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Reviewed in the United States on May 3, 2015
I have three different sizes of canopies shades, two Lightspeed Instant shades (Kona and Bahia) and Coleman Compact Shade Shelter. Each of them has its pros and cons and none is perfect.

I am uploading photos of them so you can see how they stack with each other. Original we bought Lightspeed Bahia. We love it, but it is small. You could put two adult beach chairs in it, but it was cramped in it. Then we bought Lightspeed Kona (Costco has it for half the price then Amazon). That one was big, but you couldn’t pack it in the luggage when traveling on a plan for example (it is just really big when packed). Finally when Amazon had Coleman on sale we got that one.

When packed Coleman is very compact and it can easily fit in the luggage. However, it does take time to set it up. It takes about 5-6 min to put it up (if you know what you are doing it should not take more than that). One person can easily set it up (it doesn’t need two people). It takes about 5 min to take it down and it does fit in its carry beg (tight fit thought).

Size wise it is huge compering to two other ones we have. Comparing to Lightspeed Bahia it is about 40% bigger and it is about 20% bigger then Lightspeed Kona (it has more depth than Kona and side walls stretch out more front so it protects you better). It is made of better material then any of Lighspeed shades (and it will protect you from Sun). Two adult’s beach chairs fit perfectly plus any other thing you may bring to the beach. It also has zipper front door so you could close it if needed and use it like small tent (with back door/window open and front door partially closed we have our little ones take naps at the beach so we don’t need to go back to condo or hotel so they could take naps).

However, with all its goodies, it does have cons. First it is not instant, so it does take time to put it up and take it down (as I said 5min top, but it does gets old if you need to do it every day for week or longer). Second, it has window/door on the back, but not on the sides so it does get warm in it. Lightspeed Bahia has window on each side so it doesn’t get hot as much (but then it is almost half the size of Colemen).

So we are now using Lightspeed Bahia as single person shade. It is instant, small and practical (if one of us goes with kids to park for example). We use Lightspeed Kona if we are traveling by car (as it is not compact when packed, but it is instant and big and we love that). And finally we use Coleman when it needs to be packed in luggage as we are traveling by plan for example .

At the end if Coleman was instant shade and it was compact when packed and had windows on its side it would be 5 start. But it is not, so 4 start.
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