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on June 20, 2012
It performed well initially but started to stick after one month of use. The coatings on the surface even chipped before I sent it back three months later. I had had all kinds of non-stick pans from major makers and I knew the coatings were the weakest area. With this concern in mind, I decided to buy one with the best full coverage warranty after my Cuisinart Green Skillet failed on me. Too bad this Zwilling Spirit fry pan turned out to be my shortest-lived non-stick pan.

One good things about this pan is the warranty. I sent it back and "finally" received a brand new replacement in about 2 "months". Hope this replacement can last longer.

BTW, I always took good care of my non-stick wares; frying only with non-metal turners and cleaning only with soft sponges.
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on October 8, 2012
My partner fries eggs daily. I also fry eggs a few times a week. I wanted a fry pan with the magical non-stick qualities of Teflon but without all the chemical hazards. Period! So I tried cast iron first, since it is the tried and true "natural" non stick pan. Many friends and clients swear by cast iron, after years of use. It was just too much maintenance for both of us! And nothing like the experience of Teflon, where the eggs and residue simply wipe off.

After researching many of these safe non-stick fry pans, we somehow found this one. It took a lot of looking, and reading about so many pans that were either too cheap and so failed quickly, or pans that were not truly safe. I love it! It just works. The non-stick coating is super slippery, appears to be highly durable, does not smell at all, and cleans quick and easy with a nylon dish brush and soap. Exactly what I wanted.

And the pan is extremely high quality. I use All-Clad pans, and this seems right on par with them. We use it at least daily, sometimes multiple times a day, and after 9 months it is just like new. And we do not baby it. It's simply a great pan.

What else do you want in a safe, non-stick pan?
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on March 6, 2012
First, I love to cook - and cook a lot. My go to pans are All-Clad and Le Creuset. My small All-Clad skillet is not a non-stick so I got this one to try out. I need to replace my 12" non-stick All-Clad which I've had for years. This pan works so well that I'm going to purchase the 12" as well. I saw this pan being used on a cooking show and was amazed at how the food appeared to slide right out of the pan with no sticking. And it does! The first thing I did was make a couple of cheese omelettes - they slide right out of the pan. Even the 2nd one without any cleaning or prep. Of course, a surface this slick makes clean-up a breeze! You can put it in the dishwasher, but I was in my test mode so I washed it by hand.

I'm surprised at the other review that says it's non-stick. It's baffling to me what could have happened since my pan is so clearly non-stick. The surface is really smooth and appears pretty hard. It's also the safer non-stick coating that can be heated up to 850 degrees. Don't think I'll be doing that, but I can put it in the oven to finish off dishes where I couldn't do that with my other non-stick skillet.

I am truly amazed.
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on July 17, 2013
I have had this for 7 months and used it daily. At first it was awesome. Then it started to stain on the outside. The "stainless" steel is hard to clean. If your flat-top is at all dirty it gets backed on . The Steel rapidly turned a darkish color. Water seems to stain it too, not rust, but a blackish color.
Now to the important part; the inside.
At first the
non-stick was amazing, I tried cooking an egg with no oil or butter-no problem! The hardest thing is chasing the egg around the pan! Now the pan is sticking like crazy. The blue-ish color has become dingy-brownish on the flat surface and sticks ! The magic wore off !
This pan was used daily, hand washed and dried, never played with other pans. Only silicone spatula! No spray coatings. They should be ashamed of what they are charging for this lack of quality ! I wonder if many of the great reviews were early in the pans life( which is short) I would have given it 5 Stars but after 7 months, I wish I had not purchased it !!
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on September 30, 2012
I was a bit concerned because the ceramic surface wasn't smooth like those green ones you see on TV. It doesn't seem to matter though, they are just as non-stick, if not more so. I have both an eight inch and this ten inch pan. The eight inch, I use only for fried eggs and I use about 1/4 teaspoon of butter for flavoring. With the elcheepo green surfaced pans, the eggs would still stick and not slide out of the pan without tearing apart. I had to up the butter to 1/2 tsp or so. Not with these pans - even without butter the eggs slide right out. You do have to make sure you heat the pan up, however. Anything will stick to a cold pan.

I'm dropping two stars off this rating because the ten inch pan is now badly discolored after just three uses. I'd thought of dropping three, but the ceramic surface is excellent. The eight inch pan is fine, I guess because I've only used it for eggs so far it hasn't gotten hot enough to discolor. I don't know what type of cheep stainless steel they used here, but I've had a set of Calphalon SS pans for over five years and they have absolutely no discoloration. I'm sorry, but a $70 pan should not discolor at all, much less after just three uses. I do hope Calphalon comes out with a set of ceramic coated pans.
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on November 3, 2014
I was worried about so many negative reviews of this but there was a lot of advice about not using PAM sprays, high heat etc so I decided to be careful while cooking and got this pan.

On my 2nd time using this pan the fried egg sticks to the bottom (see attached picture). I am no iron-chef but:

- I did not use cooking spray, just regular oil
- I did not put in the dishwasher or use abrasive cleaning sponge
- I did not superheat the pan

Maybe my Wolf cooking range's medium heat is higher than medium on the international heat scale, but its hard to justify a pan which is so picky about when it decides to stick. Sending back to Amazon. Maybe its a defective piece, but I will stick to "traditional" non-sticks.
review image
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on December 28, 2011
Some people believe food is fuel. They're wrong - food is art, and I love to cook. My favorite frying pans are All Clad, but I sometimes use one of our non-sticks, and am always disappointed.

I read a review on the Henkel's pans and asked for an 8-inch for Christmas. It felt heavy and comforting when I opened the present.

Since then, I've toasted raw almonds (for a cereal topping) twice, fried an egg, and cooked onions and leftover Christmas lamb. This pan performs so well that I may buy two more in larger sizes and retire my All Clads. I'm the last guy you would ever hear making a statement like this.

I have so much respect for this pan that I've told my wife that if she burns stuff in it or uses abrasives to clean it (completely unnecessary), the pan goes in the safe and only I will use it (male ignoramus attitude, but I'm in love again).

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on February 10, 2013
Boy, I loved this pan for the first couple of months, but then, it began to stick, and stick badly.

I realized that the pan is VERY sensitive to a little bit of overheating, as Teflon pans can be, too, but in this case, these Thermolon pans (we have 2) are even more so.

The maker warns you -- take it seriously. My bad, I suppose.

Be very very careful not to use the pan above medium heat -- if the pan surface temp gets to 450 DEG F or above, it's through as a non-stick pan.

And Yes, the exterior SS surface browns a bit more than other maker's bare metal, but it is cleanable with a scrubby and some softscrub.

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on April 16, 2013
I must add to the number of reviewers who reported the lack of durability to the non-stick quality. As with most long-term users of non-stick cookery, I know how and did use and clean the Spirit Thermolon Fry pan appropriately.

Unfortunately, after about 3-4 months of light-to-moderate use (2-3 times a week), items began to stick. For the reported health benefits, I always use a bit of quality, fresh olive oil when I cook and those darn healthy egg whites were sticking despite the presence of olive oil. The non-stick surface of the pan still appears new with no visible scratches or abrasions--food just sticks.

I am now giving a Vollrath 8" non-stick fry pan a try.
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on December 5, 2011
I got fed up with replacing pans over and over and was also concerned with the safety of my coated pans. I had switched to expensive stainless steel pans - but they were a little sticky and were not working at all for eggs. I happened to see this name and after reading the one good review {Thank you Qrysta} I took a gamble and order all three sizes. I am So Glad I did !!!!!

Right out of the box I noticed how beautiful and well constructed these were. These are very high quality pans! The handle, the rivets, the bottom of the pan are all top of the line. I haven't seen anything better in my 40 years of cooking.

But what you will love is the ceramic cooking surface. It reminds me a little of the coating on a top of the line hair flat-iron, but a LOT thicker. It feels really hard and really slick.

I put it to the test tonight. I looked up whether to use oil or not when cooking with these pans and could not find a definitive answer. So first I made a fresh corn stir fry with onions and peppers. I used less than a teaspoon of olive oil when I would normally use over a tablespoon. It came out wonderful, less oily and I noticed no fumes at all from breaking in the pan.

I allowed some of the onions to burn in the pan because normally they would become a little sticky/gooey. In this pan they kept burning and eventually turned crispy and they never stuck.

I could have used another pan, but since everything including the burnt onions slide completely out of the pan, I decided to reheat some sweet potato casserole in the same pan. It reheated great, no sticking and no burning and it slid out in one piece into the serving dish.

Again my pan was so clean, that I decided to saute some fresh mushrooms. Now normally I would use a few T. of butter for a pound of mushrooms, but I only used one half. And normally I would see a lot of juices running out, but these baby bellas did not make any juice. They kept cooking and stayed al dente and were actually quite delightfully different than the juicy, limpy results I am used to becuase they end up being slightly steamed instead of sauted. I added onion, green peppers. The veggies kept their shape better than normal and again, no juices produced. I normally enjoy those juices but if they are left in the pan that is wasted vitamins. I got NO juices at all, and the veggies came out very nice and colorful. Finally just to push the limits, I added some shredded cheddar cheese. The cheese melted nicely, I tossed it all together and again, the whole thing slipped so easily onto the serving bowl and not a speck or drop was left in the pan.

As far as washing, if it weren't for the rivets, I could have just wiped it with a paper towel and called it clean. The food did stick to the rivets, so I did use soap to clean the pan. After rinsing, the inside was almost immediately dry becuase the surface repels water so much. I only had to dry off the back.

I will continue to test the limits of these pans. But they are now my favorites. I have to see if I can cook with NO oil or butter and I am guessing I will be able to brown meat in these- and if I remember I'll post it when I try.

The only thing that could make these pans any better would be to have two handles on the opposite side of each other to make pouring easier. I have weak hands and good quality pans always seem to weigh more - but these weigh less than my stainless steel, even though they also have a nice thick bottom. Oh, and a lid would be nice too.

I also purchased a top of the line Circulon just for eggs, and now wish I had not. I assumed these would cook nicely - but never imagined how completely non stick they would be!!
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