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Reviewed in the United States on April 25, 2019
This monitor did exactly what I needed. I needed a second monitor to view certain documents and applications in portrait mode and this monitor does exactly that. Pretty much every monitor does that actually but you have to find one that has a rotating stand, or, a monitor with VESA mount and you buy a separate stand. So, this is basically a $199 monitor with a rotating stand.

Now, the issue I ran into and it took me a while to figure out my solution was getting my Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti to allow me to have 1 monitor running on the single HDMI port and 1 monitor running off the displayport port. You would think this was a no-brainer (and usually is) - just plug them in and off you go. However, mine wasn't working right off the bat. I was getting 'no signal' on the monitor from the displayport on the Nvidia card. Long story short, it turned out certain Nvidia cards (mine is one) needed a firmware update for the displayport to work properly. Once I installed the firmware update (the firmware update is completely separate from the Nvidia drivers package) everything worked like a champ.

So, in summary, I give 4 stars to the monitor (nice picture, not totally washed out, sparce on features.) I give 5 stars for the value/cost of the monitor. I purchased at $199 which (from looking around) seemed a good $50-80 cheaper than most vendors who are selling the same Dell Professional line ("P" monitor) of monitors.

I don't know if this is a good gaming monitor by today's standards so if you're looking for that then I suggest moving your monitor budget up around $400. If you need a solid productivity monitor for work/office/etc - this monitor is perfect.
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