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Reviewed in the United States on September 13, 2019
American colleges pretty much push you to get the Texas Instruments calculator: the professors recommend them (and often don't know how to use other brands), and the textbooks have only instructions for that brand. However, I had owned a Casio scientific calculator for high school, and it was really good! Because of that, I got this one now for the college algebra and calculus classes.
It is noticeably faster for graphing and easier to use compared to my classmates TI calculators. When the professor asks us to graph a problem, I always have to wait for everyone's TI calculators to finish graphing before the class resumes. The thing is that this is another brand, so the instructions to use it somewhat different. It still shares a lot of similarities with the menus and keys of the TI calculators, which makes it quicker to familiarize yourself with the layout (I just watched YouTube videos on how to use it, and the rest I figured out myself by fooling around with the calculator). And many functions are easier to use on this calculator, too. For instance, calculating intersects is much easier: the TIs have extra steps, like choose the curves and guess where the intersect is; this Casio just finds it right away. If you want to find another intersect, just use the arrows to jump from one to the other.
Finally, there are also the advantages that this calculator is way prettier and cheaper than the TI ones. It is weird, but I have received a couple of compliments on how cool it looks. And the screen looks even better than the competition. I know it sounds like I'm some Casio shill or something, but really I am just posting my honest opinion because I am simply very, very satisfied with this calculator! I used to be worried that I had chosen this calculator over the recommended one for the class, but I have no regrets whatsoever now.
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