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Reviewed in the United States on March 23, 2014
I'm happy to be able to get this product on Amazon! It makes wonderful kimchi! I don't know exactly what makes this different than, say, cayenne pepper flakes, but it does seem to have a darker flavor. This is about the same heat level as good cayenne. Do not use 'crushed red pepper' because that is cayenne mixed with dried red bell pepper to 'water it down.'
For great kimchi, mix up a healthy handful of this along with about 3/4 as much rice vinegar and sesame oil combined to make a somewhat thin paste. It's not an exact science; I use the smell to tell me how much of everything is enough. Take a deep whiff; it should make you go, "Mmmmm...." Mix in a good, heavy dose of kosher or pickling salt and spread it all over a variety of chopped veggies, with Nappa cabbage as the dominant veg. I also like grated carrot, coarsely chopped onion and green cabbage. Broccoli works well, but it will maintain its own flavor. The pepper paste may not seem like enough for all your veg, but keep mixing it with your hands until the orange gunk is evenly coated over everything. Now take a taste. The first flavor to hit your tongue should be salt (but not too much salt) followed by a very tiny bite of vinegar and a good, smoldering back flavor of spicy heat. That just tells you that you have made enough paste and in the right proportions; the finished kimchi will taste better than this because the flavors will be married together. The veg should start to make liquid and break down in size. Store the mix in a stainless steel or glass bowl or, better yet, a ceramic crock at cool-to-room temperature for anywhere from 3 days to a week, covered with cheesecloth, stirring everyday to keep the veg moist in the juice. Basements are great places for this. As the mix ages, you should be able to detect a subtle ripening of the smell. You can also taste-test at any point.
When the mix is sufficiently fermented (it should smell good, not bad), scoop it into containers and put it in the fridge. Kimchi will last a long time in the refrigerator. It's full of flavor and nutrients, it is vegan and has very little fat. It's a nutritional powerhouse and the taste is fantastic! Hint: try mixing it into some warm spaghetti over low heat (but be careful not to cook the kimchi, which will ruin many of its flavors) or, for non-vegans, use it in place of sauerkraut on a reuben! It is OMG delish!
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