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Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2019
I have a TCL w/Roku TV in my RV that is about a year old. The built-in speakers sound like tin cans on strings, so I wanted something a little better. This Alto 7+ 2.1 soundbar & subwoofer fills the bill perfectly. My RV has a telescoping TV lift built into one of the cabinets so I was able to mount this soundbar directly under the TV on the lift mechanism after adding my own home-made crossbar. Fits and works perfectly! The wireless subwoofer is hidden behind the reclining theater seats on the opposite wall. What more could I possibly ask for? It gives FAR BETTER sound quality than the stock TV speakers, but let's get real here: It's still only a 2.1 speaker system so it's not up to true theatrical sound quality. But still, for $149 bucks it's a HUGE improvement and a great deal. Oh, and a couple days after I paid $149 they dropped the price to $129. Go figure. I'm tempted to return it for a refund and buy it right back for $20 less, but I'm too lazy to dismount it and box it up.
As for the remote control that some people seem to complain about, the Roku TV remote powers both the TV and the soundbar On/Off, and it controls the volume as well. The ONLY thing I need to use the Alto 7+ remote for is to switch the EQ setting between Movie-Music-News. In truth, I'll leave it on Movie for everything because I think music sounds fine on that setting too, and I don't care about the news.
As for the volume setting, it seems to be typical of TCL Roku TV's that the volume has to be around 60-70 regardless of whether I use the TV speakers, the Alto soundbar, or as in the case of my home theater setup, the Yamaha 5.1 home theater system I use. Every one of them runs the volume between 60-70 for a typical movie. (My wife complains that's TOO LOUD, but she's totally wrong. Hope she never reads this.) So the Alto is absolutely no different in this respect.
In a perfect world I'd have put a 5.1 theater sound system in my RV (similar to my home setup), but running the wires for the rear speakers would darn near impossible, and the totally wireless 5.1 systems cost more than my wife will allow me to spend. Since we don't live in the RV full time, I can "suffer" just fine with the 2.1 system. :)
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