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Reviewed in the United States on February 27, 2013
I read and reread this book all the time because I learn something new everytime I read it. I do believe the mind is very powerful and can heal your body. I've known about visualization, but I had never heard it explained quite like Dr. Hamilton explains in his book.

I actually visualized a "mini-me" going inside my body and healing my back. I do this exercise at night when I'm already in bed. I also visualize a "mini-me" working on my blood pressure. I liken my blood pressure to a balloon with lots of air. In my visualization, there is a meter with a reading of my BP. Then I start to release some air, and I watch the meter go down to a normal reading. I try to visualize as often as I can.

Let me tell you, I don't have the back pain anymore. I haven't tested my BP, but I visualize that it's normal. I will continue doing these exercises. Maybe I'll start to visualize LOVE. I visualized my promotion and got it.

I think you will enjoy the book.
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