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on May 8, 2014
OK - Here's the scoop - If you need a BUILT IN appliance, and want TWO zones, this one does the job very well.

The Good :
Extremely nice looking unit. No one fails to comment about it's good looks when they see it.
2 zones of operation - easy to set up and start using - acceptable temperature control
Built IN operation. ( fans are necessary )
Not too loud. It's a real compressor - but an efficient one, the loudest operation is the pop of the starter as the compressor is started.*

The Bad :
The interior light is not very useful ( except as mood lighting ) =)
No control panel lock *

Now the details -
The unit can be used as a stand alone or as a built in appliance. I can understand those that have mentioned noise as an issue depending on the use.
*This has a real compressor, and a fan that operates independently of the compressor. If you are keen to these noises, you will notice them, however - as an appliance, it is quiet overall, and does what it's supposed to, while maintaining EXTREMELY good looks. If you build this under your counters the noise of it running are negligible, with the occasional small pop of a compressor starter being the only thing that is real noticeable.
If your intentions are to use this as a standalone - consider a unit that is therm o-electric. ( No moving parts ) There are other considerations when going that path, outside the scope of this review, so read up if you'd rather have something that is essentially solid-state.

Once up and running - the set temperatures for each side do seem to wander quite a bit, BUT - and this is BIG... as you fill the cooler, the temperature stabilizes greatly. The shelves are nice - they do not extend very far and you do have to move more than just the bottle you are looking for many times to get it out, but I am OK with this - as I prefer the smaller overall size of the unit.

The operation of the controls are straight forward. You press an arrow pointing towards the zone you want to change repeatedly to cycle through the available temperature range.

The interior light is sort of a joke. It makes the interior of the unit glow blue and if you have some bottles already in the unit, the light is quickly bounced around and useless to read labels by. It is however, a nice blue glow, if you like that sort of thing.

* Our installation has it UNDER the counter. This is great for our layout, and everyone - and I mean everyone that comes in, remarks on the cooler. Our complaint - as the home owner, is that the units control surface - CAN'T BE LOCKED. Don't confuse this with the doors. The Doors Can Be Locked !

This is the control surface where temperature, interior light and unit power are controlled. It is right at the top edge of the unit and typically where your fingers are when you are at the counter. Other body parts have changed settings as well if you are leaning against the counter edge. This is ANNOYING. Thankfully ( maybe ) there is an audible chime when a control setting is changed, you will simply be amazed at how often it happens in an under counter installation.

OVERALL - this unit does what it's supposed to, in an extremely attractive package - and the manufacturer is also very nice to contact. ( Fahrenheit - Celsius display change - remember that control surface lock issue? )
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on March 27, 2016
I've had this wine fridge for 10 months now and have been very happy with it. It's installed in the butlers pantry and looks gorgeous. Many of the complaints of this fridge is the compressor noise but that is VERY SUBJECTIVE so I grabbed my dBA meter and took some measurements...see pics!

Kitchen area baseline with no appliances on hovers around 22-23 dBA... my house is VERY quiet!

My brand new LG Kitchen refrigerator with compressor ON:
From <1' = 51.6 dBA (very quiet relatively speaking)
From 3.5"= 23.4 dBA (barely louder than my quiet room)

EdgeStar Dual Zone French Door Wine Fridge with compressor ON:
From <1' = 62.0 dBA (NORMAL refrigerator noise as measure up against unit)
From 4' = 30.1.dBA (quiet relatively speaking)
From 8' = 28.4 dBA (HERE IS THE BOTTOM LINE... can I hear the wine fridge from a dead silent room?... absolutely. Is it noisy?... I don't think so. Its quite the classic refrigerator noise level. I think as modern appliances get quieter, peoples standards just keep changing and getting more critical. Maybe since my unit is 'built-in', it may be quieter than those that are not...

Again, I'm a happy customer after 10 months of use and at this price point, its hard to beat. As a comparison, the matching Kitchen Aid wine unit (had I gone that route when we built the house) would have been 2.5X the cost of this EdgeStar unit and would have been a single zone, single door unit.

Hope this helps in any decisions you may be making.
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on January 22, 2018
I'm giving this wine cooler two stars for the two years that it worked. Like others who experienced the problem of the unit just ceasing to work for no known reason, I should have listened to the reviews of those who came before me. I paid $900 for the unit, so $450/year, which is frustrating and unacceptable especially because the only response from the EdgeStar's customer service is that there's nothing they can do because it's out of warranty. There is also very little information on their website to suggest what the problem could be when my unit has turned itself off.

No power?
There was a power failure? Restore the power supply
The plug is not correctly inserted into the socket? Insert the plug correctly into the socket
The power cord is damaged? Contact customer service. Only authorized servicers should replace damaged cords
The power supply voltage is too low? Move the unit onto another circuit with the correct voltage.

Geez, thanks. For nothing.

This isn't a cheap toaster that I can go out and easily replace. A company should stand behind an appliance at this price point. BUYER BEWARE! Listen to those of us who now own a large appliance that merely serves as a wine storage box for which we'll have to find someone to pick up and dump this thing. It's a good looking machine, so at least it will look pretty in the pile where faulty appliances from a shadey manufacturer go to die.
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on November 20, 2013
Very noisy wine cooler. I like the design and duel temp zones. doesn't hold the temp you set by a degree or so, not a big issue but if you need a quite fridge, I would shop a box store in your area ( and listen to it) because Edgestar will not do anything about it. They told me all fridge's make noise. when I said my Bosch fridge is whisper quiet, they had no response. I have since learned that a thermoelectric cooler is the way to go, it's whisper quiet compared to a normal compressor. This is a very expensive mistake. I would not recommend it.
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on September 11, 2017
Never worked. While they claim parts and labor warrantied, you must pack it up and send it to Texas for repair. Alternatively, they ask you to diagnose the problems and they will send you a part. No certified repair person available so you can't find someone who knows exactly what to do. But DIY U tube video available. I tried it, but not good enough to follow. Compressor failed repeatedly - finally I just tossed it, and bought another maker's product. Looks good, but didn't work. Don't buy.
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on September 10, 2015
Do not buy this product! The issues that people have reported are true. And there is a high likelihood you will also have issues. Serious manufacturing and quality assurance issues exist. I ordered this product based on its aesthetics and features like most others who purchased this cooler. And although I read through the number of issues people reported having, I thought I would try my luck since some didn't report any issues. And given the $1,000 price tag including delivery, I expected the quality and reliability to be better than those in the $200 - $500 price range. Turns out I wasn't very lucky. I ordered the product twice. First time, when the product was plugged in and turned on, the motor made a high pitched chirping sound and neither of the two zones would cool at all. Both zones were set to 42 degrees for two hours and the temp on the gauge never moved beyond the starting temp of 74. The air inside the cooler was very warm, so it wasn't a malfunctioning temp gauge. I contacted Amazon to return the product. Amazon within a few hours contacted Brookstone who sold the product. Brookstone contacted me same day and quickly arranged within two days a pick up of the product. Within a two week period, a replacement product was sent to my home. This time before accepting it, the UPS driver and I opened up the box to check it out. The vent/exhaust grill located in the lower front of the cooler was bent inwards. The box and packaging material was not damaged or marked up at all. Turns out the grill is made of very thin metal and if the cooler rocks a bit inside the box during shipping the weight of the cooler would cause the grill to compress. We then plugged it in and the motor was very quiet unlike the first one but only one of the zones would cool down. The other wouldn't cool at all. So needless to say, I didn't accept it and had the UPS driver take it back. I lost confidence in the product and informed Brookstone of the issues with the replacement and my decision to cancel the order which they quickly processed in a couple of days.
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on September 25, 2017
Came as promised on delivery and was packaged well. We ordered a previous unit that was too small for our built-in's and needed to upsize to fill in the opening so this unit fits perfectly. We love the dual temperature zones that this unit provides and the setpoints for temperatures is pretty accurate (+/-1 degree) compared to the actual temp. There is plenty of storage to keep a large variety of wines chilled and the slide out shelves make it easy to access the wines (except for the bottom shelf). Very quiet operation that you can barely hear standing next to it. Overall we are very pleased with this product and highly recommend to those looking for a good mid-capacitiy cooler.
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on June 22, 2014
I guess I'm one of the unlucky ones, who got a noisy one. The unit is beautiful, functional and matches the other SS appliances in my kitchen. It is set up as a built-in under a quartz countertop. The problem is that the every time the unit cycles on, which it does several times an hour, there is a loud pop (sometimes softer, sometimes very loud, but it always happens), followed by a loud buzzing that gradually subsides over several seconds. The unit did it from the beginning, but I was remodeling the kitchen and had hoped that it would be quieter, once it was installed in a cabinet. Not so. My contractor said the buzzing is the compressor and the pop is probably some type of solenoid switch turning the compressor on.

While the unit is beautiful and does its job, the noise makes it very annoying. So, I cannot recommend it to others as an on-line purchase. Maybe, if you can find it in a box store and test the actual unit you will buy, then you can get a quiet one. If it were quieter, then i would give it 5 stars. But, under the circumstances, i cannot.
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on July 8, 2017
I have had this wine refrigerator for about six months and am very pleased with it. It just fit into my under counter space. My husband took out the wall board behind the fridge to give it just a bit more space and room for air to circulate. I find it really only takes 2 bottles per shelf and the bottom shelves do not pull out. The thermostats are a bit sensitive if you should knock against them, luckily we had a little kick out in our counter top to help cover the top. One of the doors arrived with a small dent in it. Customer service was very good and they quickly sent out a new Door! I love the French doors as we have a small kitchen with an island. This works perfectly for us. I don't notice that it is overly loud....I am sure our regular fridge is louder. All in all, a great looking wine fridge that is perfect for our limited space!
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on December 31, 2017
This product did not last a year. You cannot find anyone to even service the product. It looks great which is why I gave it a 2 star instead of a 1. I do not recommend this product what so ever. I would stick with a more common brand name, so that if you have issues, you can have it serviced.
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