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Reviewed in the United States on April 1, 2014
Both political parties are focused on the same thing and it has nothing to do with proper and efficient governing or representing We the People who elect them. Their focus is on remaining in power and being the Party that gets to sign the front of the checks written against our Treasury to reward their contributors and make more and more people dependant on goverment largess. That is, until the middle class is destroyed and there is nobody left to pay for all the payoffs going to crony capitalist political donors lobbying to tilt the marketplace rules in their favor while driving out small businesses--and increasing the welfare roles (read paid voters) who demand the moon as long as they aren't paying for the benefits anyway. But the author presents a constitutional alternative that will take years to reach sufficient consensus to become actual amendments, but may be the only way short of a civil breackdown and violence to return any control of the current Federal government to the people.

While intelligent people can nit pick some details of some of the proposed Amendments, Mark Levin provides draft amendments that warrant serious consideration. I'd vote more most of them as is but some tinkering is probably advisable. Most of them are simple enough to understand and tight enough to reel in Federal abuses of power that have gone unchallenged for decades. personally, I'd like to add sufficient caveats to some of the proposed designed to prevent unelected judges from overriding legislation by impossible financial demands to revise state and budgets to recreate school, welfare, legal, and municipal planning regulations to fit their expansionist agendas. But given the dysfunctional nature of DC, I can't believe that the majority of States can't see the wisdom and absolute requirement to limit the power of the Federal government. The Congress has proven incapable of controlling themselves and unless the States accept the responsibility to expand Federalism through State Conventions on Amendments that don't have to go through the Federal government to become law of the land, I see no viable options that will stop the destruction of the American Dream that has already been destroyed for so many. Brilliant but written in plain language understandable by most. Unless the US public has already become too dumbed down to understand the power we still hold if we chose to use it!
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