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Reviewed in the United States on July 5, 2019
One thing I do everyday is that I go to my kindle and search something like "diary of steve the noob 44" The reason why is that I've always had a special place in my heart for these books. If I had not read any of them, I would probably not be a great reader. I've been with Steve for about every book. I can still remember him saying Hi to a slime, eating raw chicken and pooping :p, him meeting the mayor, golden apple for Cindy, Galvin and the wither skeleton, when Steve met Devlin(Im pretty sure thats right... or is it devin?), Team scorpion, COOKIES(cant forget that) and much more. It has all lead up to this. Him defeating the ENDER DRAGON. I cant wait to see the next in series, and when this series ends :( *cries* I will be definitley be getting the next one. I will treaseure all books by Steve the noob and I will never leave your series. This is all coming straight from my heart. To be honest, It made me cry when you said you were going to end the series. I really love your book and will always buy them. Notice: I will be making a steve the noob map/server for the Fortress. More info in the next review.
Steve, I hope you appreciate my reviews as much as I love reading your books.
This is all coming straight from my heart. This is me signing off. I hope people agree with me because this is true. Goodbye.
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