suddenly taking me off the webpage I wanted to be on by suddenly activating a link that the cursor happened to momentarily hover over. Fortunately that issue's pretty much fixed now. And deactivating the Cypress driver and using it as a clickpad not a touchpad is a feasible option - or using a Bluetooth mouse.

But, the XPS13 doesn't lose any stars for those issues, because it delivers for the price. If you want a Rolls-Royce, pay for it. But for somewhat less in price you get the XPS13 that ticks nearly all the boxes, and very well. Dell has reclaimed cool, and I am back from Mac with no regrets.
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on March 2, 2013
Update: 9/30/2013
It is a shame such a finely made laptop comes with so many problems. I have had two types of problems with this laptop since I bought it. These problems were/are; 1)Charging errors and 2)Touch pad freezing problems.
For these problems I have contacted Dell so many times (more than 6 times) spending hours chatting online and talking on the phone, reinstalling drivers, redoing my windows (factory reset), them sending a technician to replace the mainboard, me sending the computer to their facility (for a week) to replace the touchpad.
The charging error is fixed for now but the touch pad frees problem came back, again. Now they are sending a technician to replace some hardware.
I have to admit that this has been the fast laptop I have owned and the least reliable (when it comes to touchpad), if you dont have an external mouse handy, then you are in for a big annoyance, when it happens.
I would recommend a no buy for this laptop, Dell and Windows together with the software company managing the driver for the touch pad, managed to screw a finely put together hardware.

I have always been looking for a laptop that I can carry around with me, that is fast to boot and worry free for daily use.
I owned a Samsung Chromebook almost a year. While Samsung Chromebook was a reliable source, I slowly started feelings how it was limiting my abilities and how I have to work my way around things to get stuff done.
I have always had my eye on new XPS 12 and also looking at XPS 13 as a more financially wise decision, but after a visit to an Apple store and playing around with the new Macbook Air i decided to get one but did not want to pay the 1200 for a 13 inch one, found a good deal in Amazon... long story short, the deal did not go through due to seller having problems.
After a lot of thoughts I decided to to go with a Refurbished XPS 13. I got one with a free 256GB SSD upgrade, and i have to say, it is AMAZING, best quality laptop i have ever owned. Build quality is very solid and strong, with fast boot time, long lasting battery (around 5 hours), Intel I5, Carbonfiber+ Mag alloy+ Alum. body.... all this for 670 (including shipping) not to mention the 256 SSD!! best decision ever made. I have had this laptop for a week now and I have to say; it has impressed even the hardcore Mac followers with its performance and build quality.

AND yes, this laptop has the best keyboard you can find with regards to feel and looks.
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on January 20, 2013
I am a junior in college and my old laptop from high school was long overdue for a replacement. There were a few things that I was looking for: Very very light and portable, back lit keyboard, windows, SSD hardrive, good price. After reading so many reviews and almost getting the acer aspire s5 i decided to just go with this one. I am sooooo happy. The keyboard is flawless and quiet for typing in very small classes, I also record the lectures which has turned out to be an invaluable resource. I installed Microsoft Office and am loving it. Very fast and attractive, I have gotten so many compliments on how thin and sleek it is, gorgeous. I don't even feel it in my backpack even when I have a cover on it. Love love love, highly recommend for a college student like me who has a lot of reports and computer usage. It was also for a good price! $800 compared to a macbook air which I almost paid $1300 for. I am so glad I didn't in the end. Thank you dell!
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