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Reviewed in the United States on September 28, 2018
I received the headphones promptly. They arrived well packaged. First thing uncovered was a business-sized card asking if I am happy with the product and to please leave a positive review. A little digging, and I uncovered the actual headphones. The "manual" was at bottom, beneath everything else.

The manual is a mere 3" x 5" and folded a couple of times. This tiny manual presumably contained everything one needs to know about components, design, and functionality - I think. Squeezed into this tiny space is also the same instructions and diagrams in several additional languages. The print is so tiny that it is impossible for me to read. I tried magnifiers, camera, and scanner to try and enlarge the print, but nothing worked with any meaningful result. I studied the headphones themselves. There are 5 tiny buttons along one side of one earpiece that are labeled with raised iconography and likewise impossible to decode.

I have used headphones for many years, various brands and styles, but all of the headphones I had ever used were wired. I had never worked with wireless headphones, or bluetooth anything, for that matter. I needed instructions!

I sent an email to the company late at night and first thing in the morning I received a response. They apologized for the problem with the instructions and asked me to send the model number so that they could send me an electronic copy of the instructions so that I could enlarge them to my satisfaction. Within 24 hours I did receive a PDF copy of the manual.

Along with that apology, I also received an offer to receive a free set of their newest version of these headphones - an upgrade, I was told. The new version was to be available beginning October 8 and would be mailed to me as a gift.

It became clear that the FREE GIFT headphones would not be free at all, but would be sent at my expense and the company would somehow reimburse me. They offered to send me the funds with which to make the purchase. They sell these headphones, so why not just put the "gift" in the mail. I asked but then engaged in circular communications. It just doesn't smell or feel right and I have declined their free gift, a gift I never asked for in the first place!

It should be noted that the sales manager was not pleased with my initial amazon review and went so far as to write a review for me and asked me to submit that one. Obviously, this is not their review.
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