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Reviewed in the United States on October 5, 2016
Imagine my surprise when I found out that my old TI-83 didn't have enough power to do everything I needed it to do for my next three math classes, College Algebra (math 114), Calculus for Business and Stats! After a lengthy conversation with my Math Professor, she recommended I pick up a TI-84 and if i was willing to pay a bit more get the color version. Man am I glad I did. This Calculator is so much fun. It's like walking around with a mini computer in my pocket. I can put in my functions Ysub1 and Ysub2, Hit graph and whamo out comes this pretty graph, like the TI-83 it does handle a lot of numbers, you can set equations to zero and off you go running, however unlike the older version, you are not constrained with having to remember when to use or close parenthesis. I've run the same things through both calculators and was amazed when the older version basically had a heart attack when the TI-84 chugged through the answer.

This one is rechargeable, which means you need to plug it into the wall and top off the battery, it comes partially charged. Color changes are super easy with just a touch of a few buttons. Outside of that it does have a larger memory so upgrades are a breeze. I an unable to speak at this time as to the battery life as I just bought it this week and haven't had to charge it but the one time.

Whats in the package:
1. TI-84 Plus CE
1 - Micro USB/ USB Mini-B port
1 - USB/USB Mini-B port for charging
1 - Cover
1 - TI-84 Plus CE for Dummies pamphlet
2 additional pamphlets for the TI-84 Plus CE
1 -Warranty pamphlet

This is really a good upgraded calculator that meets the needs of those who are going to school for general math and moving on to stats. I'm a business major so my math will end at Stats and Calculus for business. I really do like this new unit!
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