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Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2018
This power supply provides the power that I need. Check. It's a Ryzen 7 2700 system, pretty lower power actually. I am sure I could have gone with a much less powerful PSU. But anyway.

But what really distinguishes a power supply I love from one i don't? How much noise it makes. I'm very sensitive to computer hum and hoped this would be as quiet as advertized.

Man it is. When I first booted up, I actually thought it wasn't working because I didn't hear anything and the fan is very dark colored so it wasn't visually obvious that it was spinning. I have a passively cooled video card and a high quality and quiet cooler on my CPU. My computer is so quiet you can put your head right next to it and you won't be able to tell whether it's on or not. In large measure the credit for that goes to Thermaltake.

Good PSU.

===== Edit =======

I just overclocked my RAM (but not by a bunch) and noticed that suddenly the system wasn't that quiet any more. I guess this thing really scales the speed to how much power it is using and that seemingly small overclock was enough to tip the scales. I undid the overclock to get back the quiet I so treasure.

For reference, my system contains:

MSI X470 Gamer Pro motherboard
Ryzen 7 2700 CPU
Nvidia GT 1030 video card
2 SSD drives
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