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Reviewed in the United States on July 15, 2020
I am so glad this book has been written. Please read it! The authors are knowledgeable, experienced, and research- oriented, and they write with humor, perspective, and thoroughness. Any thoughts you've had about meat are acknowledged and addressed with compassion and thoughtfulness as well as just plain smarts. I've been eating Paleo, staying very healthy, and studying all these issues for years. I get so tired of the same old same old stuff about saturated fats and beef being bad for you, "just eat 'healthy grains' and industrial oils." Good research has proven those old canards to be untrue, yet it is hard to fight the influence of all the moneyed interests that benefit from them. Just look into the origin of the title, "Sacred Cow" at the beginning of the book (it's not about religion.) It's a great comment on the whole issue. And go get yourself some real grass-fed beef and enjoy it!
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