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Reviewed in the United States on April 14, 2020
Every time I read a book in the Percy Jackson series it becomes my favorite.
This one had wonderful moments in it, starting with the battle Percy has with monsters resembling cheerleaders. He is going to yet another new school, poor Percy, when he is attacked by empousa. It was great to see Rachel Elizabeth Dare again and to find out more about her.
Another moment I enjoyed in this book is Hera interacting with half-bloods.
My favorite new character moment was the introduction of Janus the Roman God of two faces.
The interpretation of the labyrinth from the myth of Jason was wonderful and I loved how they found the way to navigate through.
It was great that two strong female characters Annabeth and Rachel took center stage in the action in this book. I just hope the jealousy that the writer has started does not go on too long.
Calypso's introduction was the best I hope we see more of this punished Titan.
Another great moment is the gang using wings from the Icarus tale and it plays wonderfully for the reveal of who Daedalus is at the end.
I cried at the death of Pan for myself and also for Grover who had searched for so long.
I loved that Nico finally chose a side he is becoming one of my favorites.
The great battle at the end was incredible. All the great moments and then the arrival of the Hundred Handed One, and Grover's amazing new power.
So many incredible moments in this book and it sets up so much to come in the final.
I know I can not mention everything I love about this book but I hope I said enough to indicate how great it is.
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