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Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2017
If you're looking for goggles, there are probably some things you should think about when making your purchase, things I did not think about. I did a simple quick list of pros and cons for people who don't like to read reviews; for those who like more info I listed my problems below...

- Great for people with larger heads
- Nice style
- Thick hand band with great elasticity
- Glasses can be worn under the goggles (depending on your face shape)
- Very clear and wide FOV
- Rigid form

- Not a good fit for people with smaller heads/faces
- Rigid form
- Small heads + rigid form = major gaps around temples and over the bridge of nose
- Fogs up constantly (possibly due to poor fit. see comments below)

Yes, I did list rigid form as both a pro and a con for different reasons...

I bought these because I'm a chemistry major and I have a lot of labs and I also do art work which sometimes needs protective eyewear. Seeing that they are 'ANSI Z87.1 approved' was also a plus in my decision for this purchase. These goggles can be better than the typical 'sharables' that are provided in most labs but they are not the best for everyone.

Unlike many goggles, these are not very flexible. These are somewhat rigid. I am a female so the shape of my head is not wide enough for these and that's not something I ever had to think about. Since the goggles are not flexible, and my face is not a wide as the goggles, there is a small gap approximately 1cm on either side at the temple (large enough for me to put a paint brush through). The same goes for the bridge of the nose, which is actually a bigger gap than the ones at the temples. The goggles are also marketed as anti-fog, which would be great if that was the case but they fog up constantly on me. There are backward facing air vents, one under each eye and one over the brow but my guess is that because the goggles do not fit my face properly I might be tightening the head band too much and it's compressing the vents and preventing airflow, which is causing the fog.

Although it contributes to my poor fit, I do like the rigidity of the goggles; I feel safe with them when I'm working with a lot of glass. These goggles would be amazing if they were made in a smaller size. They are not the best fit for me and probably not for people who may have a smaller face but I liked them so I kept them. I also find it funny that they make me the envy of several snowboarders in the lab...
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