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Reviewed in the United States on October 30, 2017
I'm a super big fan of pod detergents. Tide has always been a solid cleaner and these are no exception. The major plus I have always felt using this is that I do not waste excessive detergent. I typically only ever use one pod unless it's a VERY big load (then 2). Being less messy and no waste saves money in the long run.

You may see some reviews that state they do not dissolve. The reason for that is people do not follow instructions. If you put this on top of your clothes or in the mix of them, you will have that issue. Put the pod in your washer FIRST and then add your clothes. If you follow that one simple rule they will always dissolve. I use a front loading high efficiency washing machine and have gone through hundreds of these pods and not one has ever not dissolved when placed in first.
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