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Reviewed in the United States on January 1, 2020
Patrice, a fellow prisoner, gave his Bible to Wes, James ‘Wes’ Wesley, as Wes was released from his French prison. This Bible was to guide Wes on his hunt for his Wife’s killers, and for the people who put Wes in prison. Wes knew who his turncoats were, and a vague idea how to reach them.

Wes was a leader of a group for the Agency. He was responsible for hunting out the bad and killing them. His second in command was doing odd jobs for the other side, and needed Wes out of the way. This story is about Wes and his hunt for his underling, and then to right the wrongs.

The author, Kevin Wignall, is British, and he knows a great deal about the ins and outs of an Agency. There is a great deal Of information about the style of Agency members, and how they operate. This is not his first book, and I shall read some of the others. Some of the writing is formulaic, but the thrill and the mystery are kept intact. As a longtime reader of spy and thriller mystery novels, I could guess the ending, but the storyline was sufficient enough to keep my interest. The introduction of Patrice and his Bible proved to be prophetic and laid claim to solving much of the Intel. A well crafted novel, I enjoyed.

The search for true justice brings with it violence and brutality. Be aware if this kind of thing bothers you. The developmental of Wes and his insight throughout the novel was helpful to the understanding of governments and their secret agencies. Be not afraid.

Recommended. prisrob 01-91-20
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