Customer Reviews: Sony VAIO E15 Series SVE15126CXW 15.5-Inch Laptop (White)
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on November 13, 2012
There is soooo much I can say about this laptop.

Let's see where to start...

1. Arrived on time straight from Amazon in the Sony Vaio Box.
2. Packaged really securely, nothing difficult.
3. Very beautiful. Much prettier in person :-)
4. It's not heavy, but it's not light either lol.
5. I was a bit terrified of learning how to use Windows 8, but luckily there is a "Desktop" tab on the homepage that will take you back to the Windows 7 set up, for those who are afraid of Windows 8 like I am!
6. The "Left" and "Right" click buttons that are usually on the touchpad are not visible but they are there. You just have to press the left and right sides of the pad and you'll feel them.
7. Isolated keyboard is nice because the keys are soft almost as if they're padded. They're not hard, make your fingers feel like they're touching soft rubber or something similar (I can't find the right material to compare the keys to lol)Also, the keyboard lights up automatically when a key is touched. This feature can obviously be turned off and on by the user.
8. There is a whole set up with user names and passwords and color customization when you first turn the computer on. It takes about 10-15 mins.
9. My battery went up to about 4 hours and 4 minutes at only 75% I think it when I fully charge it I'll see if it goes up even higher.
10. I've literally only had it for 13 hours so far haha! And I'm IN LOVE!!!
11. OHHH HOW COULD I FORGET? SONY made me proud of them for this one: SPEAKERS are TREMENDOUSLY L-O-U-D!!!! you could host a party with using just the speakers haha! Went on youtube while the television was on and it blasted out the tv! So, if you can find a GOOOOOOOD quality external speaker, you'll never need headphones again (only if used to not disturb others)
12. Gosh...I think that's all that needs to be said now.....the layout is one that users have to get used to....luckily my curiosity allowed me to click "desktop" and I was back to the Windows 7 that I know and love lol (so no mental breakdowns for me lol)But I do like how you can switch between both Windows with the click of one button. The button with the 4 squares next to the left Alt button. I think it's called the "Windows" button lol. (duh)
13. But yeah....I HIGHLY recommend this laptop to any and everyone. I have had my SONY dvd player for over 2 years and my hp laptop was tripping out a year after I had it, and finally just STOPPED working after 3 yrs, so I said, "Hey, if my dvd player is to little, but carries such a loud sound and has such good quality, I'm gonna save some money and buy myself a new SONY laptop"...and SONY you did NOT disappoint! 5 stars :-)
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on December 18, 2012
I was extremely picky when I decided to buy a laptop since it is my first one. I have read numerous reviews that had actually helped me lean away from many other laptops that I thought were perfect, so I hope that this review will be just as helpful. I had bought it because it seemed to fit my needs and was very up-to-date with plenty of hard drive space and RAM. I thought I had a good grasp of what I was getting, but there were many little things that actually happened to work in my favor. I've had this laptop for about a month now, and here are the facts that I find most useful for potential buyers:

To begin with, this laptop carries only Windows 8, and cannot be converted back and forth between 7 or 8 (at least not out of the box), as I had seen on reviews of almost identical model (and incorrectly assumed this one had that feature as well). If you have never used this version, I would strongly suggest reviewing Windows 8 before purchasing this laptop since it it very different than any other Windows version (it is strongly based on apps). I was extremely upset to discover this since I had an xp computer and very used to the format. After getting used to it though (and deleting a lot of the pointless apps that were already on there) it is actually a very handy and time-efficient way to maneuver between programs, just my opinion though.

As one of the negative comments mentioned, the product IS extremely poorly packaged. It consisted of a lot of space one crumpled sheet of paper, and then the cardboard box that contained the laptop. I am by no means surprised that that reviewer received his broken. Fortunately, mine was completely fine. Unlike that review, the laptop looks amazing and certainly does not feel like it is made from the same material as "a plastic spoon," as I believe he described it.

I have read on other Vaio laptops, that the touch pad is just awful, which I confirmed when testing out another model. I didn't really mind, since I liked mice better anyway. Luckily, this touch pad is more than I could ask for. It is fairly sensitive, so you barely have to touch it to click something, but all these features can be adjusted as well. I really like the two-finger scroll feature. In some of the laptops I've used, this function is awful and scrolls halfway down the page with barely moving (and it was a function issue, not a sensitivity issue), but it is really nice on this one. I don't even think I'll need a mouse at this point because the pad is basically just as versatile.

The light-up keyboard is very nice, I just wanted to point that out. The battery life is bout 4 hours when fully charged, and that's with my screen up to full brightness, since it seems a little dark at any other setting. The speakers are pretty quiet. I can have them up to the max and its nothing; I anticipated that though, and knew I wanted external speakers even before buying this laptop. Camera works just fine. I know this, but you need a special program, such as Windows Movie Maker, to turn the camera on or record anything since nothing of this sort is already installed. I had not known this and not sure if that's common, but it's really not a huge deal since Movie Maker is free.

A very specific and personal comment though. Windows 8 is not compatible with the Chrome Toolbox Extension, which I liked specifically for asking me every time to close all tabs when multiple are open. Without it, Chrome just closes the window, and I've mistakenly done that a few times. But that one slight downfall for me to Windows 8.

Just a personal preference that made me really happy: The top of the laptop can be opened without holding the bottom down. :D

The time it takes to turn this computer on/off (about 4 seconds) is incredible. Another pretty huge plus is that this laptop never gets hot on the bottom. It is always either neutral or very slightly warm even after hours of use. In addition, it is also a very quiet laptop.

There was some bloatware that I deleted (I had to look up what was needed or not, since the list was pretty extensive), but like I said before pre-installed apps were pretty bad. I uninstalled nearly everything from the main screen.

Lastly, Kaspersky antivirus program is downloaded as a trial for 30 days. It was nice at first, until every time I closed Google chrome and re-opened it, it stated: "chrome did not close properly, would you like to restore the last session?" This led to the fact that I couldn't even save any Favorites to the browser, because it supposedly didn't shut down correctly, and were deleted when I opened it back up. Well this got me really upset until I realized it was this program. I got rid of it (since it was a trial anyway) and the problem was solved.

I think that's about it, feel free to ask any more questions! Sorry if I wrote way too much, but I believe anyone buying this laptop should know these facts.
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on November 20, 2012
Well designed and nicely priced. The processor is nice and fast with the "turbo" feature makes this a great mid level laptop that works as fast as a expensive +$1000.00 laptop. I use it for making music and DJing and I have had NO CRASHES nor problems. I highly recommend this laptop. HDMI port; Three USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0; Start up is very fast! Dual core makes switching programs or working on two programs at once easy and fast. Doesn't heat up to my surprise, you could actually have it on your lap for long periods at a time and does not cause discomfort. The built in speakers are ok for personal use, do not expect it to blow the roof of or fill a living room. Back lit keyboard is nice and can be adjusted to turn off if not in use for "X" amount of time that you tell it to. Battery consumption is ABOUT RIGHT... The Win 8 OS is pretty cool once you get used to the "APP" style of working with the laptop... I recommend not to but the extended warr. with anyone other than SONY since they offer it cheaper and you know it will be good since it is direct... Anyways I recommend this laptop hands down... Thanks, I hope this helped... ~ DJ George Farjeat
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on December 16, 2012
The product arrived in perfect condition. I have owned Sony Vaio's before and love their aesthetic look and also their functionality, the only con to Vaio's is the fact that they are very fragile so I would recommend it for someone who can actually take a lot of care of them. The operating system is fantastic, windows 8 is better than windows 7 or vista or any other OS you might have seen before. It does have a visual impact at first that might scare a lot of people, but its simple to use once you get used to it. The lack of a start menu is not big deal, the start menu has simply become the metro "app" looking start screen of win 8. Most programs run on a windows 8 view mode, if you do not like that view you can easily switch it over to "desktop mode" (same view as win 7) such as with Google chrome. For some programs where you cant switch such as Skype there are two versions of it, you can have the win 8 version of Skype or the "desktop" version of it. As for speed, the computer, processor and RAM is marvelous. I have not tried playing games on it but my old Sony Vaio ran FEAR 2 and COD so I am pretty sure this new one with higher specs must run it perfectly wit no lag. So far the screen has an amazing resolution, the keyboard feels smooth to the touch, the computer fan is quiet and it does not over heat. I bought this computer for college and it seems it will be simply perfect! This computer is simply marvelous for the price it has!

***EDIT 01/15/13***

The computer had some issues with hardware. It stated it had an error and requested me to restart it to fix the issue. Upon restart it scanned for errors and claimed it was repairing drive (C:). The "repair" started looping. I tried accessing safe mode to try and restore the computer but it would not let me access safe mode. I accessed the settings of the computer and tried resetting the BIOS, but had no results since the looping continued. The only option I had left was a reset to its factory settings which in fact resolved my issue, but I lost all my settings and information.

***EDIT 01/28/13***

Again my computer encountered problems with hardware. This tame when the computer requested a restart it DID scan and repair drive (C:). Upon restart it informed me the problem was some drives and system files from Windows. It seems that the error is not from Sony or with the laptop but rather with Windows 8 drivers. I am currently out of the country and will not return to the USA until August or September, but upon calling Sony they said that once I am in the country I can send the computer in for servicing and they will fix my driver issue. I am planning to buy an extended warranty on this computer just in case to avoid in complications in the future, Sony informed me that I can purchase the extended warranty up until my 11th month of purchase of the laptop. At least this time the error was fixed and the computer did NOT have to be reset to factory settings. I shall continue to update in case any other issues arise or if the issue with the drivers persist.

***EDIT 02/24/2013***

A month has gone by with no issues, no Blue Screen's of Death no driver errors. I removed the error message notification system that came with the Sony computer. I started to realize every single time I had an issue with the computer before happened right after the error message notification system flag popped up. Disabling seemed to solve the issue (now I really do believe it is a problem related to a missing file or some sort of issue with the notifications of errors). I will still send it in to Sony once I am in the USA to get it checked and hopefully fixed so that the computer can run perfectly even when the error message notification system is enabled. I will continue to eidt if any other problems arise or the original problem persists.
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on December 5, 2012
When I got this laptop, it was unbelievably awesome! First, I like the color. Instead of black, Sony had multiple colors laid out for customers to choose in their favor. Second, the resolution quality. When I watch movie, I feel like I don't need the blue ray since the quality of the screen is so great! This laptop is also quiet and super fast.
The keyboard is smooth.. I just cannot live without this laptop.
The only thing it needs to be fixed is probably the camera from Windows 8.
Anyway, I have no regret to choose this pink Sony laptop because it seems no different from Mac, and it is lot cheaper.
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on December 20, 2015
I wish I could give this no stars. The laptop worked great for the first couple of days and then the screen would just go black. I give the product no stars but I give AMAZON 5 STARS!! We did not get a warranty of any type on the laptop and called a little over a month after it stopped working to see if maybe we could get it fixed locally. After nobody could figure out what was going on, we called Amazon and they sent a brand new laptop after we sent this defected one back. Unfortunately, the second laptop we got did the same exact thing so we chalked it up as this brand having the issue. Amazon took back the second laptop and gave us a refund. We loved the laptop design and the back lit keyboard and we wished that it would have worked better but that was not the case. I would not recommend buying the laptop but I would definitely recommend shopping on Amazon because the customer service is incredible and they are extremely helpful.
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on December 20, 2012
I adore Sony VAIO but the Windows 8 software absolutely ruined the laptop! Windows 8 has no business on a PC. I contacted Microsoft and after 2 hours on the phone with them they could not make the software work, then contacted Sony and they even had difficulty setting up the software. Finally contacted Amazon and thank goodness they provide such stellar customer service and understood I was having an extremely difficult experience with Windows 8 and accepted the Sony VAIO to be returned, which is unfortunate because I have had Sony VAIOs for my laptops for years and have found them to be excellent laptops. Windows 8 is unacceptable software.
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on December 26, 2012
I purchased a Vaio (specific model number no longer sold) a few months ago. My review is both about Vaio product quality in general, and the Sony customer service/repair process. I am posting it on Vaio products to alert other consumers what customer service level they can expect when they buy a Vaio.

The screen on my unit had the backlight fail after a few months of use. I have had Sony repair it three times. Each time they returned it, it still had the same problem. After the third time, I gave up on Sony and purchased a comparable ASUS notebook, which has worked perfectly.

The reason why I have given 1/5 stars is because Sony was inefficient, rude, and downright dishonest about their "repair" process. Only once out of three times did they get the shipping box, repair process, or return process done in the turnaround time they promised. At no point did they actually repair the laptop!

After receiving the still defective laptop back for the third time, I called their service center in Laredo Texas and asked what they had done to repair it. They told me that the internal cable for the screen had never been properly connected, and they plugged it in. I asked if that meant it was repaired, and was told by the representative that they were unable to commit that the laptop had been repaired or would be functional. Out of the 2 months I spent dealing with Sony, this was one of the few honest statements they made: My laptop is still as useless as the day I first called their tech support.

I will never purchase another Sony product as a result of this experience, and to anyone that buys a Vaio: Hope that it works perfectly. Otherwise, Sony will take it from you for 12-20 days (not the 10 they promise) and then return it to you still broken -- 3 times in a row.
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on December 21, 2012
Everything works well, I really needed a laptop and so far I'm pleased that it works for what I need it to do. Windows 8 however, hasn't really impressed me. I've found it confusing so its taken some practice to get use to. I have a feeling it won't be around for long, personally Windows XP it still my favourite. I don't really see the point of the tiles and think all that stuff could have just been on my desktop (guess they are trying to make the interface similar to a tablet.) I've not that tech savvy as I've only just invested in my first laptop. Wish it came with Microsoft pre-installed, as I use Word, Excel and Powerpoint a lot.
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on January 20, 2013
Needed a new laptop and have liked the Sony products for a while. Really enjoy the "Chiclet" style lighted keyboard. The screen, graphics electronics, and sound electronics are all tops - this unit is our "TV" as we do all our entertainment watching on it via DVD, streaming video service (N******), and the websites of some current shows. Extraordinarily fast sleep and wake-up ... like nothing I've seen. Sony VAIO proprietary software provides extra functionality beyond Control Panel and there is Sony VAIO Care that runs diagnostics, and optimization routines on demand. Sony Support has also been excellent, even beyond the warranty period.

The only element I'm not entirely delighted with is the Win8 optimized touchpad. Like many Win8 laptops, the touchpad is now a single surface, designed to emulate the touch screen functionality of a touch screen laptop or tablet. Sony's selection of touchpads is one where there is a noticeable mechanical movement of the touchpad when using it to tap or click (remember - no buttons, just a single touchpad with areas for left click, right click and customized Win8 functionality). The Acer I looked at in the store also had a single element touchpad that seemed to have a better feel. May just take more time to get accustomed to.

Win8 ... well, you can form your own opinions. It's clearly a work in progress. Some functionalities work great and are very useful. You can always go back to the Win7 style desktop and operate in that mode. The Win8 apps are a bit sparse and don't always work seamlessly ... but I do give MS credit for starting down that road. Hopefully, they'll stick with it and really make their Store fully stocked with helpful apps.

I'd definitely consider this unit again ... but after doing a bit of showrooming for hands-on comparison ... then buy @ Amazon.
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