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Reviewed in the United States on May 21, 2019
This case is great for anyone with a mixed system collection. With this product you won't have to worry about carrying different game cases in addition to carrying your different handheld systems. Previously, if I wanted to bring my Switch, Vita, and 3ds (or any combination of those) on a trip with me, I would also have to bring 3 different carrying cases for the games. This case solves that issue! Now all my games for the 3 handheld systems are all in one place. It's super convenient!

The 4 row pocket rows are meant for the larger 3DS/DS line of games, while the 5 pocket rows are meant Switch or Vita game cards (you can also use them for SD cards). As long as you are aware going in that only the middle two rows will fit the larger DS/3DS cartridges then I think you will be quite pleased with your purchase.

I would call this case perfect except for two things. First thing is I wish it was a little smaller. It's like carrying around another 3ds XL. But I guess the bonus is that I have been able to slide my 2ds XL into the case in a pinch, as long as I moved some of the inner cartridges to the other sides of their flaps. The second issue is the reason I took off a star. THE SMELL! As others have nothed the chemical smell coming off this case is quite strong. It took several weeks before the smell faded to tolerable levels, but it's still not completely gone. I'm not usually one to complain about the chemical smell on a product, but this one was strong enough that it made my head hurt. Just pull out the case, and put it to the side somewhere with good ventilation to letter it air out. Once the smell eases up you can use the case and be happy to have so many options with how to arrange the cartridges from your many handheld systems.
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