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Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2010
First, it should be made known that a lot of 'DVD' extras included in other greatest hits compilations put out by other artists you're lucky if you get more than maybe a couple of music videos (the same ones you saw on TV 50 times a week or more already), maybe a recorded 'hello' from the band.

Not at all the case with this set. The DVD has a lot of music videos, and some live concert footage. It is (in my opinion) a great bit of work, and fans will absolutely appreciate it. The back of the case even tells you where each of the live sets was recorded, in case you didn't know otherwise.

The CD portion of the set has all of my favorites (who am I kidding? they're ALL favorites anyway). You will find their known songs on the CD. I say this, because a while ago I bought a greatest hits CD from a band who will not be named, and their world-wide best known song wasn't included. Not so with this one. You'll probably find everything popular, but I'm sure they couldn't fit everything they ever did on a single CD. A good mix of their newer and older stuff.

Foo Fighters are a band where it is great listening to them live, but a lot of their videos are really incredible, too. Some are comedic, some can carry deep messages, some are just plain fun. Many fall into more than one category.

I'm not going to comment much on the liner notes. Lots of images of the band over the years. Everyone feels differently about these things. Some want more pictures, some want more details, lyrics, scribblings, other things. I didn't dislike anything here.

A testament to how good this set is, is the fact I keep having to loan it to friends almost every other day. I've literally had very little actual physical time with it. Even non-fans love it. If you're thinking about getting a copy for yourself, don't think. Get it. You might want to get 2, because I can see it getting lost if enough people borrow it. LOL.
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