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Reviewed in the United States on February 5, 2014
I bought both this set and the Norwex kit to compare them. You won't be sorry with either option-- they are both amazing and will blow your mind.

The Norwex set is only 3 pieces, but one of their cloths perform most of the functions that many of these cloths perform. However, there is no comparing the E-cloth oven and range cloth to anything in the Norwex set. It's awesome and I love it. It removes grease and grim easily off the range.

What I do not care for in the E-cloth set is that you are expected to clean and then polish by using two separate cloths (if the polish cloth is destroyed you will have to buy more to use the majority of the cloths). I prefer the Norwex in that it only requires one cloth.

If you're wondering if the Norwex is really worth the extra $$, then that will depend on what you want most from the set. I think they perform similarly in most regards except the duster. The Norwex dust mitt is superior in all regards; it picks up and collects dust and pet hair while the e-cloth simply seems to spread it around. However, the window cleaners, the kitchen cleaner, the stainless steel cleaner, the bathroom cleaner are all comparable to the Norwex products.

-E-cloth has an over and range cloth that's awesome (Norwex kit doesn't offer this)
-Norwex duster is much, much better than E-cloths
-Norwex is more expensive than E-cloth
-E-cloth requires a cleaning cloth then a polishing cloth for most cleaning jobs. Norwex cloths clean and polish at the same time.
-E-cloth has many cloths that perform the same as one cloth in the Norwex kit.

Which is better? It depends on what you want. Either way I think you'll be happy with which ever one you choose.
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