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Reviewed in the United States on March 21, 2015
I have just finished soldiering my way through this, and like other readers I have been shocked by what I have learned. It's a long book, with some repetitions of material and conclusions, but the level of detail is incredible. I was slightly confused by a couple of referenced to Appendix D which doesn't exist (in the Kindle format, at least) and for that matter neither does Appendix C - never mind.

The book tells in long but readable form the sorry story of the history of GM food in the US and elsewhere. It's stunning to learn that the marketing and sale of such foods is effectively illegal in the US, and not much better elsewhere, and equally astonishing that this situation has persisted for so long.

I liked the sections on how exactly these organisms are manipulated, because armed with this information one is far better placed to deal with the rest of the information in the book, and also better armed and informed about how and why these things are just so scary and unproven.

The support of so many scientific organisations for something based on unsound information and research (or indeed a complete absence of such) is also surprising and shocking. But the details are there, and therefore I have no reason to believe that Mr Druker is not giving us the truth. Also amazing is the degree to which so many scientists have been ready to align themselves with the biotech industry when the evidence is just not there.

Personally, until I read this book I wasn't particularly in favour of GM, but then that was mostly just based on an idea that maybe we had overstretched ourselves in trying to do what we are doing. The battle with evolution in herbicide resitant crops, for example, an endeavor on which even King Canute would have been reluctant to embark. But now... now I just can't believe what we are opening ourselves up to. I will now go out of my way to avoid GMO, and to spread the word on how and why it's a technology that we simply must abandon.

Read the book, get informed, change your life.
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