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Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2018
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I was attracted to this set because of two features. First was the fact that they can be washed in the dishwasher without voiding the warranty, which is rare and can save you a bundle, as I know from bitter experience. Assuming you can fit the cookware into the dishwasher they seem to do fine machine washed. A very nice feature of the flat glass lids is that they fit neatly into the dishwasher rack, unlike traditional lids with a knot that projects from the middle.
The second feature that attracted me is that the handles are metal, so the pans can double as ovenware, but they “stay cool” while cooking, according to the product page. There I would say the performance is so-so. The long handle on the nominally 10-inch pan stayed cool for the time required to cook a beef and vegetable stir fry dinner. The 10-inch measurement of that pan, however, is taken at the flared top. Its bottom is too small to accommodate 4 eggs and 3 links of sausage, so I must fix brunch with the 12-inch pan, which has short handles. After frying sausage and eggs in the 12-inch pan the handles were definitely on the hotter side of warm. I was OK quickly moving the pan from the stove to the sink, but I would not want to hold it for more than a few seconds.
A third feature I like is that you can use metal utensils on these pans. Only time will tell if these scratch the pans.
An unexpected nice design feature is that it is relatively easy to pour from these pans without drips.
The feature the manufacturer promotes the most is stackability. The set can be piled into one stack, although the box says for “most efficient space savings” you should create two stacks, which is not what I would call maximum space saving. The downside to using a single stack to save maximum space is that these are very sturdy, thick, well-made pans, which means they are heavy! It is no fun to lift all the other cookware in this 5-piece set to get to the bottom pan. In addition, the box warns that you might scratch the glass lids if you slide the pans on top of the covers.
A minor quibble and suggestion to the manufacturer: There are not many use and care instructions needed, and they are on the end of the large box. This makes it possible to read them before purchase, but they are not very easy to keep for future reference. A slip of paper inside the box would be helpful, too.
If you have a induction cooktop, you are out of luck---the cookware is not magnetic.
This 5-piece set takes care of most pan needs, and the pot is a good size for big pot roasts or stews, but there is nothing medium-sized that would serve as a saucepan to handle cooking pastas, vegetables, and similar items for a normal-to-small-sized family. For that you would need to get the 10-piece set. The 6-piece set just adds an omelet pan.
Overall, though, this is a high-quality set of cookware with some nice features. I look forward to using them and to NOT having to clean them up by hand.
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