Customer Reviews: VIZIO E601i-A3 60-inch 1080p Razor LED Smart HDTV (2013 Model)
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on October 14, 2012
I had been patiently waiting for this TV to become available via Amazon, mainly because of the unbelievably low price and good review given on CNET, but got tired of waiting and ended up purchasing this TV on 10/13 from Costco. They had just gotten a shipment in that day and once I saw it in the store, I knew I needed to get it. CNET had mentioned that the off angle viewing was not as good on this set when compared to LEDs from other manufacturers, but I haven't had any problems viewing this TV even from extreme angles. The TV was not quite as bright as the LG next to it at the store, but I believe this was mainly due to the matte finish of the screen. The LG had a glossy screen which made the picture very bright, but it also reflected literally everything behind it. My TV is now set up in a very sunny living room and the glare is minimal. Much better than the 37 inch Sharp LCD it replaced. For those looking for a basement TV, a glossy TV or a plasma might be the way to go, but for me, the matte finish was the best option. The TV has an extremely thin bezel which I really appreciated because it allowed me to get a 60 inch screen size out of a TV that takes up the same space as many 55 inch units. Out of the box, the colors were pretty good, but I am still hoping to find detailed color settings posted by CNET or elsewhere. If anyone has a good link, please share :) The smart features work reasonably well. Amazon Prime and Netflix both ran just fine. My only complaint so far is with the Amazon Prime interface. It is very paired down when compared to the version offered over my PS3 and it took a long time to browse titles. If you know what movie you want though, you can simply use the search function. So far, I am completely satisfied with this set and for anyone debating between a $1000 LG or Samsung 55 inch and this 60 inch Vizio, I would highly suggest getting the Vizio. I was really surprised at how much larger the screen size was when compared to the 55s next to it at the store and the sharpness and clarity of the picture was comparable to the LGs and Samsungs costing several hundred more. Costco is currently selling this set for $979, so hopefully Amazon will price match once it gets in stock.


I found detailed picture settings for this TV posted by katzmaier on CNET and thought would I pass it along for others to try. Shutting off the back light control and ambient light sensor features definitely brightened up the picture.

---Picture settings menu---
Picture Mode: Movie
Backlight: 53
Brightness: 50
Contrast: 75
Color: 51
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 0

---Size & Position submenu---
[no change]

---Color Temperature submenu---
Colour temperature: Normal
Red Gain: 104
Green Gain: 115
Blue gain: 130
Red offset: 129
Green offset: 130
Blue offset: 132

--Advanced Picture submenu---
Smooth motion effect: Off
Real Cinema Mode: Smooth [grayed out]
Noise Reduction: Off
Color Enhancement: Off
Adaptive Luma: Off
Film Mode: Auto
Backlight Control: Off
Ambient Light sensor: Off
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on November 25, 2013
*EDIT* 11/29/13 Someone wrote me that the BF model is actually E601i-A3E. There is an "E" at the end of the model, so it may differ slightly. I looked at the tv, and it looks to have all the same features. The only difference seems to be the remote. The E model remote lacks a qwerty keypad. But that is not a big loss, as the smart features on the tv are not that good anyway, as you'll see in my review.

So this TV is part of Walmart's BF sale for a second year in row. It must have been successful for them to do it again. This TV retails normally between $900 and $1,000 during the year. At that price it is a decent TV. For $688 it is a huge deal. I bought this TV last year at $688. Now that I have had it for a year, I think it is good time to review it.

First, a bit of background. I repair TVs for a living. I have seen all kinds of TV installations I have probably repaired pretty much every model out there at some point, everything from a $200 Emerson to the $5,000 Elite. They all can break, or I wouldn't have a job.

I use this TV a lot. I have a PC hooked up, along with multiple gaming devices and a cable box. I have used every input except the VGA (my PC is hooked up with HDMI.) I have used an antenna as well. Channels scanning is fairly painless if you want to go over the air. You can easily add new channels to your scan, and even do a partial scan. A standard definition picture does not look too great on this TV, but that is pretty normal with HD TVs in general. And odds are you probably wont be using viewing much SD content, if any. Pop in a Bluray and this TV will shine.

This model has a pretty good picture. Even out of the box the picture will have some pop. The color is vibrant. You have quite a few options to play with to tweak it to your desire. It has a 120 Hz refresh rate, and it works pretty well for the most part. Sometimes a fast moving object, like a football being thrown, may have a trail on it. It is not a pronounced effect, many people may not notice it unless they really look for it. I only see this when watching cable. When gaming, I don't see it. All in all the picture is fantastic, and looks like a TV more than twice the price.

A common flaw with LED is light bleeding. On a really dark image, some areas of the screen may be slightly lighter than others. This effect is only noticeable on very dark images, I can't see it unless my screen is totally blank. But each TV can be different, it can show up in a different spot and to a different degree in different TVs. Like I said, it is common among all LED TVs, especially bigger ones like this. During normal viewing, odds are you will not notice it. But for some people this is a deal breaker. Again, this TV is also $688. I'm willing to live with that, and it never bothers me.

The TV has a gaming mode, which disables the post image processing. The reason for this is that all that post processing makes the image delay as it reaches your screen. For normal TV viewing, that is fine. But for video games, input delay can make your games difficult to play. Input Delay (or Input Lag) is the time it takes the TV to display an image. This is not to be confused with Refresh Rates, they are totally different. A long input delay will probably lead to your gaming deaths in fast paced games. For some reason no brand seems to list this stat. But there are people testing this, and the delay of this model is 31 milliseconds. That gives it a rating of Great from the Input Lag Database, which is their second best rating after Excellent. So this is good for people who plan on playing video games. You cannot get much faster than this without using a dedicated monitor.

As a smart TV however, this TV fails. It does have wifi, and it is functional, providing most of the common streaming apps out there. But the interface is clunky, and apps are rarely updated. If you want to stream stuff on this TV, you are better off using a set top box or gaming console to do it. The remote has a qwerty remote, but it is also subpar. The remote is not bluetooth, so you have to have a clear line of site to use it. The remote has 2 IR emitters, one for normal use, and one on the side for the qwerty keypad. The qwerty buttons are small and close together, making it difficult to use. The 2013 BF model for Walmart does not have a qwerty keypad, but you aren't missing much. Do not buy this TV for its smart features.
If you really want the qwerty remote, it is possible to get one separately from a site like Shop Jimmy. This remote should work, the remote part number is 0980-0306-1060, here is a link, Shop Jimmy just happens to have them on sale for $5 right now. Otherwise they will be $15 on ebay.
Again, this is only if you really, really want that qwerty keypad for the Walmart BF 2013 model.

Now, for the broken TVs you see in other reviews. Last year's model for BF had a bad batch of panels. This led to some of those models having screen failures. Vizio addressed the issue by extending warranties for those serial numbers effected. I had this happen to my TV as well, 2 months after I bought it. I took it back to Walmart and exchanged it. I have no issues with the replacement I received, which is 9 months old now, and I use it a lot. I do not expect that will be an issue this year. Last year, the model was brand new. This year, Vizio has had all year to produce units for Walmart. So I would imagine those kinks would be worked out.
There was also a sound issue where occasionally the audio would go out of sync with HDMI. I did experience this a few times as well. The issue was very specific as well, as it only happened with cable and satellite boxes. It never happened with my game consoles, and I play them more than I watch cable. This issue was fixed by a software update. I haven't had the problem since that update, which was early last year.

So this TV is pretty solid. I do not regret my purchase at all. I did my research and got exactly what I expected. And for BF, this is still a great deal, even a year later. The only TV on BF 2013 that compares is from HHGregg. They will have a LG 60" plasma for $600. If you are concerned about deep blacks, then that TV may be for you. Keep in mind that TV only has 2 HDMI ports, though, and you may get burn in on a plasma. If you do get a plasma, turn the cell brightness down and make sure to avoid having any still images on screen for too long, especially in the early life of the TV. The LG also has a higher Input Lag at 56 milliseconds and an "Okay" rating, so it is not as good for gaming as the Vizio. That is a full half a second for your inputs to show up on screen, which means you will probably die a lot playing Halo.

Also, I recommend getting the extended warranty. That's only $68 at Walmart (10% of the TV cost,) and it adds 3 years to your warranty, giving you a full 4 years of coverage. Maybe you wont need it, but if you ever do, you'll be glad you got it! I work on all the brands, so you never can be sure how well they will hold up. It's also a good idea to compare different warranties from different stores. They may cover different things.

I hope this helps!
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on November 26, 2012
- Big and bright; nice color; matte screen for bright rooms
- 4 HDMI inputs
- Thin and very attractive minimalist glossy black frame (less than 1" wide)
- Built-in WiFi and DLNA; most of the popular subscription-based smart apps
- Great value

- High LCD panel failure rate (On 2/8/2013, Vizio publicly acknowledged this and is addressing the problem. See below for details.)
- Severe audio-video sync problems (In mid-January 2013, Vizio released a firmware update to fix this issue. See below for details.)
- Still some glare in bright room
- Takes about 8 seconds to "boot up" from power on (down from ~18 seconds before firmware updates)
- Only one shared composite/component input for older devices
- Slightly gray blacks and somewhat uneven back-lighting, although this likely varies between individual units
- DLNA and smart-app implementations are very crude (you are probably better off getting a dedicated device to do these, like a Roku or Apple TV)
- Ports hard to access on back, which is particularly a problem for the USB port, if you want to plug and unplug (somewhat inherent in thin flat-panel TVs)


Many owners, including me, were reporting a problem where the image would disappear but the backlight and sound would remain on. This required full replacement of the TV. On 2/8/2013, Vizio acknowledged this problem in a "special bulletin" revealing that a bad batch of chips were installed in units with serial numbers ranging from LFTRNWAN3800001 to LFTRNWAN4805300. It also affects a range of the 70" E701i-A3 models. Vizio extended the warranty from one to two years for that specific problem. However, Vizio said it was "promptly" and "proactively" contacting registered customers about the possible issue, but, disappointingly, there is no evidence that they have done this beyond the bulletin and a blog post.


Many people were reporting a variety of audio-video sync problems, particularly with cable boxes and Dolby Digital audio. Vizio initially blamed the cable boxes and had people set them to output PCM audio (rather than Dolby Digital). Unfortunately, that downgraded the audio to two channels only. However, in mid-January 2013, Vizio released a firmware update (version 1.1.5, which can be seen under Menu>Help>System Info>Version) that allegedly fixes the problem.

Also, the Vizio seems more sensitive than average to different HDMI cables. Video periodically drops out completely (screen flashes to black for a few seconds) with cables that work fine with other displays.


When my first unit failed with the LCD panel problem after only 23 days of use, I was very disappointed that Vizio initially only offered to replace it with a "recertified" unit. After a great deal of insistence, they agreed to send a new one.

In addition, when I communicated with them about the audio-video sync problem, I was disappointed that they were blaming my cable box that worked fine with my other displays, and that they insisted that I downgrade to two-channel audio to "fix" their problem. In my online chat, the Vizio representative stated the following: "The newer TVs that we manufacturer are set up for PCM rather than Dolby Digital. So it is not a defect in the TV, you will just have to connect it a different way."

I have mixed feelings at this point.
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This is without a doubt the finest TV that I've ever had the pleasure to use. In comparison to my 5 year old Samsung HD TV, this one makes the Samsung look like a part of ancient history. The first thing that grabs you is the incredibly sleek design. The bezel surrounding the TV is razor thin, thus there is no wasted space at all. Not only does this provide for excellent viewing, but it makes it possible to place the TV in a cabinet that's just slightly larger than the TV picture itself. It's unlikely that you would want to put it in a cabinet, first because it's difficult to find one that would accommodate it, and second because the TV looks beautiful fully exposed. As for the picture, it's extremely brilliant and so lifelike that when watching sporting events, you get the feeling that you're actually at the event. The same applies to watching any live broadcast, such as the news. The colors are vibrant and right on. In addition, the vividness is spectacular under all lighting conditions, as well when viewing from an angle. I have mine placed in a room that gets a lot of sunlight, yet somehow, the picture looks just as brilliant as it does in subdued lighting conditions. Although I have my own sound system hooked up to the TV, prior to doing so I tested the internal speakers and found them to be excellent for a TV of this size. The remote is very user friendly and works very similar to a smartphone. One of the nicest features of this TV is the built in wi-fi. I guess that almost all TV's have this feature now, but Vizio brings it to a whole new level. The wi-fi enables you to access virtually any channel that you could hope for, including the obvious ones such as Netflix and Amazon. There are so many other streaming channels available that you'd be hard pressed not to find something great to watch. I own another, much smaller Vizio TV, which I purchased for our kitchen, and I'm amazed at the picture and sound quality on that one as well. Vizio seems to have an advantage over other manufacturers, in that they provide a super premium product at a cost that is significantly lower than the competition. It amazes me that this TV cost about half what I paid for my Samsung, yet it's light years ahead in quality and features. The only concern that I have with Vizio, is that they don't have as long a track record as some of the other TV manufacturers. Only time will tell if their quality is long-lasting. Undoubtedly, by the time you read this, something new and improved will come along, but for the moment anyway, I believe that this is the finest TV that you could purchase for the price. It really is an awesome and thoroughly enjoyable experience to use and as far as I'm concerned, there are no negatives. I believe that you'll really enjoy using this fantastic product and that it will provide you with a great deal of pleasure. It's much more than a TV, it's an experience, and a really, really good one at that. If I could give this 10 stars I would.
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on November 1, 2012
If you want the short version skip the first paragraph.

Ok so many of the previous reviews already say tons of great things, but i do have one personal thing to add. I like to do a lot of research before i give 1k away and that is exactly what i did. I actually purchased a DLP rear projection tv and then a plasma and another plasma to replace an old dying Panasonic 42in plasma from there S class. I must say when i received this tv i was shocked and aweeeeeed! It took me and my wife to carefully get it out of the box. After the unboxing i screwed in the pedestal and set it were my 42 was and i realized i needed to make room..... shortly after i had it set up i turned it on and not expecting much was completely blown away by the quality of the picture. Oh My GOSH it looks great.
Video 9 (for experts that are videophiles 8) out of 10.
This is because i am using a PS3 and a HTPC with blu ray drive to test and some Mkv files. It just looks so vibrant and for the average user will be the best thing since sliced bread!

Audio 10 of 10.
I was really surprised by how great it sounds outside of my 1500 watt 7.1 surround sound. I use my surround sound to watch everything and swear by it... even the news!!! i have 7.1, Now sometimes i actually switch it to the tv to save electricity and am happy it sounds so great.

Brand/Company 9 of 10. I did have one issue, the remote did not work at all upon receipt!! i called vizio and was promptly asked to run some tests and after 15 mins of annoying power cycles was instructed a new remote was on the way! received it and it works perfect.

Overall 9 of 10. Taking a move from a huge company like Panasonic was a big step for me, i have always stuck with the big guys when it comes to spending alot of money. I am really glad i stepped out of my comfort zone and gave it a shot. I am thoroughly pleased and will report back if i have any more to say.

Thanks for reading.
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on December 1, 2012
I, like a lot of you, tried to get this on Black Friday - well, that didn't happen. So, after black friday went to Costco and pulled the trigger. $949 is still a great price and if the price goes lower at Costco just bring in your receipt and they "should" give you the difference. Now, the picture out of the box is not that great. After tweaking and some calibration, below are my setting to help all of you. Forget the CNet settings and use these:

Picture Mode: Vivid
Backlight: 53
Brightness: 45
Contrast: 80
Color: 60
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 8

Color Temp: Custom
Red Gain: 125
Green ": 135
Blue ": 128
Red Offset - 128
Green ": 128
Blue ": 128

Advanced Setting:
SME: off
RCM: Greyed out
Noise Red: off
MPEG NR - off
Color Enhance: off
Aptive Lumina: low
Film Mode: auto
Backlight Control: off
Ambient Sensor: off

With these setting I find the set crisp, clear and blacks much better than CNET settings. Give these settings a try and tell me what you all think.

With some minor adjustments this is an AWESOME TV at a great price! Oh, TV speakers stink.. I use a Yamaha Soundbar model: ATS-1010 from Costco for $179. Great sound. Yes, I know... I buy everything at Costco. Happy Holidays all..

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on October 13, 2012
I purchased this TV from Sam's club for slightly less than what it is listed for on Amazon. The biggest headache with this TV was installing the wall mount to my wall (which has nothing to do with the TV). I was pleased to find that the screws to install the wall mount were already included with the TV, since the TV is really thin in profile. They worked perfect. So far, this TV is awesome! There was a little worry, at first, when I initially connected my cable box as I could only get 720p resolution. I was not pleased with the picture. Very disappointed, in fact. Then, I did some research and got my settings to send 1080i HD from my box... TA-DA! Picture is great! It was easy to get the wifi connected in the guide setup. Started using Netflix, YouTube, etc. immediately. The picture is even better when watching videos from the net apps.... YES, even better! I was stunned by the clarity of the app videos, and how well it streams media. I did have to change the smoothing to Medium, as Harry Potter Deathly Hallows looked like a dark soap opera. That was the only setting that I needed to change from factory. And the sound (w/o) external theatre sound was satisfactory. I watched a TNF game and I had to turn around and look behind me as the built-in surround made the announcer in the stadium sound as if he were behind me (across the room from the TV). The apps are intuitive and easy to use. The remote control is great... the full qwerty keyboard on the reverse side saves you from pointing to letters and clicking on each one. The ability to type in your email, search term, etc. removes any annoyances from the experience. Lastly, for the price, you cannot find a better LED TV this size. So far, I am beyond pleased with my purchase. I can only imagine when I connect the external sound system to it. I am recommending this TV for ANYONE looking to purchase a TV. Right now, it is THE best bang for the buck. You absolutely WILL enjoy this entertainment experience.
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on November 11, 2012
I am kind of crazy when it comes to tv's. I tend to upgrade every other year or so, and am never completely satisfied, always needing the "next best thing". This year i was kind of in a bind, my living room had a beautiful pn51D7000 samsung plasma hooked up to a 5.1 surround system, but i just needed something bigger. The samsung plasma had a beautiful picture, but i watch a ton of movies and really wanted that "immersion" that a bigger tv provides (especially with the surround sound) My fiance thinks i am crazy for wanting a bigger tv, and wasnt entirely supportive at first because she thought i was going to spend a ton of money. So, i did my research, and was amazed at how much prices have come down even over the past year. I initially was going to stay with plasma as i loved the fact that i didnt see any motion, and loved the truly inky blacks. I did not need 3d, as my samsung had it and i probably only used it twice (not that it looked bad, i just dont like wearing the glasses as it made everything even darker than a plasma already is) My criteria this time around were basically 60" screen, good picture and bright vibrant colors under $1500. I have never owned a vizio before, i have always owned samsungs and lg's, my thoughts were that vizio was a cheap brand that sold cheaply made products. When i first heard about this E601-A3 on amazon, and saw the price, i figured it would be very cheap and i would hate it compared to the samsung. I then started reading reviews, and figured with amazon's awesome return policy that i might as well try this tv, knowing i could return it if it wasnt up to my high standards. I ordered it on a tuesday and received it friday, mounted it on my wall and was very surprised at the quality all around. The tv is beautifully thin, basically looks like a picture frame around the screen. The picture settings needed to be tweaked, and i am still tweaking them a little but the picture now is almost perfect. I tend to mess with settings the first 2 weeks i have any tv anyway, but i have no doubt i can get the picture to look exactly how i want it to look with a little more time. As far as flashlighting or light bleeding goes, it is there. It must be an inherent problem with all side lit led tv's, but i will say i only notice it when turning the tv on or off. When i am watching HD content, whether its through fios or on blu ray the black looks very very close to how my plasma looked, it really is that good. And i notice no light bleed in the corners at all, which is something i half expected. The smart function works very well, i use netflix all the time and love how easy it is to bring up movies/shows. A lot of people complain about the remote, i actually enjoy it and think its designed perfectly. Last but not least, i love playing sports games on ps3 and absolutely cannot have a tv with any lag whatsoever. This tv comes equipped with a gamer mode in the main options, it allows you to turn the mode on for all of the preset picture modes (vivid, standard, movie etc) and works flawlessly! i notice absolutely no delay or motion blur WHAT SO EVER. Very very very impressed, this tv makes a baseball game look like i am actually there, i actually have to squint when looking at the lights or the sun, its that good! Sorry for the long review, but i was in a huge bind over whether or not to get another plasma or try out an edge lit LED. For a tv this solid, with the options it comes with and the quality of the picture, i would have EASILY paid $1500. Just please get a surround sound system if you get this tv, a tv this nice deserves it!
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on March 2, 2013
I bought this TV on December 1, 2012. Initially, I loved it. I found a post that helped me calibrate the colors and I thought I was set for March Madness. Then I noticed that red/orange items filmed in scenes of sitcoms seemed to bounce around. I thought it was associated with the quality of the programming, but then noticed that red colored boxes on the ESPN ticker were also bouncing. Bummer. I was considering taking it back to Sams club - 90 day return policy - but was thinking I would live with it. Then, on day 89, as I was watching the Daily show, it croaked. The black started at the lower right hand corner of the screen and spread over the entire screen in less than two seconds. Sound was ok, but no picture. Tried "rebooting," but nothing. Luckily it happened before the 90 day mark - back to Sams it went. Would not recommend due to the color issue and the short shelf life. Thank goodness it happened before 90 days - otherwise I'd be dealing with warrantee issues. Whew!

Here's the bulletin from Vizio:

VIZIO special bulletin
Published 02/08/2013 06:15 PM | Updated 02/12/2013 08:15 AM

A limited number of VIZIO's E-Series 60" and 70" LED Smart TVs (model numbers E601i-A3 and E701i-A3) may experience a loss of video due to premature failure of a chip assembly sourced from a supplier. VIZIO is working with its suppliers, retailers and consumers to resolve the issue as quickly as possible for affected users. As part of its continued dedication to customer satisfaction, VIZIO is proactively communicating with its customers through direct contact with registered owners, through VIZIO's retailers and through online and social media about the potential issue, what to look for, and how to reach VIZIO's dedicated support team to receive help.

What is the Nature of the Issue and Affected Range of Products?
In a small percentage of units with serial numbers in the ranges of LFTRNWAN3800001 to LFTRNWAN4805300 for Model E601i-A3 and LFTRNXAN4500001 - LFTRNXAN4702936 for Model E701i-A3, users may experience a loss of video on the display although audio can still be heard. This issue is attributed to a limited batch of chip assemblies from a supplier, in which there is a small percentage chance that the chip assembly prematurely fails; this causes the timing control board to be disabled, which disrupts the video signal to the display. This potential issue appears to occur typically around the first 500 hours of usage or first few months of normal usage and does not present a safety concern.

What is VIZIO's Response to Action?

VIZIO has promptly notified its customers of the possible issue so that affected users can have their units repaired or replaced free of charge. In addition, VIZIO is also extending its standard one-year limited warranty to two years from the date of purchase for this specific issue to ensure that customers who purchased the E601i-A3 or E701i-A3 can continue to enjoy their TV with full peace of mind.

What Should VIZIO Customers do?

If you have a VIZIO E-Series 60" or 70" TV with a serial number that falls within the ranges of LFTRNWAN3800001 to LFTRNWAN4805300 for Model E601i-A3 and LFTRNXAN4500001 - LFTRNXAN4702936 for Model E701i-A3 and experience a loss of video, please call VIZIO's Customer Care team toll free at 855-209-4106 or email them at: to directly reach our dedicated service team who will assist in resolving your issue as quickly as possible.
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on November 13, 2012
Seems like every year I upgrade tv's. Started with a 42" lcd vizio, bumped up to a 50" panasonic plasma, now this 60" monster. I really like it, especially for $ does have this on black friday for $688 in store.. So if you're one of those people, jump on it!

Coming from plasma I knew the picture wouldn't be quite as good, and after playing with picture settings I gotta be honest there isn't much of a drop off in picture quality. Also coming from plasma I like my picture on the darker side, I feel it gives more "depth" and the best part is I don't have any bleeding when it comes to the Edge-lit factor. Will the picture blow you away? If this is your first HDTV absolutely, but otherwise you're not going to see a huge difference from the HDTV's from the past couple of years. The 120hz processor is all you'll ever need, at least when it comes to cable..we have "charter" and they only support 60hz. And as far as blu-rays or xbox and ps3..120hz will prove to be enough so there is no lag. NHL 13 and Battlefield 3 are pretty damn fun on this 60 incher.

What can I say, it works, it's not anything special, it certainly can get loud enough but in the end they are just tv speakers. And if you are that concerned about the sound that it influences your purchasing decision, you should go out and at least get a "home theater in a box." Personally, sound is as important as picture, I have a 7.2 system (7 satellite speakers, 2 subwoofers) running off of my Onkyo NR609 receiver, total set up cost me just under 1K. I need to feel the mortars and artillery from "Band of Brothers", "The Pacific", "The Thin Red Line"...etc. So like I said, go spend a couple hundred dollars on a 5.1 system, or for God sakes at least get a $80 sound bar.

Feels very well made to me, heavy, and the qwerty keyboard is very innovative and at times can be quite handy. To be honest tho I don't use tv remotes often, my Onkyo remote controls my cable box, tv, blu-ray player, and of course the Onkyo receiver. So I'm set.

So far just used Netflix, haven't tried my Amazon prime account yet but in all honesty, it is what it is and if one works there's no reason the rest won't. Wi-fi was easy to even if you're just a little tech savvy there's no reason it won't be easy for you.

Let's see, what else?? No dead pixels, special delivery was good, they came in put it in my room, unpackaged it, assembled the stand and hoisted it on my TV center. They will take the packaging if you want but I think it's a good idea to just throw it in the basement as you may never know when you'll need it. Personally it's nice to have because I tend to sell mine every fall, although the only thing missing from this tv is 3D and I know I would just about never use it, so I'll be good with this tv for longer than usual.

IMPORTANT! If before delivery the tv was in a cold vehicle like mine was(I'm a "Yooper")...make sure you give it plenty of time to warm up (I waited 4 hours)..otherwise your tv experience will be over before it could start!

Here's my picture settings, and it's perfect as far as I'm concerned. Again, I like the dark prevents the "bleeding" from occurring and lest you forget, this a damn big "flash light" so why on earth would you want a bright picture?

Back light- 50
Brightness- 45
Contrast- 45
Color- 54
Tint- 0
Sharpness- 0 (the higher the sharpness, the "grainier" the picture..try it for yourself)
Color temp- I switch between normal-cool, never 'warm' as I feel reds and oranges tend to be dominant and overwhelming
Smooth Motion effect- Off
Real cinema mode- Off (that horrible 'soap opera' look...hate it!)
Noise Reduction- Off
Color enhancement- Normal
Adaptive Luma- Off
Film mode- Off
Backlight Control- OPC
Ambient Light Sensor- Off

Hope this is helpful! And don't hesitate to buy...great TV, and not just because of the low price..that's just a bonus!
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