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Reviewed in the United States on July 18, 2019
Reasons I purchased this product:
Travel - I wanted a device that could hold my phone in landscape mode to view movies on a plane.
Looks - For some reason I took looks into consideration on an iPhone tripod? Anyways, I thought it looked better than a cheap plastic stand. It's small, portable and looks nice. Plus has a bottle opener.

As a landscape stand to view movies on a plane, it's meh. The stand works, but I find that I still have to hold the opposite side of the phone to keep it from sliding while on a plane. Sometimes when the air is calm it doesn't move, but I find that I am constantly messing with the stand in some way or another.

A side note, that might also be a turn off... About half the time, TSA now searches my bag to figure out what this small metal object is. After they find the stand they unfold the legs and look at me with a weird face. I tell them it's an iPhone stand and they so far have always given it back.

Conclusion: Would I buy this stand again? No, probably not. Does it work for me and will I continue to use it? Yes. If you plan to use this on an airplane, I would recommend getting a cheap plastic stand. It will hold your phone better and you won't get stopped by TSA 50% of the time.
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