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Reviewed in the United States on September 5, 2018
Windows 10 recognizes the drive, so if you want to manually move files from your primary drive, that's fine, I guess. What it will NOT support are the only reasons I bought an external HDD: the Windows 10 File History and System Backup features. For some bizarre reason, Windows makes you choose an external drive or a network location--it won't support backing up to an internal HDD. The trouble is that it doesn't automatically back up to this drive either. It starts to--it adds a couple of configuration files--but then just stops, with 0 actual data on the file. It may be an issue with this WD HDD and Windows naming conventions. Windows doesn't like long file paths (one of the reasons I can't really use OneDrive; I never know which files, in some sub-sub-folder somewhere, will be excluded), and saving files to this external HDD makes the file path even longer--so that every file, even if you call it "a" or "b," will be excluded. That's a dealbreaker. They should not advertise this HDD as working with Windows 10 if it doesn't work with File History or System Backup. Merely being recognized by the system is a start, but that's not what I want to this for. If I want to do manual file dumps, I can use one of my two internal HDDs. Not worth the time or aggravation.
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