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Reviewed in the United States on January 7, 2019
This works REALLY well. I base that on a couple of things: 1. This got at least 1/4 cup of juice out of a little orange that was about as old as I am, 2. The pulp from carrots, beets, and celery is so dry it's close to being sawdust. I will just run over things that came to mind as I used this constantly Saturday, Sunday, and today. I bought a bunch of fruits and veggie to juice stock up in the freezer.

Not nearly as loud as what I expected from some review. It is loud enough that I don't want to use it after anyone in my apartment has gone to bed, but not so loud that I won't use it for a couple of minutes at that time. I also find that putting a padded placemat underneath this works to quiet it down some.

I had another (second-hand) juicer a few months ago that had an 800-watt motor. This one juices faster and leaves a much drier pulp. The first time I juiced some carrots and celery together, I was going to save some of the pulp for the extra fiber. That stuff was so dry that I didn't even bother. I will do the fiber thing later when i have more time.

I used the suggestion of inserting a plastic shopping bag in the pulp container so I didn't even have to rinse that out. Of the other parts, the only one that took some time to clean was the mesh bowl. That included cleaning brush came in real handy for helping that. I now know to soak the mesh bowl in some really warm and slightly soapy water while I am rinsing the other stuff, then cleaning it is a lot easier. I don't even bother putting the parts in the dishwasher.

This is, like all the other juicers I looked at, large enough that I needed to move things around in my tiny kitchen. However, I find that it fits nicely in the corner with my small coffeepot. If I didn't use it so often, it's lightweight enough that I could store it up top a shelf or somewhere else out of the way.

Obviously, I will need to update as time goes on, but for the price, I am more than happy with this juicer. One day, I hope to be able to afford a masticating unit but this one is perfect for my current needs.
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