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Reviewed in the United States on June 24, 2017
I hope Giles Martin gets around to remixing the entire catalogue. This remix is definitely an improvement over the old stereo mix. If you are familiar with the Beatles you might understand that the industry standard when they began recording was monophonic and the Beatles were personally involved in those mixes. So many consider the monophonic versions more true to the intent of the artists. Little did anyone understand that stereo would be the industry standard down the road and those versions would be the ones most of us are familiar with today. I still can't understand the sometimes drastic differences between the two. Sometimes there are different vocals and instrumental parts--even differences in the order of the verses and sound effects etc. Why didn't they just use the same take and mix it for stereo? Well that is exactly what was done here. This is the mono version expanded into stereo. Some of the differences you will hear from the old stereo version is that there is much more flanging on "Lucy in the Sky" which makes it sound more psychedelic. For some stupid reason "She's Leaving Home" was always at the wrong speed on the old stereo mix {can you believe that?} Now it is up to speed and Paul's voice rings like a bell and the feel of the song is much improved with the energy it was intended to have. There were different vocals on the old stereo and mono mixes of "Sgt Pepper's Reprise". Now the mono one seams to have been used with Paul giving some energized shouts at the end. Over all the vocals seem cleaner and the harmonies are much clearer than before. I have to go back and listen to the 2009 remaster, but I think there is much more punch to the drums as well. This what I had wished for when the remasters where done several years ago. I had really enjoyed the Yellow Submarine Songtrack because it was remixed. We all want this music to live on, which means it must occasionally get a facelift to suit the technology of the day. This is a good start and should have been done years ago.
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