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Reviewed in the United States on October 3, 2020
I only had to use the beeping and vibration setting on this for my dog but before getting this collar, I had exhausted every means possible of training her to stop jumping on people. We cut her front claws but the problem that we have is that when she jumps on people, she grabs their arms and still cuts up your arm. When we first put this on her, we set if for beeping. It's a low beep that seemed to annoy her at first but then she started back up again. I would say the beeping worked on her for almost a week. Once we set the mode to vibration, she almost immediately stopped. While she would have a few occasions that should would jump on us, once we barely tapped the button and she felt that vibration, she did not like that. While we still have the collar on her, we actually turned it off. When we come home or if someone comes over, she'll walk up wagging her tail but no more jumping. We kept it on her for the just in case but it seems to be working. However, I'm glad that it's stopped at the vibration setting but that this collar really did help her to stop.
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