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Reviewed in the United States on June 26, 2020
First of, let me point out that every one of these renewed phones comes from a different seller that is NOT Amazon, so people's experiences are based off of individual sellers and not Amazon.

This is my second renewed phone from Ana Amazon Seller and it works great BUT it won't text. When the description says "fully unlocked," that doesn't mean factory unlocked. The first phone I got was for AT&T/Tmobile but it was still locked to Tmobile and wouldn't work. This second phone works on my network and everything, but something is delayed or stopping my texts on occasion. I've been on the phone with AT&T everyday for a week but still no fix. The phone was previously locked to Sprint and looks like has some sort of issue with the AT&T network.

The phone is perfect with no scratches or damage. Powered on without an issue. Set up was fine.

But if you get this phone, don't spend your entire day setting up. Put your sim card in FIRST and make sure IT WORKS. I spent hours setting up my first phone only for the sim not to work. This second phone worked as soon as I put the sim card in but the texting issue is sporadic and you couldn't tell there was an issue until your texts fail to send or you get a pile of texts half an hour after they were sent.

As for replacements from the sellers, you need to do a return, wait for them to approve it, then you have to pay return shipping. They will not send you a replacement, you need to do another purchase. Because of that, my Amazon credit card bill sky rocketed and it takes them weeks to process the return to put the money back into my account. If I need to return the second phone bwchzwe AT&T can't fix the texting, then I will need to purchase A THIRD phone and put another $500 on my account until the other returns are processed. Message the sellers before purchase if you can.
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