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on November 18, 2012
Very well-designed game - everything is done right: the level design; the short but complete tutorials; the level difficulty progression; intuitive controls; unlimited undo; unobtrusive request for review only after you've completed all levels. If this was truly done by one guy in his spare time, I hope he makes enough off this one to do more.

As for the game itself, it consists of drawing track on a grid of squares to route colored engines from their source to their destination. As you progress, you can merge engines to change color (e.g. blue and yellow make green) or split engines into two. Puzzles are rated from two to eleven stars, and the later ones are difficult enough (tricky to move those trains around in the space available without tracks running into each other) that you feel a real burst of satisfaction on reaching the solution. Highly recommended for anyone who likes puzzle games.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon March 2, 2015
FREE FLOW: BRIDGES was the very first game I ever downloaded (and quickly upgraded with a premium pack) on Android, so I am a particular fan of this style of puzzle game. Noodlecake Studios Inc. take the theme and mechanics, like countless others, and rearranges them in an astonishingly fresh way, unlike countless others. Even when I recognized and knew the correct solution to certain color patterns, the actual mechanics ratcheted up the complexity with mechanics such as track switching off the same line, train crossover timing, multiple departure points... I sincerely feel TRAINYARD is a positive, superior evolution of the FREE FLOW genre. Even the optional tutorials, which you can easily access again at any given time, are very well done and explanatory in both text and visuals.

The drawing mechanics aren't 100% fluid. Occasionally, I do have to struggle with trying to get a track segment to register on the screen, especially when trying to do two curved ones on the same square. That's the only game mechanic issue though. As for code and permissions, they are generally okay. Permissions have nothing of concern, and although there are two advertising modules present, AdMob and Chartboost, they seem to be leftovers from the normally free version, TRAINYARD EXPRESS.

However, take note that the [More Games] link is actually a in-game browser window pulled from Noodlecakes "News" webpage, which in turns leads you into the Amazon Appstore. I am sure this probably works in hand in getting their "new release" webpage more hits, as well as direct, real-time feedback in which games seem the more appealing as consumers tap into individual game entries. Flurry Analytics, which is also present in the code, will be doing the tracking and reporting. Flurry, in itself, won't be reporting on anything beyond anonymous data usage/interactions due to the minimal permissions/code from within the game itself, yet there is some concrete tap behavior/marketing data reporting. I also got two different popups when I went back to the main menu two different times - one for a "Rate/Follow Us on Facebook", another for a "50% Sale" on one of their apps. At least the popups waited till I was heading back to the main menu, ostensibly to exit the game itself. Other words, not enough to make me grimace...

Game does run OFFLINE, and it installed under 28MBs. I did move it manually off my Device Memory, leaving 13.30MB there. Back-key does exit cleanly. And one last note, it seems to be pretty easy on the battery life. I played quite a bit on my normally monster of a tablet, and experienced no real battery drain beyond what it uses when active but idle.

Nevertheless, there are no major play derailments, and it seems the periodic crashing issues reported in earlier reviews have been resolved with an addition of a Lollipop 5.0 patch. As for the rest, the sheer fun and interest generated by the increasingly complex mechanics generously make up for what minor blips there are in this "take your time" puzzle journey.
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on March 2, 2015
I have fond memories of this game as it was one of those that I bought as soon as it was released back in 2012. It only cost a dollar on discount & previous experiences with their other games were good back then. Nowadays I'd wait until a few users have shared their thoughts before deciding whether to buy, but I digress.

This is a puzzle game in which you draw tracks for trains to reach their correct destination. There are over a hundred levels. It starts out easy but it can get pretty complicated soon enough. Graphics are basic but adequate.

I like how this game, as with most games in the first few years of the Android era, focused on the game itself - its playability & user experience, rather than trying to get more money out of you through various means. For instance, the 'trains' are colour-coded for differentiation, but there is a colour-blind mode for those who need it; there are no IAPs, but instead you can simply Unlock All Levels in settings. It also support multiple profiles, so different family member can take turns to play without disrupting the others' progress. And it exits cleanly too.

There are no ads (nor should there be any). There is a "More Games" button on the main screen which will list other Noodlecake games, and you can tap on any & go to its corresponding Appstore page from there; since it's a two-step process & won't load in the first place when offline I don't see it as a sin. It also has undesirable components such as Chartboost & PlayHaven, but they seem to be inactive, and likely just leftovers from the free & limited version. Although the game asks for the Full Network Access permission, it runs fine offline.

If you like puzzle games, I'd recommend you give Trainyard a try.
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I must say I was a little surprised at all of the 5-star reviews over this game. Trainyard is not a bad game by any means but all of this hype may raise your expectations a little too high. Trainyard is a puzzle game and a slow paced game at that. This is not a game that requires fast reflexes so it is accessible for most skill levels. I had no problems playing this on my Kindle Fire and the touch controls worked most of the time. When they didn't work I was able to repeat my move and it worked the second time. This won't set you back because as I noted, you don't need twitch reflexes for this game.

In Trainyard you literally just draw traintracks so that your trains go to stations of a matching color. Then you push a button and watch the little trains travel along your paths. If everything works out you earn stars which unlock subsequent levels. That's it. The challenge comes from drawing multiple tracks around obstacles and timing the trains so that they go to the correct station. For example, an orange train and a purple train may share a section of track so you design the track so that it switches and leads both trains to the correct station.

There is a color-blind mode which is nice. Trainyard also has achievements with Amazon Gamecircle if that matters to you. I just find Trainyard to be a little too slow for my tastes. If you're looking for a more cerebral challenge or know someone who has difficulty with fast paced games then this would be a good pick up. I was tempted to give Trainyard 3 stars but I am leaving 4 stars because there isn't anything wrong with the game and it accomplishes what the developers wanted to do. It's just not my ideal game.
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on November 20, 2012
Trainyard is an entertaining diversion. I have enjoyed playing but after the recent update to Jellybean 4.2 on my Nexus 7 I only receive an error about unfortunately having to close immediatly after opening. I reinstalled, but no change.
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on November 17, 2012
Great challenge progression. Lots of number principles can be learned here. I feel like I can build computer circuits after going through this game :). If you extended the puzzles, you could help computer science students with logic gates courses :).
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Game play:
The game advises you that it uses Amazon Circle; it tells you that you can turn it on if you want to.

You are connecting like colors of train stations and goal stations. You draw a connecting track with your finger. There is no limit to the track you can draw and no score. When the track is complete the train will run and make the trip. You can adjust the speed of the trains with a slider switch to adjust their velocity.

If you draw a track that is impossible to travel or has a gap the train crashes and disappears. As you complete a city a new city section is available to you and you start having obstacles in the way like boulders. If you accidently skip a piece of track you can just draw it into place and it works fine.

Every tile can only hold two pieces of track but if you redraw the same path twice it will become a single piece of track. You can also use erase and undo to remove your tracks or even shake the smart device and the track will disappear. The game will allow you to move multiple trains to a station or even split the tracks from one source to multiple stations. You can cross the tracks, just don't time the train motion so they crash.

Main page:
* Start the game shows you a list of cities you have to play in and only Abbotsford is open and listed.
* More games - opens a massive list of games from many developers as well as the Amazon Appstore and the Amazon Browser links to purchase each one.
* Options - Switch players, set volume, set color blind version, turn off visual FX, unlock all puzzles, and erase player data. You have to complete the game to unlock the expert mode.
* Credits not only lists the credits but links you to the Amazon Appstore and Amazon browser.

What I like:
This is an intriguing strategy and puzzle game that is fun to play. The controls work well and game play is fun and easy. The graphics are adequate and the sound effects are OK. The game gets more challenging as the game progresses.

What I don't like:
The game is OK but there is no score or timing. You can make the track as long or as short as you want. The challenge comes to get the right color trains into the right color train terminals. I wish there was a scoring system or a bonus to lay the track as short as possible to earn a bonus.

The game contains multiple links to the web to Amazon so turn off your WIFI or put your phone into airplane mode. The links to Amazon allow purchases of games and merchandise if you are set up in that mode of shopping. Keep your children off the web unsupervised and stop unwanted purchases.

After turning the game on multiple times it asks you to like the game on Facebook. This creates a link to you so that they can send you messages on new games. (Also so your friends can see the messages on your board.) The game then starts asking you to try out new games like Pixel Twist and it gives you two buttons to touch to get it or not get it. Your children have a 50/50 chance of getting it for you. Even though the game is free you have not had the opportunity to test it and check the permissions. Such doorways to download items should not be available in a game.

This is a fun and challenging game to play. I like how the game gets gradually more difficult instead of immediately becoming almost impossible like some games. I also like how there are small tutorials along the way to help you learn new items when they are needed. There are a lot of puzzles, 100 main puzzles and 50 bonus puzzles.

The app is worth the $.99 they are asking for it. The only thing I don't like is the multiple links to the web and to Amazon. This is a nice children's game and the links forces you to turn off the WIFI or go into airplane mode for safety reasons. I also don't like all of the links to the web and the pop up Facebook request. The pop up request to try a game is completely unnecessary. I don't like how developers put this type of action into the later phases of a game so first time reviewers will not see it by playing only a few levels and provide a higher rating. Later on your children can find it and use it. This is a good example of why it is necessary to play the game and test all aspects of it so you can find all the surprises. Definitely turn off your WIFI.

I rate this game as a 3 star game. It is a good puzzle game and fun to play and as a game it is between a 4 and 5 star rating. If it had a point gathering system to make you be more efficient in laying the track and a little more action it could be rated higher. The multiple links to the web and asking to try games dropped the score.

Size: The compressed size is 12.1 MB and 23.75 MB when uncompressed.

* Storage - modify/delete internal storage contents
* Network communication - full internet access
* Network communication - view network state
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on July 16, 2016
Trainyard is a puzzle solving game unlike any that you've ever played. It's easy to learn but very tough to master. Your job is simple: get each train to a goal station. Red trains go to red stations, blue trains go to blue stations, etc. You control the trains by drawing track for them to follow. There isn't a time limit or even a score; the only thing you need to do is figure out a solution for each puzzle.

The first few puzzles are almost too easy, but as the difficulty increases you'll be thankful that you were able to practice the fundamentals of drawing track. As the game progresses, you'll have to use colour theory to combine trains of different colours, use timing to merge and split trains, and use every inch of your brain in your quest to beat the game.

Stuck on a puzzle? Visit [...]where there are over *1.5 million* player-submitted solutions.

I can highly recommend this item and will do so to my family and friends.
I have received this item for free or heavily discounted in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. I have no personal or financial interest in the company or in anyone employed there. I value honesty and expect no less from myself so no matter if something is free or discounted, it will not change my true opinion of a product. Thank you for reading my review.
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on November 17, 2012
Once you beat that level you've been working on for the last 10-20 minutes you feel like a genius, or at least I did. highly recommended.
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on March 22, 2015
The object of the game is to move colored trains into the correct stations. I like the game and I want to really like it but I can't. It rushes through the easier learning parts and gets difficult pretty fast. After an hour I was looking at puzzles that I could not find a solution to, which was OK because it would let me skip a puzzle, to a point. You can only play so many levels and it won't let you advance to the next level until you finish all the puzzles in a level. It would be nice if it had helps or hints but it doesn't. It would be nice if it let you advance. If I'm paying for a game, I should be able to skip over puzzles that I can't find a solution to. I tried every conceivable path and I could not find a solution. I'm guessing that maybe I was overthinking it but who knows? I wish they would have had more puzzles in the earlier stages, giving me more of chance to get one section down before throwing something new into the mix. The further on you go the faster it throws new problems into the puzzles.

There are tutorials as you go along where the game explains how to do the new things but the tutorials are a very simplified version of the new challenges making it seem like you can do it. Then you get to the puzzle and wow, it's so much more complicated than the tutorial hinted at. If this had hints or allowed me to skip and move on I'd give it a 5 but because I could only make it about half way through, I'm not satisfied. I like challenging puzzles but I don't like puzzles that are so difficult you have to be a member of mesa to figure them out.
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