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Reviewed in the United States on July 9, 2018
This is my second Claire North book and I'm firmly a fan. The other book of hers that I read was The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August. The books have a bit of similarity to them - being able to circumvent the normal lifetime of a human, having a longer learning curve for making mistakes, and fiddling with what motivates a human who is not bound by the same rules as the rest of humanity.

I don't think all of her books play with the same concepts, but there was definitely something intriguing for me in this one. It's a bit of a thriller wrapped up in a sci-fi, or maybe sci-fantasy novel. Set in the modern world, there's no magic or technological advances, but what we do have are very rare people who turn into "ghosts" at their death. Not ghosts as in white-sheets saying "Boo" at Halloween, but the term they call themselves - a consciousness that can jump into another person's body with a touch. They take over the body and put the original owner in a fugue state - depending on how long they stay in their host the original owner can lose a moment, a day, a week, a whole lifetime.

The question of what motivates someone who can have beauty, or wealth, or power (all the usual motivators) at a touch is really intriguing.

As to the thriller part of the plot, which does take up the majority of the page time, it was fun and exciting. I did think the enemy plotline had a few holes in it, which took a star off for me.

The writing is clean and evocative. The author chose, stylistically, to make the narrative extremely choppy with fast, short chapters which definitely brought together the sense of all the jumping around via touch to the narrative. The cleverness in how the ghosts handled multiple hosts or unwilling hosts was fun, sort of like a heist plot.
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