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Reviewed in the United States on November 14, 2018
Short story: make sure you have CEC configured. This cable turns out to support both ARC and CEC, and CEC is required if you use a soundbar.

Longer story: I've had to change my rating of this cable as I found it does work with my soundbar after all. It turns out there is yet another thing to be aware of in the HDMI world besides ARC, called "CEC". Neither my television nor my soundbar manual mention that it is necessary to also configure CEC in addition to ARC, so I never knew to look for it until I received another HDMI ARC cable (Amazon) which I found also did not work with my setup.

After some Internet digging I found that for my TV the CEC settings are buried in a menu where you would never think to look for any kind of external connectivity settings. I set this to "Auto" and lo and behold this cable worked! In light of this I've changed my rating to 5 stars. I've had no problem since in using my TV controller to control my soundbar using this cable.

The only reason I bought this is because I bought a new TV and soundbar, both of which support ARC for audio. On my TV is a port marked "HDMI ARC", and the TV has a menu to configure ARC. The soundbar not only has an HDMI input, it has an ARC selection on the remote, and the instruction sheet details how to connect ARC. So I have no doubt my brand new equipment supports ARC.

However, my TV cannot detect the ARC signal using this cable. Either the cable is faulty, or it is not really an ARC cable. I cannot comment on the video quality as I planned only to use this for audio.

As far as the cable goes, it seems pretty heavy-duty in the sense that it has a layer of mesh sheathing around it, comparable to a steel-braided brake hose. The connectors are very thick compared to other HDMI cables I've used. I'm not sure the heavy-duty aspect brings much to the table though - for routing I'd prefer a thinner cable with flatter ends, and once plugged in it's not like the cable is subject to a lot of wear-and-tear. So this would be more of a personal preference thing if you really want or need a heavy-duty cable.
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