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Reviewed in the United States on May 7, 2018
The product works just fine, very good bang for your buck. They comfortably fit my big head and are very absorbant. The absorbency leads to quick saturation, but that's what happens with absorbent sweatbands.

I bought four different 'brands' of sweatbands in various colors and with various prices. My aim was to find out which I liked better so I could order more of that one brand going forward. What I discovered is that there are so many sweatbands for sale on Amazon that look similar to these because they are in fact the exact same product, just at different price points. I am assuming the company that makes these is pretending to be multiple brands to give the illusion of there being many options in order to get a larger share of the product market. The products are identical and all come in the same outer packaging, same inner packaging, same cardboard insert, same wording on the packaging, same color stickers on the packaging with the same unique font. The only thing different is the brand name they put on the sticker. If you are considering this product but aren't sure which brand to buy, go for whichever is cheaper because they are clearly the exact same product made by the same people.

Update: I don't believe all of these are being sold on Amazon by the same company, but rather they are "Private Label" products, meaning they are identical products and just given different labeling for different brand owners.
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