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Reviewed in the United States on August 27, 2015
Every now and then (very rarely, in fact) someone has the gumption to write an exposition of a difficult concept in a way that a reasonably (that's me, I'd like to think) intelligent person can grasp it. The last time I can recall that sensation was with James Glieck's Chaos. But these guys have hit a home run, explaining how quantum "stuff" can be here, there, and everywhere, all at once, and not even BE, but kinda be, since it may not be someTHING, but rather just a diaphanous wavy kind of thing that might be anywhere, as identified by some pointy headed mathematician describing some kind of a wave. Schrodinger's cat notwithstanding, the concepts, and especially the importance and application of this kind of quantum gobledygook has heretofore escaped me (and frankly has extinguished any interest in understanding it, since it normally is presented an an enigma). This book got me over the activation energy required, and I couldn't put it down. Beyond that, there's a nice touch here and there of humor, and mundane examples which, though necessarily imperfect, illustrate some really basic ideas. One comes away wishing there was an opportunity to meet these guys in a pub somewhere just to chat over a pint. I'll bet they're really good company.
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