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Reviewed in the United States on October 23, 2019
Very gentle and moisturizing shampoo. I have to use a very mild shampoo due to eczema spot on base of scalp. It is just one very irritating and itchy area that was caused by an ingredient in adult shampoo . Doctor recommended baby shampoo due to the mildness of it. My scalp no longer itches in that one spot since I have used it. If you use a lot of product in your hair like gels, hair spray, mousse it may not be able to remove all that product as it is made for babies hair and of course babies usually don't have all that product in their hair. I only use a very light amount of mousse on the ends of my hair only so the baby shampoo is fine. Usually once a month I will use a clarifying shampoo just to get rid of everything. I also have blonde color hair and it doesn't affect the color at all. I know some people say baby shampoo strips color but for my hair that hasn't happened. I would say maybe purchase a trial size if it is available or just buy a bottle and its only about $4.00 and try it on a strip of your hair if you color it and see if it takes the color out before you use it on your whole head. If it strips your color the baby shampoo is great to use as a body wash, to wash your makeup brushes, and even I have used a little bit on my hand-washable items like hosiery or bras. That way its not wasted if it doesn't work in your hair. I have also added some to soap pumps for hand soap. I really like the ultra moisturizing baby shampoo, I wish I could find the companion conditioner. I had ordered it on Amazon but it never came in. I am not sure if Johnson's is making the conditioner anymore but the shampoo is awesome!
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