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Reviewed in the United States on April 16, 2020
I couldn't wait to devour this book. I read the whole thing in one afternoon and went right away to put it into practice, but each time I tried the Fast Food Response or Toddler-ese, it only pissed my son off even more and put him deeper into a tantrum. I tried adjusting my responses to hit "the sweet spot", but my repeated efforts ended in more screaming and tantrums then before ever trying any of these techniques. I tried for days and days. Adjusting and adjusting. Nothing! I tried reaching out to the customer service on the website for help. They said unless I needed help with the baby book, they couldn't help.
The ideas behind this method are sound in research and discipline, and I've used these types of techniques(FFR) on my students in classrooms many times with results that were mostly positive; however, I think this was not a success because my son is just too young for some of this. It says the book is for 8mos and up, but my 13 mo-old didn't understand my FFR or Toddler-ese b/c I don't think he understands half of what I say, so telling him, "Fan! Fan! Want fan!" didn't work b/c he doesn't know if I am correctly identifying what he wants. Additionally, half the time I have NO idea what he wants or what spiraled him into a full caveman tantrum, so repeating what upset him to show him I understand is near impossible, b/c I have NO idea! So I'm left playing a huge guessing game, and in the end we both end up frustrated.
I REALLY wanted this book to work, but it may just be something I have to wait for another year to try again.
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