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Reviewed in the United States on July 12, 2018
This worked great when it was first applied, but after 2 years on the roof, it has started to flake off all over the place. What I've learned is this should NOT be used on RV roofs because it is acrylic based, meaning it is NOT water resistant long term, and will flake off, period. It will make you feel great about your roof at first, but then it will be ruined after it's been on long enough to flake. This is a temporary fix to stave off a roof replacement for a year or two, at best!

The flaking off wouldn't be such a problem if it was possible to scrub it all off at once, or if it was possible to recoat with a stronger coating without worrying about the weak acrylic coating flaking underneath, but I can't, in good conscience, add another coating on top of this one that is flaking off.

If I could go back in time and do this all over again, I would have used HENRY's system of roof coatings, the 887 and 885 versions, which are designed for EPDM roofs (unlike many other coatings out there) and after partially recoating portions of my roof with that as a temporary fix, is extremely sturdy and durable. I regret not using that all along!

If you buy this: know that it WILL flake off eventually even if you apply it only a perfectly prepped surface. That's just how acrylics work. This isn't a negative judgement against the seller or the manufacturer... it's just a poor product all around in terms of long-term RV roof care. Sorry, but this is a dud :(
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