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Reviewed in the United States on July 31, 2015
What a marvelous book co-authored by Thomas Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum. America is truly at a cross roads in terms of our political influence world-wide. On the home front and over the past decades our nation has lost ground in terms of its economical and political influence world-wide. Our nation must regain its economical and political dominance that can be used to improve the standards of all nations.

In order to achieve the above, their are four areas that we must improve upon as a world power. The authors discuss these areas and suggest what needs to be done. And they are able to draw upon the influence of other nations upon these same areas needing improvement. We can no longer stand alone or preach isolationism as done many decades ago. All nations, friendly and unfriendly are connected at the hip. We are interdependent upon one another whether we desire it or not. The internet and world wide economic-political influences are the glue that bind us together or draws us apart..

This book has a fresh appeal since the influence of Mandelbaum has added creditability to the over all work. I highly recommend that you read this book and let its message influence your vote in 2016. We all have the responsibility to become informed and vote intelligently. So now is the time to prepare.
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