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Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2019
It’s not often that I find a non-fiction book so compelling that I allow it to interfere with my family life, but this was one of those. I am now unpopular but full to the brim with ideas and information.

I found this book very comprehensive: it includes a great deal of information under one cover, which makes it extra value because you don’t have to buy all those other books, and all those marketing courses. It’s also written in a way that even the marketing-challenged like me can understand, and the author has a sense of humour to boot. Plus there are cool diagrams.

Yeah, there are some typos, and full stops in the wrong places, and the author upsells his other products in the book; but he still sold 1,800 of this one. That makes me very interested in his other stuff and more than willing to overlook some extra bits of alphabet and a few commas. Which of the one- and two-star whingers has ever sold in those numbers - before launching? Please raise your hands. So I can slap them. And what was that about gaming/hoodwinking/cheating the Amazon/KDP system? I honestly didn't find any of that here. Your hands, please.

This book is NOT for you if you want to hit publish tomorrow - because the most important thing is to get the book out there, right? It is NOT for you if you believe that writing a book will never make you any money – because it’s just about fulfilling a childhood dream, right? If you want to do it properly and risk experiencing something big (and some bewilderingly negative reviews), and if you want to enjoy the whole process of publishing, then I believe that this is the gift you need. That one that'll keep on giving.

Your launch will take time and nurturing, but isn’t that what professionalism is all about? I can honestly say that I’m now an ex-marketing-coward: I can’t wait to give it a huge try. And I’m a fiction writer, by the way, but pretty much every single word is relevant to my situation. Watch my space – I’ll be the one with the snowball.
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