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Reviewed in the United States on February 14, 2016
I think this book might be one of the better books that you have written as it adds new elements and new "depth" to the whole story line. What i like to see (and i assume other readers too) is some more back story about the character Urf as he is quite mysterious and unknown. And i would personally like to see more depth in the "puppy love" that is developing between Runt and Breeze and the "its complicated relationship" between them and Lola. As interestign as this book is i feel that you could have written a few scenes better, with more depth. All in all its a GREAT book and i could not wait for Kol's diary for a different view on the war against mobs. And i will be interested in seeing the good mobs act.

-Freddy(The dude who wants to be a old-wisdom-longbreaded-whitehaired-old man)
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