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Reviewed in the United States on January 28, 2019
This was my first refurbished phone...I got exactly what I expected. First, the battery didn't work. I fully charged it upon receipt. During the phone set-up the battery got down to 41% at which point the phone turned off and it would start to restart but couldn't unless I plugged it in. It booted just fine with a different battery I bought for the phone.

After spending hours setting up the phone via WiFi, downloading all needed apps, setting up email, entering passwords, etc the phone wouldn't acknowledge there was a SIM card inserted. I went to my cell provider and got a new card to no avail. I talked to my provider's tech support, searched the internet and generally did a lot of troubleshooting for hours only to realize that one of the pins in the SIM slot was broken off so it could not read the card.

So at this point I'm pretty pissed that I wasted so much time on this phone. I contacted the seller BREED about the battery issue before I knew of the SIM card issue. Their response was to send it back for a refund. I told them that wasn't desirably since I had already put so much time and personal info into the phone, already put a screen protector on it and I just wanted a replacement battery or a refund of enough to buy my own new battery. They gave me some non-solutions that they'd look into it. Then when I contacted them about he SIM issue, they again said I should send it back for a refund. What about making it right? I asked that they expedite a new phone to me and at a discount commensurate with the hassle they've put me through. They never responded. So, I'll give them a D for customer service. At least they're taking back their defective product without much hassle. We'll see if I get my money back without pulling teeth.
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