Customer Reviews: Dreams and Nightmares (Deluxe Version) [Explicit]
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on October 31, 2012
Meek Mill, is also known as the rising prince of Rick Ross's Maybach Music Group reigning from Philidelphia. Philidelphia is home to some of Hip Hop's legends such as Will Smith, Eve and of course The Roots. Meek Mill is considered the new generation of Hip Hop and to be perfectly honest, he's not doing anything to help it. Meek Mill is known for his brash and in your face personality but thats because he practically yells and shouts in just about every damn track on this album. Now before I start to offend all Meek Mill fans all around, I will admit that the dude is a very aggressive spitter which I can appreciate because I don't think a person can fall asleep while Meek Mill's voice is playing; and he does surprisingly have rhymes scattered throughout the album, but at the end of the day there is nothing substantial here. All that I got from Meek Mill throughout the album is how unnecessarily braggadocios he is as a person. Every track is about rags to riches, getting women, and how much better (he thinks) he is compared to your favorite rapper to an extent. This kind of theme has been done a hundred times over and I am really sick and tired of it, there is nothing inspiring about this guy whatsoever. What he lacks that is important for any rapper is storytelling, and the poor excusese for storylines that are hidden within the album are dry. The sad thing is that Meek Mill trys to tie in his more conceptual tracks, but they just fail to connect.

The beats on this album are no different than what was on Rick Ross's album or his latest MMG compilation that came out not too long ago. The beats literally sounded like one guy produced the entire project, which is sad because when I saw the production credits, every track was produced by a different person, which is preposterous because just about every song had the same bass line and drum samples that Lex Luger would've done (ironically Lex Luger didnt produce anything on this album). "Believe It" feat. Rick Ross is literaly the same beat from BMF (Blowin Money Fast), The first 2 tracks are way too similar in lyrics and beat to even count as 2 different songs and like I said earlier Meek Mill sticks with the same generic flow in every song; his volume, his tone, his range rarely ever changes whether it be a slow or mid-tempo song, and I'm just listening being appalled of how repetitive it is.

If I looked at the lyrics for a Meek Mill song online, than I would expect the lyrics to be in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and EXLAMATION POINTS for all his verses because thats what I feel I am listening to when Meek Mill raps

By the time I'm finished with track 3, I just comepletely clock out and start skipping tracks quickly until the mood starts to shift into the slower songs like "Amen" feat Drake. When you compare Hip Hop albums by the end of the year with other artists, you will quickly realize that this album is mediocre at best and lacks originality or even a genuwine personality. I haven't heard an album thats this shallow in quite some time. The amazing thing is I was really trying to listen to the album and find songs where Meek Mill raps more introspectively so at least I can get a grasp of what kind of person he was growing up, but ultimately I just found that this guy is 100% boring as a person. The impression I got from Meek Mill is that he is rapping solely for money, not to inspire any of his listeners, not to put out any positive messages, but just putting on a front of being a tough guy or a ladies man 24/7. The only reason why I didn't give this album 1 star is because some of the beats (although extremely similar) do occasionally entertain me when I am driving blasting my speakers. I will never pay any mind to any of Meek Mill's albums again and I know that after a 2 weeks this album will undoubtedly be forgotten. If you want a project from the new generation of Hip Hop that has good storytelling, contains substance, and sounds cohesive? Than check out Kendrick Lamar's "good kid, m.A.A.d city" album or Ab-Soul's "Control System" which are easy contenders for Rap albums of the year.
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on September 6, 2013
Meek Mill ever since his MMG Debut has stuck to two formulas and has done very little in between. Dreams and Nightmares is no different, which for Meek Mill fans is a very good thing. Dreams and Nightmares is almost what you would expect from Dreamchasers 2 if they took out the freestyles and polished the crap out of it, which isn't a bad thing by any means. Dreams and Nightmares is without a doubt Meek Mill's best album to date and stands out as one of the best Hip Hop albums of 2012

Beats [A-] One of Dreams and Nightmares greatest strengths. Meek has found a few good producers that fit his flow perfectly. Overall the album has some excellent beats that will very easily get stuck in your head. Best Beats: "Lay Up", "Amen", "Believe It", and "Burn"

Hooks [B+] This wasn't the main focus of the album which is fine, but with a few good guest features Meek is able to throw some radio-friendly hooks into the album. Best Hooks: "Maybach Curtains", "Rich & Famous", "Lay Up", and "Amen"

Flow [A-] Meek sounds almost exactly the same in every song, but that isn't a bad thing by any means. Meek has a unique anxious and intense sound to his rapping that is really quite refreshing in comparison to other rappers out there. Best Flow: "Believe It", "Young & Gettin It", "Lay Up", and "Burn"

Lyrics [B] Rap cliche's out the wazoo on this album. Lots of lyrics about drugs, money and girls. But with the beats it works well enough, the time where meek shines the brightest is when he gets serious. Best Lyrics: "Traumatized", "Tony Story (Pt. 2)", "Maybach Curtains", and "Who You're Around"

Originality [C+] If you've heard anything Meek has done on Dreamchasers it's pretty much the same thing. On top of that, there isn't a ton of originality here, but it's still enjoyable, better lyrics would have been appreciated. Best Originality: "Lay Up", "Amen", "Traumatized", and "Tony Story (Pt. 2)"

Guest Features [A] Probably the place where this album shines the brightest. Meek knows very well who should be in what song and when there shouldn't be a guest feature at all. Heck, he made Rick Ross and Kirko Bangz sound good, that is a feat that not many people can pull off. Thank heavens Drake was the only Young Money feature on the album. Best Guest Features: Drake in "Amen", Kirko Bangz in "Young & Gettin It", Big Sean in "Burn", and John Legend in "Maybach Curtains"

Singles [A-] The singles were four of the five that really could have passed as singles (Lay Up being the fifth), but Meek dropped a few songs that really defined what the rest of the album was going to be which is nice because in music now a days the singles are usually the only songs worth listening to on the album. Singles: "Amen", "Burn", "Young & Gettin It", and "Believe It". Best Single: "Amen".

All in all Dreams and Nightmares by Meek Mill is really an impressive album that stands as one of the better rap albums of 2012.
FINAL SCORE: A- (9/10)

Author's Note: I listened to this album when it leaked a day before it was released and was not impressed at all. I downloaded it so I had something new to listen to going on a road trip. I listened to the songs "Burn", "Amen", "Traumatized", "Polo & Shell Tops", "Believe It", and "Young & Gettin It", and I was just done after that. I didn't like it at all really, but after a few weeks I decided to give it another chance which I then liked it a little more. After another couple of weeks I noticed the gem "Lay Up" and that I actually really liked "Young & Gettin It". After repeating that a couple of times I decided that I absolutely loved this album and am still listening to it to this day. It went from an album that I listened to half of once to an album that's now sitting pretty as my 20th favorite album of all time.
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on October 30, 2012
Tony Story 2, Amen (obviously) and the Dreams and Nightmares Intro are the only songs that make this album interesting. The rest you've heard before from past albums from every other rapper. He even goes as far as making a song with Lil Wayne's format, and that "I got that Justin Beiber" line just upsets me.

Call me a hater, but I know a good album when I hear it, truthfully, Dreams and Nightmares is just.......O.K.
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on January 3, 2013
This album is solid to say its Meek Mill's first. He had built up quite some hype through his features on many artists songs. He had that "it" factor as an artist. "Dream's and Nightmares" the title track of the album was the perfect way to begin the album. The piano, which most likely whoever was playing used a sustain pedal, gives the sound of a waterfall. But when the beat switches midway through the song its like that dammed in waterfall explodes all over the place. What I love about it is Meek speeds up his pace and keeps with the beat. Many artists these days lack that simple quality. Certain artists' voices sound good with certain beats and horrible with others; this is Meek's shinning star. I have to say he keeps it consistent through the whole album by picking beats he sounds good on and shines just as much as the veteran artists featured on his songs such as "Young & Gettin It", "Maybach Curtains", "Amen", and "Who Your Around". To me each track fits his artist personality and voice while telling his story. This is the first album where I've seen a rap artist tell their story the way they wanted it told and not pressured to make a hit by the record company. You usually hear artists say on their first release"it was ok/great but I didn't get to make the kind of music I really wanted to put out" Of course he has room from growth, I think any artist does. Give him time to me he gets better as he goes. Just look at his simple progress from streetdvd's & jail to where he is now. He's turned into an artist where you can recognize him the minute he opens his mouth and you expect to hear something heartfelt or what he knows.
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on December 7, 2013
Meek Mill is one of my favorite artists. I like his metaphors and punch lines. He always brings that hype energy in the booth with him. Some of the beats are kinda simple but the whole album goes hard.
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on January 22, 2013
If you're looking for Meek to stick with one brand of his rap and stick with it, you won't find it here. He throws our lyrics in some slow songs, hard songs and nearly everything in between. That being said, I'm a fan of variety and like to hear how artists can switch things up.

Dreams and Nightmares, Young & Gettin' It, Amen, Real Ni**as Come First are just a few of the tracks you'll want to check out. If the song previews aren't enough to convince you, YouTube a few of the other songs to get a full sample.
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Meek Mill becomes the latest Maybach Music Group member to release an album, 2012's Dreams and Nightmares (Deluxe Version) [Explicit]. Throughout the effort, Meek Mill shows off his agile rhymes and ability to craft solid verses. Sometimes, Meek Mill lacks the innovativeness of his most tuned in contemporaries (Drake and Kid CuDi among them). Dreams and Nightmares is a solid affair, if scattered, lacking in cohesion. Despite this, Dreams and Nightmares ends up being another strong MMG release.

"Dreams and Nightmares" finds Meek Mill rapping in a narrative fashion. Tone The Beat Bull provides dramatic production that allows Meek Mill to rap on `autopilot.' The intensity progresses upon the 1:30 mark inciting Meek Mill's vocals to grow louder and more passionate. Perhaps somewhat clunky, it starts things solidly. Proceeding "In God We Trust," features dark, malicious production (Black Metaphor) proving to be as pointed as Meek Mill's rhymes. Meek Mill continues to tell a story and produces quite an effective, telling hook. "In God We Trust" is overall superb.

"Young and Gettin' It," features standout Kirko Bangz serving as a `crowd pleaser.' Kirko Bangz adds a lift on the smooth vocal hook. The cut features solid production from Jahlil Beats and diverts away from Meek Mill's narrative approach in favor of a topic of `making money.' It is solid, though solid with the reservation that the cut feels like a `sellout' compared to previous cuts. "Traumatized," produced by Boi-1da, returns Meek Mill to what he does best, more narrative-driven rhymes. Not the most elite cut, "Traumatized" is easily above average.

"Believe It" featuring Rick Ross is predictable, but also addictive. Money and paraphernalia seem to be the agenda, with Ross referencing `Miley Cyrus' and `Justin Bieber' in relation to drugs. Quite similar to "So Sophisticated" from God Forgives, I Don't, "Believe It" is quite enjoyable. "Maybach Curtains" maybe stronger, playing as Meek Mill's version "Maybach Music," popularized by Rick Ross. John Legend assists on the soulful hook, while Nas and Rick Ross contribute on respective verses.' "Maybach Curtains" is easily one of the Dreams and Nightmares's shining moments.

"Amen" proceeds featuring Drake sports a smart Michael McDonald sample ("Minute By Minute"). Nearly if not blasphemous, Meek Mill thanks God "...for all the pretty women he let into my life/all the Benjamins you let me count...and letting me ball on these..." Meek Mill is most sinful on the hook, rapping a sermon in `hood vernacular.' Drake delivers, but Meek Mill locks down "Amen" easily.

"Young Kings" features soulful production and delivers another solid track with a potent hook. "Lay Up" once more features Rick Ross, alongside Wale and Trey Songz, who delivers the lush and sensual hook. The cut is predictable, providing the `sensual' thriller of Dreams and Nightmares. "Tony Story, Pt. 2″ is easily a `mixtape' worthy track that continues to hone in on Meek Mill's narrative approach. Absent of hook, Meek Mill pulls of the unbroken flow of verses well.

"Who You're Around" is more notable, featuring Mary J. Blige sounding as soulful and refined as ever on the memorable hook ("Somebody who you're around wants to clip your wings and shoot you down/but it's okay to keep enemies close/as long as you know, just make sure you know who you're around...") Meek Mill `steps his game up' by slowing his usual agile flow, which helps makes his rapping much easier to discern. On "Polo & Shell Tops" finds Meek Mill in top-notch form. Arguably the best cut, Meek Mill outdoes himself over Cardiak's exceptional production. "Polo & Shell Tops" allows the listeners to step into Meek Mill's world via his biography.

"Rich & Famous" features Louie V. feels more archetypical than not; it could have been omitted. "Real N**** Come First" closes the standard version with superb, malicious production from Kenoe and Got Koke. The Deluxe edition sports "Burn" featuring Big Sean, the latest single prior to the release. "Freak Show" featuring Sam Sneak and 2 Chainz is nothing more than `OK,' potentially making the standard edition the best investment.

Overall, Dreams and Nightmares is a successful, enjoyable album. It lacks the innovativeness of Kendrick Lamar's Good Kid: M.A.A.D City [Deluxe Edition] released one week prior and doesn't quite possess the `oomph' of Rick Ross's God Forgives I Don't [Deluxe Explicit]. That said, Meek Mill has more than enough potential to grow as an MC and Dreams and Nightmares gets him started. 3 ½ Stars.
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on November 22, 2012
I think Meek's debut album is fire. i am listening to it over and over. On a "source" scale, i would give it 4-4.5 mics. i hear people saying there are too many "MMG" beats. There are some, but I don't think too many. There also plenty of original, east coast type beats. I didn't buy the deluxe version. the 2 extra tracks on there i don't like. On the regular version, the only track i really don't like too much is "young and getting it". the track is commercial, which Meek can do, but i just didn't like the beat too much. the lyrics on the track are still hot. I think "Lay Up" is a clever track. although it is commercial, i enjoy it and it shows Meek's dimensions. L yrics, beat and hook all good.

the intro track, In God We Trust, Traumatized, Young Kings, Tony Story Pt 2, Who you're around, Polo and Shell Tops, and Real N#ggas are all fire to me. Those are my favorites. But I enjoy all the other tracks as well. i have this in constant rotation right now. Outside of "young and getting it", which some might like, i like the beats and lyrics all the way through this. I'm happy with the purchase.
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on December 25, 2012
The rating is based on the CD as a whole. Sure, Meek Milly has the regular bangers that stand out, and spits some solid lyrics, the problem is that the rest of the album is below average. Meek Mill is a talented artist that will shine when the right time comes. He is young, talented, and smart. I'm positive that he will take it to a higher plateau with his sophomore album.
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on December 13, 2012
Good cd but it's like paying for a mix tape. It sounds no better than dream chasers and it's so short. Meek needs to spend more time on songs like Tony Pt 2 thats my favorite song from the album. I wish there was more story telling like in that song. Overall not a bad album
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