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Reviewed in the United States on April 21, 2020
First off I would rate this 2 stars because there has to be 35% erotic sex. I didn't feel fair to rate it lower because of this because in the blurb it states it contains adult themes with explicit content. If you don't like that type then don't purchase it. I wish she would change the blurb to say erotic, because I wouldn't purchased it, so be warned.

My rating is based on the other 65% of the story, which was better than average, but several things bothered me.
Our h is stolen by the H and before she realizes what type of man he is, she decides to lose her virginity because if she returns home, no-one will think she is still a virgin - so within seconds - very descriptive sex, spanking etc. I didn't care for her choice so quickly. There is also a Lesbian scene briefly described later in the story.

She JUST HAPPENS to arrive home, after being away for awhile to the exact time someone close to her is killed - not realistic! Then no loss of tears from her or others over this killing. Didn't add anything to the story and should be deleted. Because I thought less of her because she acted as if it were nothing.

Something happens between the h and the H's cousin. When they meet up again, neither mention it nor act awkward.

The story about Pirates and Highland Clan were enjoyable. There is suspense, violence and twists.

I'm not sure there is much on the romance front, because it seems they lusted more for each other. Is it cheating if the H is watching, I say yes, so I can't say no cheating. No cliffhanger, HEA but it was like riding on cobblestones - not smooth to reach. Very erotic sex described in great detail and spanking a lot. (ljb)
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